Cringeworthy or Creative? Best April Fools’ Day Pranks of 2023

So, several corporate behemoths have chosen to make another try at persuading us that they are really amusing following a quieter couple of April Fools’ days during the epidemic. How has it gone so far?

Sega murdered Sonic the Hedgehog by choosing choice two, and in a way, Asus also killed Sonic by unintentionally presenting the ROG Ally portable gaming PC as an actual product.

Although Call of Duty: Warzone and Overwatch 2 skewed more toward option three, Tesla’s Cybertruck “accident test” fell somewhere in the middle. 

Nevertheless, on the positive side, we haven’t seen many of them attempting AI-generated jokes (yet).

The worst manner conceivable was used by Asus to introduce their portable gaming computer.

Up until that point, it was a joke. Businesses, stop what you’re doing.

There is no April Fool’s Day hoax with the Asus ROG Ally portable gaming PC.

We don’t yet know much about this Asus portable PC gaming device, but it might provide strong competition to the Steam Deck.

It’s a good idea to have April Fools’ Day links expire at midnight.

An April Fool’s prank about Aaron Rodgers going to the Jets caught my eye on a Wisconsin news website, but when I followed the link, all that appeared was an explanation of why the jokes expire at midnight. Clever!

2023 on April 1st, Apex Legends.

Respawn has turned (what used to be) the game’s worst gun into a variety of different weaponry by fusing last year’s Nessie-shooting pistol with the “Mozambique here!” joke that has been there since Apex Legends began.

The Nessie variation and numerous more random Mozambiques with the characteristics of other firearms that have been eliminated from the game are created upon pinging a door or other object.

No Beer on April 1st, 2023 (5.1%).

Nothing maintains that its newest product is not a joke, after the recent release of the Ear 2 earphones and before the launch of its second phone. 

On the firm website, it is said that a beer has been created and will be distributed in the summer of 2023. Visitors are encouraged to sign up for updates.

April 1st 2023: Fish are no longer allowed on Tinder.

If this were the case, many guys would need to instantly fill up some of the gaps on their dating profiles.

On April 1st 2023, Miami will become the new home of Twitter.

Certainly, Elon Musk may move into FTX’s empty Miami office, but the tweet’s edit history makes it clear that this is a hoax.

The MiamiCoin cryptocurrency, which had lost 88 percent of its value when we last checked in last year and was trading for $0.0044, is another amusing prank from Mayor Francis Suarez. 

The situation has now become so terrible that trade has been completely halted on the OkCoin exchange.

Obsidian adds AI on April Fool’s Day 2023.

By including a “AI assistant,” Obsidian is following the lead of other productivity apps like Notion and Google Docs. 

The creators have dubbed it “Gemmy, the Obsidian Unhelper” and guarantee that it will be completely useless. 

The question of whether my quickpost was the best I could accomplish and if I had thought about using Comic Sans was posed to me by a real, installable plugin. 9/10.

April Fool’s Day 2023: The Love Language of Duolingo.

We are staunch opponents of April Fools’ Day here, but wait a second, Duolingo and Peacock may be onto something. 

The fictional trailer for the nonexistent program Love Language is more intriguing (and less groan-inducing) than the reality dating series that have recently begun to appear on streaming platforms. 

It should be noted that Comcast, the owner of NBCUniversal, also owns stock in Vox Media, the parent company of The Verge.

The Razer Razer on April 1st, 2023.

That seems a little apparent, and I’d be shocked if they hadn’t previously done this. The only gaming mouse with 360 fps (follicles per second), Chroma RGB, and other features. 

2023 on April Fool’s Day, Overwatch 2.

Every April 1st, Blizzard’s team-based shooter would become all googly-eyed for its characters. 

This tradition is returning this year, along with some other tweaks, such as new voice lines to go along with ultimate powers.

There is also a brand-new, very severe arcade mode that tests each hero in their most imbalanced state. 

Would you desire a Reinhardt who can fly, a Ramattra that can remain in Nemesis form forever, or Symmetra turrets that can start doing damage even before they land and deploy?

2023 April Fool’s Day: Among Us.

Hey, do you recall the most downloaded game of 2020, Among Us? This might be a cause to gather the group once again, whether you’re still playing or you’ve taken a hiatus. 

For the weekend, Horse Mode has been updated by Innersloth, with two flavors to choose from: Classic and Horse Wrangling.

Cybertruck on April 1st, 2023.

This “accident test” isn’t quite complete, much like the Cybertruck’s windshield wiper.

You may play the brand-new, authentic, and cost-free game The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog right now.

Sega today quietly released a murder mystery visual novel on Steam for PC and Mac.




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