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WILSON 305-38– Best CB Antenna For 18 Wheeler


  • Power rating: 300 watts
  • Material: Plastic
  • Bandwidth (MHz): 30
  • Antenna Length: 36-inch
  • Type: Magnet stud
  • Cable: RG58\AU
  • Coil: 14 gauge copper wire
  • Weight: 2 lbs

You cannot go wrong with Wilson Antenna!

It is very well said as the quality and performance it offers is not like other alternatives that are available in the market, whether expensive or cheaper. Wilson 305 – 38 has a bandwidth frequency of 30 MHz and a power rating of 300 watts, which makes it work in any kind of environment without causing any problem. Talking about the design and construction, this antenna is has a heavy-duty coil that is made of 14 gauge copper wire. Keeping the use of the antenna, Wilson makes sure to offer competitive products that can withstand adverse situations flawlessly. This base CB antenna is made of 17 – 7 PH stainless steel that adds to the durability and long life of the antenna. 

The design and working of this antenna make sure to cater to people of all kinds from all occupations. From personal home use to professional working, this CB base antenna comes as a rescue. Mount this heavy-duty device on your personal vehicle or on trucks leaving the rest to the device. No matter what kind of weather conditions you have to face. From heavy wind to rainy days it gets through gracefully. 

Last but not the least, understanding how much you are willing to spend on your antenna plays an important role in choosing the right product. A bigger price tag is not what makes an antenna the best, but the key features it comes with. 

Wrapping it all up, from a power source to size, design, technical bits, durability, budget, and attachment, this product is not going to disappoint you in any way. 


  • Low loss coil design offers maximum clarity
  • Compact design yet strong and powerful.
  • Its large 10-ounce magnet ensures secure attachment to the vehicle.


  • Some people face an issue with tuning at lower than 1.8.1 on CB channels 40 and 1.

Customer review for the best CB Antenna for 18 wheeler

No matter what the company claims, customer reviews are what you need to look for in order to make sure if the product you are getting offers what it claims. 

Here’s what real-time users have to say about Wilson Antenna;

“This antenna works way better than what you expect at such a price. I highly recommend this product to everyone who is in search of their perfect match. Once calibration is over, this antenna provides the best listening experience across other states.”

“This product is just amazing. Believe it or not, I am amazed at the quality it offers. Talking 5 miles on a 4-watt radio is not less than a task itself if you do not have this powerful antenna. Besides the performance, its mag mount is far beyond expectations. Can you say, I got my mini-van run through a car wash and it held in place like anything.”

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