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Best ASMR Microphone For iPhone – Ultimate Guide 2023

Last updated on June 28th, 2023 at 02:51 am

best asmr microphone for iphone

ASMR is a rapidly expanding niche in which many people find a receptive audience. In case you are unfamiliar with the phrase, it is an abbreviation for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It refers to a natural response from the human body that results in feelings of relaxation. The ASMR videos are designed to elicit this emotion from the audience and, as a result, to calm them.

For beginner ASMRtists, it is difficult to buy all the accessories. So, if you have an iPhone, you can buy an ASMR mic for iPhone as well.

Is It Possible To Capture ASMR On An iPhone? How To Do ASMR On Phone?

You can video ASMR on the iPhone as it has a good filming quality but you will need the best ASMR microphone for iPhone to capture the sensation. Many viewers, who prefer them over more likable tracks and channels appreciate the low-fidelity quality of these recordings. There is a sense of closeness between them that means allowing them to relax even more. Is it possible to accomplish this with a binaural microphone for iPhone? The answer is still yes, but you’ll need to invest in some peripherals and learn how to operate a digital audio workstation (DAW) properly.

The Fundamentals of ASMR – ASMR Microphone and Camera

If you wish to induce feelings of ease and relaxation in your audience, you need to construct a parallel universe in which they can lose themselves and forget about their real-life concerns, as described above. For this to occur, you must become highly proficient at dealing with the proximity effect.

Do you want to master how to make a superb audio track for your ASMR channel with your phone and a few tricks? Then keep reading. Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about it:


Plosives are words that are used to express anger or displeasure. When made with your mouth, plosives are tough to produce and generate a lot of air pressure when accomplished. It varies greatly depending on the language you speak; however, the letters P and B are frequently used.

Plosive Consonant Sounds | The Sound of English

To avoid this, you should speak somewhat outside of the microphone at certain times so that the surplus air does not immediately touch it. Look at this video, which has received nearly 700,000 views so far. You’ll notice she never speaks directly into the best ASMR microphone for iPhone at any point during the video.


If you plan to use the camera on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll need to invest in a good tripod and a good pair of headphones so that your audience can watch you doing your thing while also hearing you speak at the same time. You don’t need to buy any special headphones; make sure they have a built-in microphone before starting.

愛国的な 侮辱 明るい スマホ ミニ 三脚 おすすめ -

The Lows

A distorted sound is produced by speaking too close to your phone’s microphone, which increases the sensation of intimacy. You must discover the sweet spot when your tone, phone, and content all come together to produce the best results. Please remember that ASMR is all about relaxing, and a distorted, explosive vocal recording will not accomplish this.

iPhone Accessories for Creating ASMR Content

If you have an iPhone without a headphone jack, you may require a lightning-to USB adaptor to use it. Let’s go over them one by one:

Filmmaker Kit

A variety of filmmaker kits are available from various manufacturers and may be found at most major retail outlets across the world. They put up a tripod (or a hand-held device) with a shotgun cardioid ASMR microphone on top, which is protected by a windshield, and that they record with it.

Nikon announces D850 Filmmaker's Kit – The Dead Pixels Society

This way, you can crank up that microphone and address to the camera, and you can get it all done with just one piece of equipment. It will practically sound better than the ASMR mic on your phone.

Lavalier Microphone

The lavalier microphone is a forgotten hero among musicians since they barely ever use it, but it is beneficial in various situations, mainly when recording voices. This small piece of equipment is what you will see on presenters and public speakers all the time, and it is effective. Most people attach the clip to their tie, sweater, or shirt. They catch vocals in a very natural and warm manner and have a natural sound to them. They are equipped with a windscreen and are barely distinguishable from other vehicles. Most of the time, they capture 360 degrees of audio, making them ideal for using ASMR while the camera is pointed at you.

How To Use Lavalier Microphone?

The following video demonstration will help you in better understanding:

With Your Phone, You Can Use An Audio Interface

  • Connect your phone to an audio interface, and then connect condensers to the audio interface.
  • A TRS to TRRS adapter for Android or a TRS to lightning adapter for iPhone are all that is required in this circumstance; there is nothing complicated about it.
  • You can then plug your headphones into the headphone port on your phone and use the audio from the outputs of the audio interface to capture the video while listening to the audio.
  • You will get crystal-clear audio and high-definition photos this way.
  • Power or a USB connection with a computer is required for the audio interface to function correctly, and electricity is required for the interface to function.

How To Pick The Best Microphone For YouTube Videos With iPhone?

First and foremost, you must determine which device will be used to record your next asmr video before you can begin recording. Despite the fact that YouTube video creation provides a great deal of flexibility, you will almost always want to capture clean, clear audio in almost all instances.

Consider The Content You Want To Record

In order to select the most appropriate device, you will need to think about the type of content you will be recording. Some models are superior to others depending on the recording requirements. To record a high-quality voice-over, a condenser microphone may be the most appropriate option. Instead of a static microphone, a dynamic microphone may be more appropriate if you are trying to record live audio or loud sounds.

In the pro audio industry, there are plenty of recording products available today that can produce amazing results without massive pricing. You can always upgrade your recording equipment in the future, so even if you start out small, you will scale as your YouTube channel grows and requires higher quality.

Recording Microphones for Use in the Studio

  • Condenser
  • Lavalier
  • Shotgun
  • Systems for Wireless Microphones (WMS)

Recording Microphones for Use in the Live Sessions

  • Dynamic
  • Lavalier
  • Shotgun
  • WMS

Power & Connectivity

Power considerations should also be taken into account. However, while many of the more advanced condenser devices require external power, this can often be supplied via USB or XLR cable. WMS may make use of rechargeable battery packs, but some will require standard disposable batteries as opposed to rechargeable.

Consider Your Price Range

Everyone wants to save money while still receiving high-quality service. In the pro audio industry, there are plenty of recording products available today that can produce amazing results without massive pricing. You can always upgrade your recording equipment in the future, so even if you start out small, you will scale as your YouTube channel grows and requires higher quality.

Although it may tempt you to spend a lot on a microphone, a higher price doesn’t always equal a better recording experience. There are plenty of budget-friendly choices out there that can compete with more expensive options.

There are pros and cons to spending a lot on a microphone, including:

  • Built with higher quality
  • May deliver better performance
  • Will potentially last longer
  • Not light on the pocket
  • Have slightly upgraded features
  • Changes can cause units to obsolete

Consider Your Recording Environment

Will you be recording your videos in a studio or live? Consider if you have control over the volume level of your recording environment or will you be contending with crowds and unpredictable wind noise.

You should also think about your post-processing capabilities. Today’s digital audio workstation software makes it easy to make adjustments and fix errors in recordings, so you may have more leeway in your mic choice if you can use software to make changes.

Tips to Enhance Your Recording Environment

  • Ensure that your studio has the proper acoustic treatments to control audio reflections.
  • Scout out live recording environments ahead of time to see if there may be unwanted sound sources popping in.
  • If recording on a stage, use monitors instead of relying on amplifiers for sound reference.

The Right Type of Microphone

There are the following types of microphones through which you have to pick the best microphone for YouTube videos with iPhone:


This type of mic is considered best for recording vocal detail in quiet environments.


It is great for recording loud sounds in noisy environments.


This asmr mic is good for recording on-camera talent, offers freedom to move around.

Portable Digital Audio Recorders

This type of microphone is useful when recording on the go or for interviews in the field.


These are perfect for recording on-camera talent and audio sources that are facing the camera at all times.

Wireless Microphone Systems (WMS)

This is an excellent mic type when recording multiple audio sources that are moving or that are a reasonable distance from your camera.

What is the best microphone for YouTube videos with iPhone?

Considering the above factors, the best microphone for YouTube videos with iPhone is Rhodes iPhone mic i.e., SmartLav+ Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone.

Bottom Line

ASMR is a developing trend that has not yet reached its full potential. Time to board before it becomes too crowded on the boat is at your fingertips right now. It is your heart, soul, creativity, and emotion that will shine through in your content if you put your all into it. Inspiration and creativity will outperform any piece of equipment, which is the secret weapon at your disposal.

Tap into this trend by creating ASMR videos on platforms like YouTube or Patreon, earning through ad revenue and subscriber support. Additionally, consider the long-term benefits of a savings account: financial security, interest growth, emergency funds, and a stepping stone to future investments.

Start with what you have; if things go well, there will be time to purchase equipment and create state-of-the-art videos. Just buy the best ASMR microphone, and you are ready to go even with your mobile phone.

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