Best Earbuds For ASMR – Guide & Technical Bits [2023]

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best earbuds for asmr

To benefit from ASMR to the fullest, you’ll want to use the best earbuds for asmr with excellent sound quality. The best earbuds for ASMR are those that provide deep sound and are light and comfortable so that listening to music can be a pleasant experience.

In terms of sound quality, wired earphones should be preferred, but wireless earbuds may be more appealing because it is challenging to deal with cords.

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For your feasibility, we have compiled a complete guide on the best earbuds for ASMR, so let us get towards them!

Knowledge You Must Have About The Best Earbuds For ASMR

Making the perfect choice of the best earbuds for ASMR will elevate your audio experience to an entirely new level of enjoyment. A decent pair of earbuds should be able to do several things, like blocking out background noise, converting sounds into high-quality tones, and providing you with a pleasant feeling.

To assist you in determining exactly what you’re looking for in a pair of the best asmr earbuds, we’ve put up a list of important factors to consider while making your selection.

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Device Compatibility

The first point you need to be sure of is that the earphones you choose are compatible with the device you intend to use them with. Getting an incompatible pair will cause difficult connectivity of earbuds that is not appropriate for the task at hand.

Most earbuds are compatible with a wide range of devices, but some brands, such as Apple and Samsung, function only with devices from the same brand, so it is important to double-check.

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Some brands will also provide you with an option to use their earphones with either Apple or Android devices, with their earbuds incorporating the right technology for the device. So, be careful while looking for earbuds and make sure that you purchase a set that is compatible with your phone or MP3 player.

The Quality of the Sound

Because ASMR content is recorded at extremely low decibels using asmr microphone, it is critical to ensure that the earphones you use can pick up these lower frequencies and convert them into sounds that you can hear properly.

In order to accomplish this, earbuds are equipped with a technology known as ‘Drivers,’ and generally, the larger the driver is equipped, the more the frequency it will pick up. The 8mm drivers in earbuds are noteworthy since they are exceptionally large in proportion to the size of the earpieces and will deliver great sound quality.

Others, such as Active EQTM and TriPortTM, use uniquely developed technology to produce high-quality sounds. These technologies work with the drivers to break down specific tones and send them back to you with improved clarity.


The most important factor to consider when purchasing earbuds is that they have noise-canceling capabilities, given how silent ASMR can be when experienced. It will assist you in drowning out any background noise and allowing you to appreciate the relaxing sounds that are being pumped into your ears consistently.

The design of the earbuds themselves will frequently affect how much noise they can filter out. If you wear earbuds that are snugly in your ears, you will experience a tactile noise-blocking effect.

The noise-canceling capabilities of your earphones can be improved further by incorporating specific technology and design features into them. Sound-isolating sleeves integrated inside the earcaps are one of these innovations. Besides providing a more secure seal around the ear canal’s opening, they have the potential to reduce ambient noise by up to 37dB.

Wireless versus Wired

In the end, the decision between wireless and wired earbuds will come down to a matter of preference. Each has its own advantages.

When you’re wearing wireless earphones, you’ll have a lot more flexibility of movement than when you’re not. While it’s doubtful that you’ll be listening to ASMR while on the go, they will allow you to get into a comfortable position without feeling confined by the cable or the headphones.

They do, however, require charging, and you’ll need to make sure they’re fully charged and ready to go whenever you need them. You may not access your ASMR immediately if you do not do so.

Wired headphones, particularly those with gold-plated connectors, will offer you an extremely secure connection to your device. For wired earphones, we recommend you consider the quality of the cable and its length before making your purchase.


Earbuds should be comfy, especially if you’re wearing them to relax and listen to ASMR. A variety of design aspects can count in this factor.

One such design innovation is the inclusion of a variety of earphone covers in a variety of sizes. A variety of settings allow you to find the best fit for your ears while also boosting the noise-canceling capabilities of the buds. One more beneficial feature is the StayHear+TM system, which comprises a little rubber clip that secures the connection between your earbuds and your ear canal. While you are wearing the earbuds, the tight connection protects them from falling out.

When worn, there are even earphones that sit flat against the outer ear. This allows you to sleep sideways with your head resting on a pillow, eliminating the awkward hump that we have all encountered when sleeping with earbuds in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are earphones or headphones better for ASMR?

If you want to fall asleep while listening to ASMR, we recommend investing in a nice pair of in-ear earbuds to help you sleep better. If you compare earbuds to headphones, earbuds for ASMR allow you to experience the triggers much closer to your headspace, which can sometimes increase the intensity of the ASMR effect.

Are Airpods good for listening to ASMR?

For ASMR, AirPods are a fantastic choice because they are lightweight and comfy, and they deliver startlingly good sound quality. The AirPods are excellent for listening to ASMR while in bed because they are compact and that they do not experience discomfort to your ears as you sleep.

How do I make my ASMR sound better?

Here are some suggestions for improving the ASMR sound:

  • Keep a closer distance between your mouth and the asmr microphone. Ensure that you have a pop filter or a foam windscreen installed.
  • In order to get the best results, direct the sound straight towards the diaphragm of the asmr microphone.

The following video demonstration will help you in understanding it better:

Can you do ASMR on Airpods?

Airpods are not the best headphones for recording ASMR because they are wireless. ASMR is a type of relaxation technique that uses low-frequency sounds to help the mind to rest. Compared to wired headphones, airpods provide more powerful bass sounds (low and deep tones). This means that while playing back audio, it would magnify indistinct sounds with exceptional clarity and precision.

Do you need a special mic for ASMR?

When capturing ASMR, you should always use condenser microphones rather than dynamic microphones. Condenser microphones are far more sensitive to exterior noises, which is critical in ASMR. If you have the means, XLR microphones are preferred to USB microphones.

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