Worldwide, the Finest and Worst Transportation

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When traveling, transportation is mostly only a means of getting from one place to another, but sometimes the trip may be an experience in and of itself. 

The transportation choices from point A to point B may vary from fantastic rail rides to opulent first-class flights. 

Third-class local trains are standard in certain nations, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sometimes use your credit card to enjoy the more abundant means of transportation available.

To emphasize the disparities, we have examined some of the world’s finest and worst forms of transportation.


Thailand’s Third-class Railway Cabins:

Thai trains are infamous for being late and moving slowly. 

If you decide to save money and purchase a third-class ticket, you will share hard seats with cockroaches, even on long trips, since the average train speed in Thailand is approximately 40 km/h. 

There may not always be windows in the third-class trains, but this does assist with the absence of air conditioning.

Overnight Buses in Vietnam:

Overnight buses in Vietnam are not for the faint of heart, with three rows of bunk-bed type seats cramming as many passengers onto one vehicle as possible with floor space being taken up by sleeping people. 

  • Vietnamese sleeper buses may be pretty unpleasant, mainly if you have long legs, which is why many backpackers pick this inexpensive way of transportation to go across Vietnam. 
  • However, a night on a bus equals one less accommodation to pay for. 
  • If you’re a light sleeper, you won’t get much rest because of horn-happy cars. 
  • Additionally, they are never on time. What fun!
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In the Philippines, Jeepneys

Jeepneys are a distinctive kind of public transportation in the Philippines. These bizarre contraptions were first built out of WWII-era US military jeeps. 

The cramped, uncomfortable surroundings aren’t made up for by the quirky design, but that’s all part of the experience, right? 

However, they are only some of the most secure modes of transportation since they lack seatbelts and often have shoddy drivers and worn-out mechanicals.

Bali Bemos

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It is a fantastic method to travel authentically since these shuttle services are conducted by minivans that are utilized for public transportation. 

  • The negative is that there is no timetable, so don’t expect to know when you’ll arrive. 
  • It may also be crowded and hot without air conditioning, and the driver usually departs when the bus is fully loaded.
  •  The fact that many rural sellers use bemos to go from farm to market further raises the possibility that cattle may share your seat.


Luxury trains

Image courtesy of jetsetmag

The Belmond Andean Explorer, South America’s first luxury sleeper train, ferries passengers across Peru in the utmost comfort. 

The train has two dining cars, a tranquil spa, an Old World piano bar, individual sleeping carriages, and even a circular outside deck.

This train, named the world’s leading luxury train for six years running, is akin to a castle on wheels, complete with two themed fine dining establishments and an opulent Presidential Suite. Good!

Uber X Choppers 

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Uber has been known to let users book a helicopter trip using its app in Dubai and Las Vegas. 

  • Why not transition the business from a premium black vehicle booking app to a helicopter shuttle service for the affluent and famous? 
  • Of course, taking a helicopter flight is more for entertainment than transportation. 
  • They take off from the Atlantis The Palm’s helipad in Dubai.

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Luxury Yachts

  • A mega boat shouts “luxury” louder than anything else. The affluent and famous adore it for a reason. 
  • Dolce & Gabbana and Cavalli are two examples of fashion houses with outrageously pricey boats. 
  • Roman Abramovich’s 563-foot-long, $1.55 billion yacht, which boasts two helipads and two swimming pools in addition to its onboard nightclub, is one of the craziest. 
  • Even if you aren’t invited to famous people’s ocean parties, you may rent Richard Branson’s catamaran for a cool $100,000 per week.
Image courtesy of fraseryachts

Traveling with Emirates in First class

Everybody who yearns for a bit of luxury in the air covets the Emirates’ First-Class experience, which has earned them accolades as the most excellent airline in the world. 

The Emirates A380 boasts flatbed seats, an onboard bar, and even a shower for First Class passengers. 

You may drink Champagne when you arrive, and the cuisine is so upscale that you nearly forget you’re on an aircraft. Simple travel objectives!

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Opulent Cruises

132-Night World Cruise Sells Out in Under Three Hours
Image courtesy of cruisehive

Although not everyone enjoys cruising, it may become a way of life for those who do. 

The Seven Seas Explorer, one of the most opulent cruise ships, features balconies that are bigger than most, is decorated with granite and marble and has about 500 chandeliers made of Czech crystal and glass hanging from the roof of the ship.

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