Best Surge Protector For Gaming PC

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The best surge protector for gaming PC balances the wattage flow so the gamers can enjoy playing on PC without a threat to their life and the devices.

The number of devices you will be connecting to the surge protector decides the number of outlets and USB ports you want in your unit. This article includes 8 surge protectors that have strong joule vitality, so let’s check them out.

Tripp lite 8 outlet surge protector power strip is the editor’s top pick for the best surge protector for gaming pc.

Buying Guide

Quantity of Outlets

  • Outlets are the primary concern to any surge protector, before getting one you ought to have a gauge of what number of gadgets you intend to connect.
  • You ought to consistently get more than you have to both get ready for the future and for circumstances where you will be unable to fit the attachments close to one another.


  • Joules are utilized to gauge to what extent your surge protector will live through the vitality it can take before biting the dust.
  • This implies you should be mindful of what number of joules your protector has when you get it and what you intend to plug into it.

USB ports

  • One thing a lot of surge protectors these days have is USB ports to charge and module gadgets like your cell phones.
  • These are estimated in yield amp appraisals of either 1 or 2 amps (1A or 2A), which just methods the yield power setting off to your gadget. For a snappier charge, go for the 2A.

Top 8 Best Surge Protector For Gaming Pc


1. Tripp lite 8 outlet surge protector power strip


  • This protector is an all-rounder and will protect all your electronic devices from power surges
  • It has two power outlets
  • It also includes LED to diagnose whether the LED is active or grounded
  • This also includes the space for extra big AC adaptors


  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Fire resistant


  • Not great quality

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Tripp Lite 8 is a decent quality surge protector for gaming pc that will make an appropriate showing at a reasonable cost.

It won’t do wonders and it isn’t furnished with various premium highlights; in any case, the surge protector for gaming pc bolsters a tolerable wattage of 1800W and has a surge protection score of 1440 Joules that will be all that anyone could need for the vast majority.

The surge protector for pc itself comes outfitted with eight-foot AC power string and eight NEMA 5-15R flood secured outlets, three of which support for the association of genuinely huge transformers while permitting free utilization of the other five outlets simultaneously.

2. Aukey power strip surge protector


  • The surge protector has 12 outlets and 6 USB ports
  • The unique design is more spacious and the angle it provides makes it easy to connect the devices
  • It also includes LED protection lights
  • The surge protector will declutter all the wires of devices plugged in on the table or floor


  • Spacious
  • Unique design
  • Declutter cords


  • Can’t hang on the wall

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This seven-inch tall best surge protector for computer offers six USB accusing ports of a most extreme speed of 2.4A on each port and 6A on all ports joined.

Additionally, it is outfitted with LED pointers, just as 12 surge power secured outlets that unfortunately don’t have wellbeing covers, which makes the entire gadget not that engaging for homes with kids.

Additionally, the best surge protector has a force yield of 1875W and a profoundly good surge insurance rating of 1500 Joules.

3. APC (P12U2)


  • It has surge protection of up to 4320 joules
  • The strip has a 12 power surge protector outlet
  • The protector has a lifetime warranty
  • This also comes with a long cord f 6 ft


  • The charging ports are fast
  • Big size
  • Low cost


  • Ports are close to the outlet

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This surge protector for gaming pc isn’t that amazing from the outset, yet it underpins the 1800W of intensity and has an incredible assurance rating of the exceptionally noteworthy 4320 Joules.

It comes provided with 12 NEMA 5-15 power surge ensured outlets and two quick charging 2.4A USB ports.

Besides, surge protector for gaming pc is outfitted with EMI/RFI channels, LED pointers, on/off switch, and even a 180° rotatable and long six-foot wire. At the end of the day, all that you may anticipate from the best flood defender is there.

4. Holsem x12 outlets surge protector power strip


  • This protector has 2 smart USB port built-in
  • It has a built-in LED light that warns you if there is any voltage fluctuation
  • If there is a power surge, then this will automatically turn off to protect your devices
  • It has keyhole slots so you can hang it on the wall


  • Smart USB port
  • Keyhole slots
  • Automatic turn off
  • Includes LED light


  • The outlets are closely built to each other

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This big surge protector for pc has a fueling breaking point of 1845W and astounding 4000 Joule vitality rating that will give extraordinary insurance to various gadgets in your family unit, from a gaming PC to a hairdryer.

Additionally, like numerous different gadgets of this sort, the best gaming surge protector offers a programmed shutdown choice that will kill power in each outlet whenever there’s any hint of over-burden, helping your gear remain free from any danger.

The best gaming surge protector accompanies 12 power surge secured outlets and three USB power charging ports. Likewise, it is provided with four keyhole openings to attach to the wall.

5. Bestek mrj6008-bk


  • It has 6 surge protecting outlets
  • The round shape is very useful when more than 1 person wants to connect their devices at the same time
  • When it gets overloaded it will automatically turn off to protect devices
  • The protector has 6 ft long and high quality thick copper wire


  • Automatic turn off
  • Long wire
  • High quality copper wire


  • The outlets are made too close to each other
  • The protection rating is only for 220 Joules

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The surge protection for computer accompanies one of a kind adjusted shape and offers better than average execution. It is adequate for a standard home client or a student, for instance.

The surge protection for computer accompanies six flood secured outlets and four USB-accused ports of various rates to oblige different gadget types.

The best surge protector for computer itself is UL-guaranteed, and has an 18-month warranty and is outfitted with kid-safe security shades, alongside the programmed on-off electrical switch that turns off the force when there is an over-burden or a short out.

6. Amazonbasics 12-outlet power strip surge protector


  • It is great to protect all your sensitive electronics
  • LED light is built-in to indicate whether it is active or not
  • The fireproof MOV makes it safe from power surges


  • Low cost
  • Good capacity
  • Durable


  • Fewer features compared to others

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Reasonable gadgets with fundamental highlights are normally committed to a huge base of clients who are searching for practicality. AmazonBasics best surge protector without a doubt satisfies these prerequisites.

As recently referenced, this best surge protector comes furnished with just the things that must be there and simply that.

It has a 4320 Joule vitality rating, 12 generally situated flood secured outlets, tough eight-foot string, LED pointers, and on/off switch provided with over-burden insurance.

7. Accell powramid air surge protector


  • This one has 6 power outlets and 2 USB ports
  • It has a slim and modern design
  • It protects 1080 joules to all the electronic devices
  • You can easily adjust those bigger outlets without it taking much space


  • Noise reduction
  • Modern
  • Adjust bulky outlets


  • No easy access for the switch

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Accell Powramid is one of the best surge protector that convey strong execution and a not too bad arrangement of highlights at a reasonable cost.

Alluring, with a spaceship look, this best power strip for gaming offers a fairly extraordinary way to deal with the structure.

Also, this best power strip for gaming is outfitted with two USB ports with a charging velocity of 2.4A and an on/off force button with LED markers that sadly doesn’t offer simple access and has a spread that is anything but difficult to lose.

8. Tripp lite 3 outlets portable surge protector


  • It has a built-in LED light for you and your device security
  • The protector has a lifetime warranty
  • The protector is compact, it includes 3 outlets at 2 USB ports


  • Compact
  • Low cost
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not enough capacity

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Transportability and conservative size are underestimated much of the time, and Tripp Lite 3 Outlet the best power surge protector is no exemption to that standard.

The best power surge protector perhaps offers a restricted limit, however, then again, it likewise offers a lot of highlights required for wonderful and inconvenient free work.

It has a two USB port with charging paces of 2.1A, three NEMA 5-15R flood ensured outlets, and the computer surge protector accompanies a divider mounting ability.


Summing up the guide, we’ve concluded that the best surge protector for gaming pc is an essential part of gaming pc to balance out the power surges. This is an extremely important tool for the protection of the players, so we have suggested the best products above.

Best of luck in finding the protector that suits you best!!!


1. what is the best surge protector for a high end gaming pc?

Tripp lite 8 outlet surge protector power strip is the best surge protector for a high-end gaming pc.

2. Can I plug my gaming PC into a surge protector?

Yes, you can if it’s a good quality surge protector specially made for this purpose.

3. Which UPS is best for gaming PC?

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD is best for gaming PC.

4. Is 1000 joules surge protector enough?

The higher value of the device means high surge protection you will need, 1000 joules provides enough protection for tools like printers and routers.

5. How many joules does a gaming PC use?

The joules equal or above to 2000 is enough for the protection of gaming PC.



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