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Getting help from a companion is admiring!

We provide you a platform to publish your high-quality content on our website. If you are willing to accord your two cents, let us know. We warmly welcome you to write quality content for us.

What will you get in return?

If you write for us, you will get a backlink in return for your page or site.

If you have decided to submit an article, there are some principles you need to know.

So, here we go;

  • Your write-up must possess the main body, an informative introduction, and a helpful conclusion.
  • Headings are subheadings are highly appreciated.
  • Word count must be more than 100 words and make sure the quality and consistency of the article.

How to make the content impactful?

  • Add an informative guide or a video tutorial.
  • A writeup with audios and videos is more impactful rather than thorough wording.
  • Give the sources you extracted the information from.

Integrals of an article

  • Free of plagiarism
  • No grammar mistakes
  • Proper sentence structure
  • Make proper headings and subheadings
  • Add images and tutorials
  • Write SEO-friendly content

How can you increase the chances of getting your writing approved?

We always prefer quality over quantity and if you want to increase the chances for getting your content approved, follow the below guidelines:

  • Link your article to the post and also add relevancy in the content to the post.
  • Submission of an article in standard .html format is preferred. You can also a docs file.
  • Added images must have standard height and width.
  • Use understandable vocabulary in the article.
  • Tips that will lead you towards approval
  • Use authentic and natural links.
  • Your content must be plagiarism-free.
  • Readability and engagement must have a good score.
  • SEO-friendly content is highly appreciated.

What you must not be mistaken?

You must know that submitting a write-up does not tell us that it is going to be published on our site. We ensure first that if the article is authentic and up to our requirements or not. Our purpose is to benefit our audience so the relevancy matters a lot to us.

Have you done writing for us?

If you have written an article for us, email us at admin@usercompared.com