It’s been a century since the discovery that Ultraviolet Light (also known as UV light) helps destroy the bodies of viruses and germs. This amazing discovery has led people to use ultraviolet light in several fields of life, including for disinfection purposes in hospitals (for killing bacteria and viruses), in houses for purification of air and sterilisation of water, in cosmetic surgeries for curing nail polish fast, in food establishments and whatnot. And just like the sun, a lot of exposure to UV lights can be harmful to your health and well-being. So we’re going to help you with this buying guide to assist you in getting the best UV light for HVAC system for yourself.


If used with the right conditions and proper installation, UV lights can be extremely helpful in killing bacteria and germs. Especially given the condition of CoronaVirus pandemic, sterilisation and purification have become one of the top priorities of people.
You must keep in mind the following points before getting yourself the best UV light for HVAC.

  • The Right Wavelength

Before getting the best UV light for HVAC you need to choose the right Wavelength. As this is the most basic feature so you need to focus on it first. The most important thing to know about the UV lights is that they consist of three tiers, i-e UV-A, UV-B, UV-C, and not all of these are used for sterilisation purposes.

According to research, UV-C is the only correct Wavelength for sterilisation. So it would be better that the product you want to buy provides a clear idea of the Wavelength it contains.

  • Be Aware When Using UV-C

UV-C is comparatively more powerful (and hence dangerous) than the other forms. It can cause sunburn and skin cancer to those who are exposed to it either humans or animals. Because UV-C light is invisible to the naked eyes, you need to be more careful when considering it as a sterilisation method.

  • The Limitations

UV-C light behaves very much like a regular light. This means UV-C lights can’t reach every nook and corner of the room where it is being placed. The spots where the UV-C lights can’t reach have high chances of not getting sterilised.
So before getting the best UV light for HVAC you need to make sure it reaches all device surfaces while inside the station.

  • Exposure Time

Again, exposure time is important for the UV-C light to be effective. Until and unless the light does not touch the whole surface (for the given period) of an object, it won’t disinfect it.

Top 7 Best UV Lights For HVAC

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Now we’re going to dig into the list of 7 best UV lights for HVAC that are worth buying and are truly reliable in terms of excellent quality and promising durability.

  1. REKO Lighting R2000 Air Purifier Whole House: best UV light for home HVAC

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and best HVAC UV light to kill the odour, mould, bacteria and germs, this UV air purifier by HVAC is just what you need to get your hands on. Run it near a smelly area and check after an hour, you’ll find the place odourless and fresher than before.

It comes with a UV-C light system and is designed to be installed on your HVAC duct. All the bulbs involved in the package are UV-C.

The HVAC UV light installation is very simple if the steps given on the manual are followed properly. The best air scrubber HVAC and a good addition to your home HVAC system.

Title Here


  • Easy to install
  • Worth the money spent
  • Fit any regular electric outlet


  • Holes in the duct are useless
  • Quality of the bulbs provided is poor

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2. Remington REM-7365UV-120 Airetrex 365: powerful air sanitiser with UV-C technology

With the condition given about the recent Covid-19 pandemic, where the fear of impurity of the air looms above our heads, this Airetrex 365 can help you crush those bacteria and germs floating about in the atmosphere of your homes, offices, classrooms and hospitals alike. It gets into action right after being plugged and helps diminish your worries regarding the quality of the air.

These Airetrex have rated the best UV lights for commercial HVAC on amazon for it does not rely on harmful chemicals and works effectively anywhere in your home.

An additional quality of Airetrex is that you don’t need to change the UV light filters every now and then. It works constantly in the background all day long and is considered the best UV light for commercial HVAC systems.

Title Here


  • Comes with one-year warranty protection
  • Best UV light for home HVAC


  • Very loud. Makes too much noise

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3. Bio Shield Antimicrobial Protection 50-BUVAS-E: best-rated UV light for HVAC

The Bio Shield is bent on removing the impurities that float around in the air carrying a whole lot of bacterias, moulds, mildews, viruses and germs that end up causing allergies, flu, asthma and other serious illnesses in human beings. It uses germicidal lamps to help improve the indoor air quality while using electricity less than that of a 25W light bulb.

It reduces AC costs by removing biofilm on AC coils making them more efficient. HVAC UV light reviews about Bio Shield is beyond satisfactory. Hence making it the best-rated UV light for HVAC.

Title Here


  • Easy HVAC UV light installation
  • Higher efficiency
  • Increases the efficiency of the AC unit


  • The issues of HVAC UV light smell have been reported
  • HVAC UV light damage reported

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4. D200 Dual lamp Air Purifier: the best quality UV light ever

D200 Dual lamp In-Duct PCO UV Air Purifier
improves the indoor air quality of your home. it is much cheaper than every other In-Duct UV air purifier out there and the replacement bulbs are inexpensive as well. The installation of this HVAC UV light is made very feasible for the customers’ convenience.

If you’re suffering from any allergen issues, check this best UV light for leak detection and you won’t regret buying it. No doubt it is the best quality HVAC UV light ever. It’s certified to help remove allergens, dust & odours. If you’re on the fence about this product buy it knowing it works and cleans the air inside your home.

Title Here


  • Safe for children and pets
  • Runs incessantly
  • Best rated UV light for HVAC


  • Not enough wire included

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5. Pure UV Whole House PCO UV-C Light system: highly user friendly and easy to install

If you’re someone who is bound to spend most of the time indoors (thanks to Covid-19) and needs the satisfaction of breathing in the clean and fresh air, this Pure UV light system is the answer to your problem. You’ll notice the difference just running it for a couple of hours. The cooking odours are going to disappear relatively much faster than before leaving your house fresh and clean. One could easily tell the difference in the air quality right away.

This Pure UV unit uses a magnet mounting system and a remotely mounted power supply. The installation process is very easy. The Pure-UV is installed into your home’s HVAC system via a magnet mounting system with a bonus of UV light for HVAC cost installed.

This light operates continuously throughout the day but that’s nothing to be concerned about since the power consumption is low. It is the UV light for the AC system that you need to buy for it kills all the mould in your AC unit and also neutralizes odours and smells from cooking etc in your house.

Title Here


  • Magnet makes mounting simple and easy
  • UV light for HVAC cost installed
  • Works great


  • Hard to find good replacement bulbs
  • HVAC UV light kit not included

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6. REKOLIGHTING 24 Volts Power Input: best UV light for commercial HVAC system

Among the many other amazing UV lights for commercial HVAC systems, this REKOLIGHTING 24 Volts Power is also one of the greatest products entailing amazing features.

It helps cut the rate of toxic air in the house leaving it fresh and clean. Especially if you’re a person with an asthmatic problem, this one is a blessing for you. It’s super-efficient and lasts longer than other models and is an extremely amazing germ-killer.

Air going through your HVAC is exposed to UV-C light in the air handler chamber, making your home safer and the air breathable and giving you peace of mind knowing the air you’re breathing in is being cleaned every 24 hours as it eliminates a large number of bacterias. So do not hesitate in placing an order for the best UV light for HVAC system.

Title Here


  • Best UV light for commercial
  • HVAC system Worth the price
  • Works as effectively as described


  • HVAC UV light damage found
  • The bulbs’ is a total turn off, not to mention it’s bad quality
  • Does not come with any warranty

View Product

7. Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier: air purifier for home large room

The Honeywell UV light air purifier is designed to purify extra-large rooms making the air you inhale cleaner. This HEPA air purifier has 3 air cleaning levels + Turbo Clean. Honeywell HEPA Air Purifier is highly recommended by allergists.

This UV air scrubber HVAC runs with the Honeywell A and A+ Pre-Filter. The Pre-Filter is the first level of filtration and helps capture large particles such as dust, fibres and pet fur and helps to reduce odours from cooking, smoke, bathrooms etc. You don’t need to keep a check on filters because the filter reset light will automatically remind you when the time comes to change it. Replace your filters every 12 months to get served by it’s best performance and enjoy your time at home while having the clean and fresh air.

Title Here


  • Initial filter included
  • Comes with a 5 years warranty
  • Recommended as the first choice by allergists.
  • Comes with a fantastic dimmer feature


  • The filter replacement option is pricey
  • The power panel is not of promising quality

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Now that you’ve gone through the amazing list of the best UV lights for HVAC, it’s more than easy to know which product suits your needs best.

For any queries, join us in the comment section.


  • Does HVAC UV light smell?

Yes. Thiols are the reason why UV devices cause a potentially unpleasant odour in rooms after disinfection.

  • Do HVAC UV purifiers work?

Yes, it does wonder. With the right conditions and proper installation, UV lights can be very effective.

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Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air Purifier



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