Top 7 Smart Locks for Apartment Security in 2023

Last updated on April 29th, 2023 at 02:59 am

It’s not ideal for me to create maintenance work orders and other things of that kind. Due to the aforementioned factors, a lock that is easy to install and compatible with the existing door lock is needed. 

Put up this guide to help you choose the finest smart lock for your needs based on my experience switching to smart locks for my apartment.

Let’s start by going through the most important variables to take into account when choosing a smart lock.

Here are my top seven suggestions for smart locks for your apartment complex if your requirements are similar to those mentioned above:

1. Wi-Fi Smart Lock, first For Existing Deadbolt, Use SwitchBot

This smart lock for apartment doors is a great option if ease of installation is a top concern. 

Your old deadbolt lock may be modified in a matter of minutes without requiring any changes. You only need the included 3M adhesive to attach the lock. 

Both the actual key and the way your luck generally works are preserved by you.

The good news is that a ton of automation options will be added to your door, including voice control, app control, keypad control, and Apple Watch control.

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2. August Smart Lock V4 version

For those who like DIY projects, this update to smart locks for apartments is perfect. 

There are no further adjustments needed since the August Smart Lock works with your existing lock. Additionally, the installation process is simple. 

Simple tools and steps are all that are required. Simply take out the inside thumbturn and swap it out with the smart lock.

You may keep your keys stored on the external side in case you need them in the future. And this one has a ton of helpful features. 

Want to use a hand-free phone unlocking method? The lock offers it as a choice. What about fingerprint or face recognition technology? You are also welcome to it.

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3. Wyze Locking Device

Similar to the other apartment smart locks mentioned above, this one allows you to maintain your deadbolt and key while giving your lock limitless smartness. 

It should just take a few minutes to complete the installation process. It just takes a few seconds to swap out the internal door’s thumb latch with your smart lock. 

You may utilize functions like auto lock/unlock, remote lock/unlock, and others after installing your keyless entry apartment lock.

4. Bosma Aegis Smart Apartment Lock Wi-Fi

This smart lock for apartment buildings is an excellent choice if you want to keep your deadbolt and, therefore, your apartment keys. 

This one is pricey, but it’s worth it since it’s easy to install and has plenty of features that will make your home smarter and safer.

Installation requires just basic equipment and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Once your smart lock is installed, you may connect it to your existing home automation system to make advantage of its features.

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5. Smart Level Bolt Lock

This is the choice for you if you want a smart lock for your apartment but don’t want to change the lock’s appearance. 

Because of this, Level Bolt’s creators call it the “invisible smart lock.” Your existing lock system, including the thumbturn and keys, is compatible with Level Bolt. 

By just changing the deadbolt and strike plate, you may maintain the lock’s classic look. Even with the uneven installation, it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes. 

And if you carefully follow the instructions, you may have your new smart lock installed and operational in less than 10 minutes.

Similar to the other smart locks mentioned above, this one has excellent smart features including auto lock and unlock, remote connection, lock automation, and alerts. 

You should be aware that this lock communicates through Bluetooth rather than WiFi, in contrast to the other locks.

6. September Lock and Bridge

This lock is what you need if you don’t want to replace the deadbolt entirely. You just need to change the lock’s internal settings in order to use August Lock. 

You may quickly complete this process and get a new smart lock for your apartment. A WiFi connection bridge included within the lock enables you to connect it to the August app. 

You may control the lock remotely, get notifications when someone attempts to enter, and even create and share temporary guest keys with family and friends.

Additionally, it has a keyless automated mechanism that opens and closes your door as you go close to it. 

To make your lock smarter, there are more connections available, including voice integrations and automation integrations.

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7. 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Lock by Kwikset

In contrast to the other smart locks mentioned above, this keyless entry apartment lock needs installation of the whole lock. The re-keying option, however, allows you to keep your present keys.

The Kwikset 99390-001 Halo Wi-Fi Lock is a great choice for anyone looking for the newest security and convenience features. 

Although the installation process is quite convoluted, the installation instructions make it easy to follow. Once the lock is installed, you may access a number of helpful features through the Kwikset app. 

It is possible to utilize an integrated touch keypad, remote access, scheduled access, customizable user codes, activity monitoring, and remote access.



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