[Tested] Wet Rated Wall Mounted Outdoor Fans: Our Top Pick

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Wet rated wall mounted outdoor fans have become a must-have for summers for the patio and backyard. The wide diameter build of these outdoor wall fans is able to cover these outdoor areas adequately.

Our research for some basic tips such as their motor capacity, diameter and some other factors will not only save you some bucks but also prevents you from the hassle.

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☞ 18-inch curved fan blades
☞ Speed adjustable pull chain control
☞ Permanently sealed motor

Things to Consider Before Buying Wet Rated Wall Mounted Outdoor Fans

1. Built quality

  • The built quality of the wet rated outdoor fan is important. You can find steel, metal and plastic build bodies.
  • A high-quality plastic body can bear the changing weather conditions. However, the metal build wet rated fans are able to cover a wide area with its airflow.

2. Fan Diameter

Important not to overlook the size of a fan because it determines the two most important things that are;

  • Area a fan covers
  • The space you are going to use it for
  • Outdoor wall Fans that are smaller in size can only give air to a specific area without covering the whole space.
  • The size of these oscillating fans starts from 19 inches following up to 26 inches diameter.
  • For the garden patio, an oscillating wall fan having 24 inches of diameter is the perfect size.

3. Motor

  • A motor that is capable of offering remote-controlled operation, unlike regular outdoor wall fans that only comes with single direction airflow.
  • Besides the operation, a motor that is waterproof is the way to go as you will be using it outdoor.

4. Speed adjustments

  • Speed settings are essential. Different companies manufacture a product depending upon the price and the features.
  • Mostly, they come with 3 different speed levels slow, medium, and fast. A remote-controlled speed adjustment feature would be handier for outdoor setting.

Top 8 Wet Rated Wall Mounted Outdoor Fans


1. iLIVING ILG8E18-15 


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Key features

  • 18 inch curved fan blades    
  • Speed adjustable pull chain control
  • Permanently sealed motor
  • Power coated aluminium blades
  • Higher CFM of 6360

The most popular wet rated fan comes with 3 different speeds and a sealed motor. This waterproof outdoor oscillating fan endures as much as rain is needed and offers all cooling you need. Also with the perfect size of 18 to 24 inches which is enough for also indoor use. It comes with factory balanced curved blades that will need no adjustment in any position.

The material is of top quality and it is completely damp resistant with galvanized steel frame. Higher CFM means larger airflow output but it doesn’t have an oscillation feature.

Customer review
Excellent feedback from its buyers it has solid features with great airflow an excellent choice for ceiling fans. 

2. Hurricane HGC736503 Classic Series

Hurricane - wall mounted outdoor fan picture

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Key features

  • 3-speed motor
  • 16-inch diameter fan blade
  • 90-degree oscillating angles
  • Two pull cords for speed
  • Durable steel neck

This Classic outdoor wall mount fan at home can cool your room better. Its durable and classic design will attract you. This oscillating wall fan has two pull cords that help in speed and oscillation control. Its oscillating angle provides air circulation to the wider area.

Besides, it has three-speed settings that can be controlled by a switch. A durable steel neck will make it stronger for wet conditions and long-lasting.

Customer review
Customers have great reviews about it and one said they have 3 months of excellent experience with it a very powerful and great airflow.

3. OEMTOOLS 24 Inch High

OEMTOOLS 24 Inch High

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Key features

  • 3 airspeed motor
  • High 6400CFM
  • 3 balanced blade
  • oscillating wall mount fan and adjustable
  • Easy to assemble and mount to the wall

The basic mount rated wall fan that covers all the needs for an outdoor. This is ideal for workplaces and workshops. 24 inch this fan can move a lot of air and keep your space cool with it. Because of its loud noise, it cannot be used indoors. Its oscillating features make it perfect for cooling.

It has a high-efficiency motor with three speeds that control airflow. It is ideal for industrial use like garages and warehouses. A pull chain that helps you put it on.

Customer review
Buyers are satisfied with it and recommend it for outdoor use. It can throw cool air in summer.

4.  Fanimation Old Havana

wet rated small outdoor fan

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Key features

  • Comes with 3-speed settings
  • Best for damp locations
  •  Beautiful antique design
  • Quiet

If you are looking for an antique oscillating wall mount fan then this Fanimation Old Havana fan is the best choice. It comes with 3-speed modes and beautiful designs. It is specially made for very damp climates. Perfect for outside, parties and porch or any outside space you need. 

The beautiful design should be called decorative ceiling fans. High-speed flow and with quite noise feature made it one of the best fans for cool air.

Customer review
Peoples are proudly loved it because of its usage in wet conditions, design and its unique and impressive appearance deserves 5 stars.

5. Hurricane Super 16 inch Heavy duty Fan

Hurricane Super 16 inch Fan

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Key features

  • Figure 8 patterns for better air circulation.
  • 3-speed settings
  • Heavy duty Airflow of CFM 2118
  • Oscillating 3 different settings
  • Less noise

This oscillating wall fan with remote control is the best option without any doubt. When it comes to features and technology to outdoor there is no other companion of it. While it’s an incredible feature of 8 patterns technology it works in a quieter way than most of the other wall control fans.

The small oscillating fan wall mounts easily adjust on outdoor wall or indoor use making it perfect for wet locations. The interesting part is it comes with remote control and high-speed airflow.

Customer review
Buyers reviewed it as this one is quick and easy in installation some are not satisfied with its function.

6. Durafan Large Outdoor Fan

Durafan Large Outdoor Fan

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Key features

  • Cord pull plastic switch for speed selecting.
  •   3 speed adjusting airflow
  • Oscillating adjustment
  • Tilting head
  • Quiet airflow

This small wall mounted fan is perfect for rooms, wet locations or small spaces. This one is the smallest model which offers a lot of airflows. Comfortable and easy to adjust can fulfil all your needs.

As it is made of plastic so you should keep it away from heat. It never makes a loud noise in outdoor wall control. You won’t have any problem with it. Three-speed adjusting airflow its grills are zinc plated to avoid rust.     

Customer review:
Buyers are satisfied with it and have great reviews about this product some said they buy from past four years and have a great experience with it they are running without making any problem.

7. New Air 20

oscillating wall mount fan

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Key features

  • Tilts at 180 degree
  • Dual three-blade
  • Full range of light and reverse function
  • Head adjusting function
  • Suitable for damp locations

This particular design ceiling mount oscillating fan has a 100 Watt halogen bulb with it. This outdoor wall ceiling fans are perfect for killing two birds in a row. They include two oscillating fans and in between a 100 Watt lamp. The 3 bladed outdoor oscillating fan wall mount is positioned in different directions. They are perfect for large spaces or for hot places where one fan is not enough.  Have to head adjustable function with three-speed control light dimming and reverse feature.

Blow more air than other fans so suitable for big parties and functions. Its airflow covers more area. The beautiful design comes with two-sided outdoor oscillating fan wall mount and a bulb make your place decorative and attractive. This oscillating wall mount fan with light has a blade with a diameter of 42 which makes it suitable for wet locations.

Customer review
Customers are really very satisfied with it and named it as a fantastic outdoor oscillating fan wall mount. They said this fan is very quiet and come with light because of this feature they love it more.  

8. Tornado 24 inches Outdoor Fan

wall mounted Outdoor Fan

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Key features

  • 2 years of warranty
  • 3-speed controls by pull chain
  • With UL 507 wet rated
  • 7500 CFM
  • Balanced aluminium blades
  • Oscillating and tilting fans

This wet location fan comes with 3 speeds and has a sealed motor. The wet rated outdoor fan has a pull chain feature and can be tilted to help direct the airflow. Being commercial oscillating fans wall mounted airflow’s output is significantly higher than the other fans.

All other fans with high CFM come with high noise, so if you are looking for a quiet wall mount fan then this one is the better choice. This commercial fan has the feature of oscillating which gives you more options when it comes to airflow direction. One of the benefits is it has a 2-year warranty and is suitable for damp locations.

Customer review
With the great rating, this fan is also loved by the customers and one of them said that he is happy with its purchase.

Benefits of having Wet Rated Wall Mount Outdoor Fan

These fans are proved to be the best when it comes to price and functionality because of the amazing features and benefits it has to offer;

  • More than your expectations, wet rated outdoor wall mount fan is ideal for refreshing yards, porches and even barbecue spaces.
  • If you live in a very hot place and increasingly need something that helps you cool down then wet rated wall mounted outdoor fans are the best option for you.
  • They can save a lot of space and distribute air better by mounting them as high as you need.
  • They are ideal for small spaces. You can adjust them indoor or outdoor in your house, office or anywhere you need.

Let’s look into some of the best wet rated walls mounted oscillating fans that we have gathered for you to make it easier to find the perfect fit for your needs.


When the temperature goes up, who does not like to keep it cool outdoors as confining oneself indoors is not an option. A wet rated wall mounted fan is what everyone needs in the time when you are not in a mood to do anything and you will probably eat someone alive.

These all outdoor wall mount fans mentioned above are durable and has classic designs. You should select one which you think works best for you in all circumstances.

Hopefully, this buying guide will help you in finding yours. Quality and durability are what you need to consider when going to purchase. We have selected all types of wet rated wall mounted fans in all types of prices. So that it would be easy for you to pick up one of your choices. Besides this the key feature will guide you more about the product.

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1. Why should buy a wet rated fan?

Wet rated fans are more effective in keeping the temperature low with their misting feature.

2. Are outdoor fans waterproof?

Yes, they totally are waterproof as they are meant to be used wet and also because they are outdoor fans they are made to work in every kind of weather condition.

3. What does wet Rated mean?

Wet rated lighting fixtures are used with direct exposure to water. They are used for outdoor use and ground as well. They will keep you cool in hot weather with its cooling effects. 

4. Can any mount wall fan be used indoors?

Yes, you can use an outdoor wall mounted fan for large spaces indoors. They will keep your inner space cooler because of their high airflow.

5. What size should look for in an outdoor fan?

When looking for an outdoor fan the size of outdoor fans is important. At least 12 inches to 24 inches blade is necessary but choosing the right fan size depends on personal preference as per the need and requirement along with the size of the space.


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