7 Creative Ways to Decorate Your TV Space

Last updated on April 3rd, 2023 at 05:50 pm

We all need one of the best TVs to enjoy quality family entertainment, cosy movie nights, or enjoyable gaming sessions. 

Unfortunately, televisions often look hideous when turned off, especially in a room with lovely décor. Furthermore, as is well known, unsightly wires or cables can quickly ruin the aesthetics.

Fortunately, there are a few chic and sly ways to tuck your TV away or to make it match the rest of your furniture and decor perfectly. 

Your TV can blend into the room’s decor by being mounted on a wall or included as part of a unit, preventing it from being the main attraction.

Knowing how to decorate around a TV has advantages for aesthetic and functional reasons.  This can help a small space appear larger, for example, if you have a small room. 

Consider the TV’s size space, just be careful not to commit any of these errors when rearranging the furniture.

Therefore, use these clever decorating ideas to maximize space while not ruining your interior design if you don’t want to.

1. TV mounted above a fireplace

If you don’t have much floor space, you might consider mounting a TV above a mantel or fireplace feature.  This can make a stunning feature wall and is frequently the center of attention in any space.

Nevertheless, there are a few things to think about before securely mounting your TV to the wall. Always make sure the height is appropriate and that it’s in a good viewing position. 

It should be placed between 4 and 12 inches above the fireplace; you don’t want it to be too high or low. 

Sitting down on the sofa or chair where you typically watch TV will allow you to determine whether your TV is positioned optimally at eye level.

Ensure that you also take your power supply and cable directions into consideration. To avoid damaging your TV if you have a working fireplace, make sure that any heat it produces is directed elsewhere. 

But doing so will be avoided if you install a suitable mantel. In addition, experts advise against over-decorating the mantelpiece and to keep it simple with just a few items. 

By doing this, you can avoid the area appearing crowded or overwhelming.

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2. Integrated wall cabinet

A wall cabinet for entertainment and home storage is another choice for housing your TV. With things more organized, you’re making the most of every square inch of space along one wall.

This method is fantastic for concealing cables, streaming boxes, remote controllers, gaming consoles, and other devices. 

This should keep things orderly and eliminate clutter in your room in addition to keeping them out of sight (and mind!).

There are many styles and colors that will go well with your décor, but if you have a particular design in mind, you can always have one manufactured to order. 

Also, you may choose whether or not you want anything to be on show.

Entertainment Wall Units - Ideas on Foter
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3. Shelved Unit Floating in the Air

A floating console is an alternative if your space is insufficient for a TV wall unit. Place your TV over a wall-mounted piece of furniture to give the impression that there is more room

Once again, they serve as useful storage options for hiding clutter. They also provide any space a modern and appealing design element, which is more vital.

If you’re short on room, you may also install floating shelves above it to, in a sense, “frame” the TV and include it into your design theme. 

Before mounting anything, be sure to inspect your wall’s stability or hire an expert.

51 Floating TV Stands to Binge Your Favorite Shows in Style
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4. TV recessed into the Wall

An excellent place to house a TV and hide it from view is a nook or recessed wall. 

The most important benefit of doing this is that it will maximize your wall space, create more space, and complement your home design better.

Alcoves work well for installing shelving around a television or even a cabinet beneath for useful storage. Be careful you take exact measurements for that place, however. 

The goal is to have everything flat against the wall, but you also want to make sure that anything that must be replaced can be done easily.

Disguise Your TV With This DIY Built-In Media Wall | HGTV
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5. Wooden TV wall panelling

You can install a wood-panelled feature wall if you want to change your TV’s background.  Feature walls are a good way to give a room personality and depth while integrating your TV.

Particularly rustic, warm, and homey-looking, wood panels are also relatively simple to install. If your wall is in good condition, you can glue or screw these panels to the wall.

There are other ways to have feature wallpaper if you don’t want to install panels. 

You can find the ideal backdrop to match your room among various options, including faux brick, marble effect, and geometric designs. 

However, for the best results, you might want to look into how to wallpaper a room before you get started.

The DIY wood panelling feature wall that transformed an old bungalow for  just £120 - Manchester Evening News
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6. Use a black wall to conceal your TV

Although much disagreement exists, experts support the idea of a dark panel behind the TV. 

In essence, this will completely conceal the TV, directing attention away from it and toward other room decor items.

Additionally, a dark color will give your TV wall a more cinematic feel and enable the screen’s colors to stand out more. To movie evenings, which would be a huge change.

To make a striking accent wall, you don’t have to stay black. Try out some other dark tones instead. 

Remember that darker hues often give the impression that a space is smaller; thus, pair them with white or lighter hues to balance this effect. 

The TV will essentially “disappear” as a result, which will minimize its contribution to the design of your home.

How to hide your TV: Disguising one of your home's biggest eyesores
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7. Frame your TV

Why not frame your wall-mounted TV to add some glamour? There are inventive methods to include an eye-catching frame if you don’t have the funds for the Samsung Frame TV.

You may choose a frame that matches your taste, from contemporary chrome to custom-made hardwood frames. 

When creating a TV frame, it’s usually advisable to consult a professional, even if there are a ton of guides available online. 

As an alternative, you may freshen up your space by adding attractive wall art on either side of it. The addition of a frame will give your room personality and a terrific method to hide your TV.

The Art of "Hiding" Your TV | Pulp Design Studios
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