Best In Ear Monitors [Top Recommendations]

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If you are a musician, singer, or audiophile, here is something you can really use. Wireless in ear monitors aid professionals with music production, recordings, and stage performances.

They de-clutter the stage by replacing stage monitors whilst protecting one’s ears. It enables musicians to hear the music they are playing which is essential to put on a good show.

Things to consider 

Silicone tips or Foam Tips

  • Silicone Ear tips stay in place by using suction, which is great for active performers. They block out noise, lock in the sound of the mix. However, they are not very good at sound isolation.
  • Foam Ear tips are denser and efficient in isolating. The downside is that they place pressure on the ear canal and are not very great at handling sweat

Number of Drivers

  • Wireless Ear buds usually come with a choice of 1, 2, or 3 drivers.
  • Each additional driver makes for more even distribution of sound ensuring optimal functioning.
  • Double or Triple drivers give deeper lows (most suited to bass players and drummers), clear highs and more pronounced mid frequencies.

Custom molds or generic fit

  • Custom molds are more suitable for professionals. These fit in your ears perfectly and are not easy to lose.
  • Generic fits cost less and allow upgrading.

How do they actually sound?

  • Professional earbuds do not distort the bass and quality of the sound. Noise cancelling feature and sound isolation can make a huge difference in performance quality.

Straight or Over-ear?

  • Over the ear monitors wrap around your ears and become almost invisible so they don’t hinder your aesthetic. Custom made pieces are mostly over the ear ones.

Top 6 In ear monitors

1. BASN Bsinger 2nd Sound Isolating Earphones 

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  • Dual Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency Shaping Acoustic Chambers
  • Personal monitor technology
  • 1/8 inch jack
  • Ergonomic Earphone nose shape
  • Noise Blocking Memory foam tips (3 sizes)
  • Long Staying Silicone tips (3 sizes)
  • Sound Isolation Technology
  • Blocks up to 40 dB of ambient sound
  • Solid Bass and Frequencies (all ranges)
  • Durable and High Quality Wire 52 inch Detachable


  • Dimensions 1.18 x 0.79 x 0.79 inches
  • Weight 0.705 ounces


  • Consistent Good sound quality
  • Highly sound sensitive
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • When connected to the actual monitor they do not secure in.

BASN is known for producing the best in ear monitor systems. The second-generation BASN comes with upgraded dual dynamic drivers. Ergonomic nozzle shape makes for a good seal and soft ear tips add to comfort. For touring musicians, these tight sealing models are very helpful as they allow free movement and also protect their ears from the sound which makes them the best in ear monitors for live performance. Ear tips are available in both silicone and foam variants in three different sizes according to personal preferences.

Noise cancelling and sound isolation features block up-to 40Db of ambient sound and prevents it from interfering with your listening. 1/8 inch jack is compatible with most audio systems.

This new model promises an improved bass response. Personal monitor technology ensures professional level sound monitoring. This product falls under the category of professional in ear monitors for singers.

Customer reviews

“Excellent Quality Professional in Ears Highly Recommendable if you’re budgeting for in ears. This Type of Equipment will rock your core and you will never be the same, musician, singer, and audio engineer.”

2. BASN Professional in-Ear Monitor 

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  • 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz frequency range
  • ¼ jack
  • Memory foam ear hook
  • The impedance of 18 Ohm
  • The sensitivity of 93 dB
  • Maximum Power 5 mW
  • Micro driver with copper diaphragm
  • soft silicone ear tips
  • Detachable MMCX connector
  • Ergonomic earpiece
  • Blocks up to 20 Db noise


  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.8 x 1.9 inches
  • Weight: 9.5 ounces


  • L type ¼ jack works with most devices including stage monitors
  • Ear hook can be customized to fit ear shape
  • Balanced highs and bass sound


  • Silicone tips are uncomfortable
  • Length of the cord is short

BASN professional earbuds include memory foam ear tips that adjust to one’s ear shape providing comfort, all this at a very affordable price (making them the cheapest custom ear monitors).

The tight sealing earbuds protects your ears from stage noise. Premium quality Copper diaphragm micro driver enhances sound quality. Ergonomic ear hooks can be bent thousand times without breaking.

Customer Reviews

“These IEM’s are the best I’ve ever had! I have never been able to hear what I need to hear so clearly. They fit well, very light, and the sound is amazing. As a 6-string bass player, I hit some pretty low notes, with no overload or rattle”

3. MEE audio M6 PRO 2nd Generation Musicians’ in-Ear Monitors 

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  • 5µm driver diaphragm
  • apt X Low Latency technology feature
  • aluminum voice coil
  • built-in headset (mic and remote included)
  • 6 sets of Silicone Ear Tips
  • ¼ inch adapter
  • 8.5-9 hours battery life
  • Complying memory foam ear tips
  • Stereo audio cable
  • Cutting edge Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Bluetooth audio adapter
  • Protective casing
  • Shirt clip
  • USB charging cable
  • Ergonomic Earpiece


  • Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.6 x 1.7 inches
  • Weight: 3.53 ounces


  • Bluetooth adapter enables it to be used with a phone as well
  • Comply memory foam tips allow advanced noise cancellation
  • Ergonomic shape provides all-day comfort
  • Long battery life
  • Clear variant makes it invisible


  • Sound is a bit harsh in 3.4-5k range

2nd generation M6 PRO provides clear and full-range sound with their ultrathin 5µm driver diaphragm and aluminum voice coil. Specially designed to be sweatproof they do not fail to function even when subject to sweat and moisture.

As compared to the older models this one features a smooth natural treble with midrange accuracy. It features the bass and vocal boost modes for optimum functioning.

Bluetooth feature enables it to be compatible with mobile laptops and other devices. 6 pairs of ear tips allow it to be customized to suit personal preferences.

Three modes of sound enhancement allow for superior quality audio adjustments. These are the best budget in ear monitors / best affordable in ear monitors.

Customer Review

Overall it’s a pretty good value, and I really like the construction quality braided cables, detachable cables, several tips. But compared to my Shure SE215, they’re a bit harsher, with a noticeable gain in the 3-5K range, and the high end is quite reduced at 8-10K.

4. Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones 

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  • Sensitivity: 107 Db
  • Range of Frequency: 22 Hz –17.5 kHz
  • Single High-Definition speaker
  • Impedance: 17 Ω.
  • Lock snap mechanism allows 360 rotation
  • Blocks 37 Db of noise
  • High definition driver (single dynamic)
  • 3.5 mm straight plug


  • Dimensions 3x 7x 2 inches
  • Weight 5.6 ounces


  • Optimized nozzle angle allows it to stay
  • Lightweight low profile shape
  • Enhanced bass


  • Bass quality could have been better
  • Insertion technique takes a little practice

Shure is known for producing top in ear monitors for singers. This model features personal monitor technology that has been tested and loved by musicians. Sound isolating sleeves block up to 37 Db of sound which prevents outside noise from interference. Enhanced bass makes personal monitoring easier than ever.

Customer review

“They are amazing for keeping out the howl and have great sound quality. My music and podcasts have never sounded so good! The loop over the ear is interesting, though it’s a bit of a learning curve to put them on smoothly.”

5. SIMGOT MT3 Hi-Res in-Ear Monitor Headphones

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  • Impedance:18Ω
  • 10 mm magnetic coil driver
  • 3 sizes of ear tips
  • The sensitivity of the headphones: 101dB
  • Frequency response: 15Hz-40kHz
  • Power: 10mW
  • Distortion 101 Db
  • Sound isolation technology
  • 10mm High Magnetic Circuit Coil Dynamic Driver
  • 3.5mm Straight Plug
  • HiFi,Hi-Res, Monitor compatible with mobile phone


  • Dimensions1.92 x 4.84 x 4.84 inches
  • Weight7.2


  • Downwards pointing shape helps it to sit in the ear comfortably.
  • Clear and accurate soundstage
  • Resolves complex tones and textures.


  • Not weather resistant.

This model outperforms the old school drivers using the groundbreaking, 10mm magnetic coil driver technology. It provides reduced distortion with high quality copper cores.

Three different sizes of ear hooks promise extra noise reduction. Wireless in ear monitors for singers have to be a certain shape to allow them to move freely.

This model falls upon the standard with a unique downward pointing shape which allows it to stay in the ears and improve bass quality, reduce interference whilst maximizing comfort for extended wear.

Customer Review

“I’ll simply say that the sound is crisp and clear without any distorting. It has excellent bass sound without being overwhelming, and without sacrificing the quality of the sound in other ranges.”

6. BQEYZ KC2 Quad Drivers Earphones 

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  • 3.5 mm gold plated plug
  • 2 dynamic speakers in each bud
  • 8 drivers of hybrid technology
  • 3 silicone ear tips
  • 0.78mm diameter pin
  • 0.75mm standard earbuds
  • Range of frequency 7-40,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 15 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • Driver unit: Balanced Armature *2pcs
  • 1 pc 10mm dynamic and 1 pc 6mm dynamic driver


  • Dimensions 3.6 x 3.2 x 1.4 inches
  • Weight 0.96 ounces


  • Multiple drivers improve sound quality
  • L shaped plug provides security and durability
  • Aluminum alloy body makes it durable


  • Silicone ear tips are uncomfortable
  • High tones are harsh

With 8 drivers technology, it is one of the best in ear monitors for musicians. it ensures an even sound distribution with maximum isolation and premium quality. Oblique angles perfectly align with the natural cut of your ears. Silky highs, detailed mids, and deep highs make it stand out of the crowd.

Customer Reviews

“Sound quality is amazing for the price. Worth upgrading the headphone cable. I opted for the silver cable even though I didn’t like the way the picture looked. In-person the cable is actually very nice. Also, switched to memory foam ear tips and the bass kicked up a notch and now they’re perfect”


The only thing better than wired in ear monitors is wireless in ear monitors. These are the top 6 in ear monitors that have been carefully selected and a critical comparison has been made between the features of each. In ear monitors for singers reviews have also been taken into account.


1. How to set up in ear monitors for singers?

All the mics and instruments will be connected to the mixer. An output is assigned to each one so that the parts can be listened to individually. These outputs will come out of the mixer connected to the wireless transmitter which will send the audio to the headphones.

2. What are the earpieces singers wear?

The earpiece that you usually see stage performers wearing are called in ear monitors. In ear monitors for musicians help them to reduce noise and isolate their sound for better performance.

3. How do singers use in ear monitors?

In ear monitors are connected to the wireless receiver pack which receives a mix from the transmitter connected to a mixer. The mix is set by the monitor or even the performer.

4. What is the best wireless in ear monitor system?

The best and top rated in ear system is. Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic Micro Driver

5. How do wireless in ear monitors work?

In ear monitors are connected to the wireless receiver pack which receives a mix from the transmitter connected to a mixer. The mix is set by the monitor or even the performer.

6. What do singers listen to in their earpieces?

IEMs are used by musicians to listen to their own music as they are performing.




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