Yonex Arcsaber 001- Best Badminton Racket

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Key Features

  • Flexible racket
  • The frame is made of graphite
  • Has nanoair spring
  • Weighs 3U
  • Offers G4 grip

Arcsaber 001 is the best badminton racket, however very cheap regarding cost. It is an incredible product for amateurs in view of excellent quality for significantly less money. We should examine its specialized subtleties now. Arcsaber 001’s weight goes under the 3U evaluation, having a weight of very nearly 88 grams. The holding size is G4, an extraordinary grasp that we see even on the costly Yonex Rackets. Arcsaber 001 flaunts a huge sweet spot because of its isometric shape.

Yonex was supposed to be the “Apple” of the rackets’ market. Be that as it may, this one-piece from them has made it wrong. Yonex Arcsaber 001 is a pocket-friendly badminton racket exceptionally intended for fledglings. Indeed, even middle players can likewise utilize this. It may not be appropriate for cutting edge players, yet an incredible piece to have in your pack! It is made of graphite with a NanoAir spring and a graphite shaft. The shaft is adaptable and gives the plentiful capacity to the hits, anyway not very great. This racket is best for defensive styled players who need to improve their game.

Yonex Arcsaber 001 is a model from the 2014 Yonex editions, yet it actually beats most rackets with its excellent execution. This racket can not be contrasted with the highest level ones clearly, yet it actually is supposed to be unparalleled in this classification. It is extraordinary compared to other badminton rackets for under $100.


  • Comfortable and easy grip
  • Cheap in price
  • Offers huge sweet spot
  • Compatible for defensive players
  • Excellent performance


  • Not good for expert players

Customers’ Reviews Over The best Badminton Racket

These are extraordinary rackets. I got some of these to supplant some true poor ones that came as a feature of a set. These play truly well. It offers fantastic control and great force. These rackets are ideal for the learner to the beginner players. The cover gave does not totally cover the racket. Yet, an excellent and lightweight racket. This is useful for moderate players.



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