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Who doesn’t love a fully cooked, smoked and barbequed meat? You cannot possibly go outdoors every day for a flavorful dinner, which is exactly why you need to buy an indoor meat smoker for your kitchen. You can get fork tender chicken in the comfort of your home only. It just requires a few wooden chips to get you started, and in no time you become a pro at cooking and grilling as well.

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Nordic ware

☞  Can transform everyday food into delicious treats
☞  Maximum capacity available
☞  Accompanied by a base pan and a water pan

Key to buying the best indoor smoker:

Temperature control: it is important to have a separate feature that lets you adjust the temperature. Serving food on time is extremely crucial which is why sometimes you need the food cooked at a higher temperature in lesser time. Whereas some people prefer leaving their food in the indoor meat smoker for the whole day, which means low temperature is also needed.

Even heating: it is important for the smoke and heat to be distributed all inside the indoor meat smoker so that the whole piece becomes flavorful. Most indoor smokers have a domed lid to ensure even heat circulation.

Thermometer: it is better to get a high quality thermometer along with the product as it proves to be very beneficial. It should be placed at the grate level as it gives a more accurate temperature reading. It would be preferred if the thermometer came with a probe to measure the inside temperature of meat, which will help in determining its cooking stage.

Storage: it is preferable for indoor meat smoker to be small in size. This way it can be stored in a shelf or a cupboard along with other dishes and pots. This will save space, and yet give you a delicious meal. A bigger smoker will occupy a lot of space, and might not even be efficient in the indoor environment.

Capacity: if you are fond of large dinner parties and gatherings, then buy a smoker that can cook a lot of food at one time. However if you want occasional Smokey meals, a small one is also good to go.

Water pans: a water pan is placed under the food that is being cooked. This helps in moderate heat fluctuations and raises humidity which keeps the meat tender and moisturized. Other liquids instead of water can also be used. The aromatics of these liquids add a sent and flavor to the food being cooked.

Ease of cleaning: the best one will have a very easy cleaning process that does not require a lot of hassle. It can be made up of stainless steel which is dishwasher safe, making everything easier.

7 best indoor meat smokers:


1. Nordic ware


  • Ensures ease of usage and simplicity
  • Can transform everyday food into delicious treats
  • Maximum capacity available
  • Accompanied by a base pan and a water pan
  • Comes with a smoking rack and a thermometer

Nordic ware smoker usually comes under the top three lists of the best stovetop smoker reviews as it helps with the cooking of various food products, leaving out no exceptions. It has a high dome cover that ensures maximum capacity; a whole chicken can be fit inside it easily. This indoor stovetop smoker has been made with great precision and the best tools from all around the world are used including a Taiwanese handle and a Chinese thermometer. The smoky flavor can be produced by two tablespoons of woodchips; you can use more for an added flavor.

This has been one of the most loved stove top smokers by the customers. It can cook almost any type of meat and fish and gives a very delicate smokiness to your food. The cleanup process is very easy and requires no added maintenance. Wet smoked food can also be made using this best indoor smoker.

Nordic ware - INDOOR SMOKERS

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2. Camerons


  • It is a mini stovetop smoker
  • Made up of stainless steel
  • It is durable and light weighted
  • Shaped like a smoking box
  • Cooking takes less time
  • Available at a very affordable price

Even the hard indoor smoker recipes look easy when Cameron products are used. The smoke cooking technology makes this product fit for professionals and home chefs equally. This indoor food smoker allows you to smoke all types of food including meant, poultry etc. the smoke cooking allows you to add some flavor without the use of different spices. The material of this smoker makes sure that no heat escapes and the food remain moist and hot. Moreover it emits the grease in one wash only and it can easily be cleaned in a dishwasher. The lid minimizes any smoke in the environment and it is better to use it on medium heats.

It has been a customer favorite because even though it is a mini Cameron product, it can fit inside a whole chicken if you use aluminum to cover it. it does not require a lot of woodchips dusts and it is less expensive than all the other similar products. The recipe guide accompanying it has some remarkable recipes.


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3. Presto


  • It is an electric indoor smoker
  • Option between cold or hot smoke
  • Digital pads have a soft touch
  • Comes with auto smoker shut off technology
  • Can be used as a pressure or a slow cooker

Presto has made a cut in our list because it is one of the best electric smoker indoors that are available in the market.it keeps the food warm even after hours of cooking and has two separate combinations for the cooking process. You can set a timer for the cooking time, and once that is up the alarm signals are given off. The woodchips include hickory, apple, maple, bourbon and a few more. The odor is minimizes by the seal tight lid cover and the exterior is made up of stainless steel which makes it dishwasher safe.

This indoor electric smoker has proven to be one of the best because of the continuous positive comments, especially because it works like a pressure cooker and a smoker. The hot and cold settings make the food even more delicious, especially the feature of keeping the food warm. It is very easy to use and no difficult cleanup process is required.


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4. Emson


  • Cooks up to 4 pounds of food
  • Safe for indoor usage
  • Comes with digital settings
  • Reduced cooking time required

A great smoky flavor can be established using this indoor bbq smoker by emson. Other smokers release smoke into your house causing irritation, however this smoker does not do that. It can sear, cook and smoke all at the same time, giving your food a feel of luxury. It is made up of stainless steel that is dishwasher safe, hence easy maintenance can be done. It cooks 70 percent faster than the outdoor grills. The best part is the fact that the inner chamber only needs five chips to give a smoky flavor to your food.

A lot of professional chefs love the use of this indoor commercial smoker because it cooks the food to perfection. No extra woodchips are required and the elegant design gives a luxurious look to the kitchen. One of the customers melted the cheddar cheese using the cold smoke feature for 8 minutes and it went perfect on a cheeseburger. Some people prefer cooking food for hours, so that they can carry out their chores during that time. This indoor smoker oven/pressure cooker is perfect for that as well.


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5. Demeyere


  • Made up of stainless steel material
  • It is oven safe up to 600 Fahrenheit
  • It is a respected international brand
  • Everything accompanying it is dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a two year warranty

If you are looking for ovens in terms of smoking meat in the oven, then demeyere gives you the perfect product. it comes with a deep frying dish, a domed cover, a nonstick smoking rack and a smoking chamber. It requires only 2 tablespoons of wood shavings and can conduct wet or dry smoking for your meat. It works remarkably on all sorts of vegetables, meat, fish, fruits etc. This indoor food smoker can work on stovetops, electric, glass and the oven. The smoke circulation is ensured by the domed lid and is perfect for delicious food.

It is a loved product because it does not release a lot of smoke into the environment. The flavor given off is intense and there is no difficult cleanup process required. The only problem is that it comes without the wood shavings; hence you have to buy your own.


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6. Char-broil


  • Has a double wall construction
  • Comes with a removable thermometer
  • Easy food viewing ensured by the glass door
  • 1000 square inch capacity and four racks
  • Simplified use of remote control
  • Tightened steel lock

It has a removable gauge with it to prevent burning, and for more specific temperature control. The warming feature keeps the food warm for a long time, and grease tray ensures easy removal and cleanup process. The insulated walls make the smoke intensify inside the chamber, which makes the food flavorful. The slide in water pan is porcelain coated, and the blue LED display helps in simple adjustments. The integrated meat probe helps cooking your meet to perfection. The large holding capacity enables a large amount of meat to be cooked inside it at the same time.

One of the most likeable features of char boil is that it has exceptional customer service. They respond to problems immediate and in case of defects, send a new better model of that product. The airtight seal keeps everything inside the smoker. The structure built and all the functions are durable and can last for a long time. The only problems faced by people was that it is very large, which sometimes causes storage issues. Moreover it is a bit expensive, which might go over the budget for some people, however the working ability of indoor smoker is exceptional.


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7. Charcoal companion


  • Compatible with all stove tops
  • The temperature can reach up to 205 degree Celsius for smoking
  • The steel body is coated
  • Handles are heat proof
  • Accompanied by a thermometer
  • Comes with super fine wood shavings

Charcoal companion has a built in thermometer and a stainless steel grate, features that are uncommon between stove top smokers. This indoor smoker grill brings the BBQ experience inside the home as it can cook a whole chicken as well. The drip pan in enameled and the lid and handle has a silicone covering to prevent them from getting very hot. It is preferred to use it with induction cooktops and it is very easy to use. The cleanup process is also very efficient and the whole smoker is dishwasher safe.

It has been one of the most liked smokers because of its ability to grill even indoors. It gives food a very rick wooden flavor, and the BBQ is almost as perfect as the outdoor grilling. All sorts of flavors and food can be cooked, be it pizza or seafood. Moreover it comes with wood shavings that are superfine, and a detailed user manual that makes the cooking process easier.

Charcoal companion - INDOOR SMOKERS

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In conclusion, an indoor meat smoker is a great appliance with new found technology that enables easy cooking. These homemade foods will be flavorful and delicious without having to add any extra spices. They are useable all year round and will give you more control over your food. It is time for you to buy your best suited indoor meat smoker as soon as possible.


  1. how to set up a smoker?
    You should use high quality woodchips and add them to the pan. Then wet the pan a bit and put in your meat to cook.
  2. can you smoke meat in the oven?
    Yes you can, however the smoke released will be in abundance.
  3. What are the quick things to smoke in a smoker?
    You can make a BBQ ham, smoked beef steak, smoked bacon strip, apple wood smoke chicken etc.
  4. why is my electric stove smoking?
    One of the main reasons why this happens is because you might have spilled something on the heating element or something close to it. This causes it to burn up and product unnecessary smoke.
  5. what is a smoker used for?
    A smoker is used for giving a Smokey flavor t simple food.
  6. Is indoor smoker vape similar to a stovetop smoker?
    Even though the end product of both is the same, they are different themselves.
  7. can you use an electric smoker indoors?
    Yes you can. There are many specific smokers that are electric and have been specially designed for indoors.
  8. how does a smoker work?
    Heat is generated from either a charcoal base or a heated element that causes smoke to be produced which gives flavor to food.
  9. How much time does a smoker take to cook a chicken?
    Although the time depends on the smoker’s capability, but in averages it takes 60 minutes to cook a whole chicken.
  10. Is it worth getting a smoker?
    Yes it is if you love eating meat.




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