Aluminum Generator Box for Intact Storage & Security

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Housing your portable generator in an Aluminum Generator Box will help in maintaining the equipment for a much longer time. As the aluminium construction is durable, easily customizable, and tolerant to the harshness of the climate, it seems like a reasonable investment. The box features a robust locking system that makes the items supremely secured.  

Benefits of Using Aluminum Generator Box

Here, we have enlisted the essentials of using an aluminium toolbox for sheltering the portable generator;

  • Protection from Weather Conditions
  • Keeping the Operating Sound (Noise) Inside
  • Securing the Equipment Inside
  • Customizable Storage
  • Keeping Wildlife Away
  • No Corrosion
  • Providing More Storage
  • Aesthetics for the Machinery
  • Perfect for Every Climate

Each of them is explained under as;

Protection from Weather Conditions

As the generator box uses high-grade aluminium—they are potentially welded, increasing the guard against the weather conditions. Whether it is pouring rain or snow, the aluminium generator box is tolerant to climatic particulates. Thus, protecting the inner stored items dry, and in real condition. The box is likewise dust and grime resistant that makes the cleaning much easier and quicker. As they have;

  • Curved dust/water rubber seal
  • Fully seam weld
  • Full-length stainless steel piano hinge
  • Up to 4 mm checker plate aluminium  

Keeping the Operating Sound (Noise) Inside

A diesel/patrol generator produces that much noise to make sure one gets the constant headache—as the generator box consists of high-grade aluminum plates that are full seam welded, this suppresses the noise of the operating generator. The covered rubber seals add more potential to this feature, thus keeping your neighborhood calm. Thus;

  •         It muffles the sound within—55 dB

As the constant noise of above 80 is harmful to hearing capacity and an uncovered generator throws more noise than that—therefore, keeping it in an aluminum box will be much relieving.

Securing the Equipment Inside

Any equipment being unsecured always remains a cause of restlessness—with the aluminum tool boxes for caravans, items inside it remain safe. The aluminium generator box comes with an integrated T-lock that ensures security against burglars.

Customizable Storage with Aluminum Generator Box

There is a certain size range of the generators, the larger will require larger storage—the generator boxes for caravans are customizable according to the size required by the owner. Fitting in the generator dimensionally to the box helps in keeping it firm during the journey.

The ratio for portable generators;

Portable Generator Size

Dimensions (L X W X H) of the Box (inner side)
200 Watts6 X 10 X 8 inches
300 Watts11 X 6 X 9 inches
500-600 Watts

12 X 8 X 9 inches

The ratio for larger standby generators;

Generator SizeDimensions (L X W X H) of the Customized Case
48 kW17.5’ X 7’ X 8’
75 kW17.5’ X 7’ X 8’
125 kW18.5’ X 8’ X 9’
225 kW18.5’ X 8’ X 10’

Note: The described ratios are according to the standard sized generators of relevant capacity—depending on the manufacturers, the dimensions may differ.

The aluminum boxes are not limited to the enclosure of generators, the same construct is for Ute dog cages, aluminum toolboxes perth and under tray tool boxes.

Keeping Wildlife Away

A portable generator is especially important in rural areas, as there is mostly no potential source of live electricity;

  • Animals like squirrels, rodents, etc. gnaw the wires ultimately causing the power outage.
  • Nesting birds and wasps on the generator might cause fire hazards.

The aluminium case for generators keeps these animals away from the sensitive parts.

No Corrosion

The high-grade construct of generator toolboxes is tolerant to corrosion. Most of the time, mist particles get inside the corners and stay there, causing rust and corrosion to the body. On the other hand, these boxes have curved water/dust rubber seals that keep off the moisture. 

Providing More Storage

The aluminum is highly versatile thus the box is customizable to every extent. There are two storage advantages that a custom aluminum box usually provides;

  • The space is accordingly added to the apparent size of the generator
  • They free up space in your outdoor store, shed or garage.

Additional cabinets or drawers can be ordered with the generator box to store smaller tools like wrench, bolts, drivers etc.

Aesthetics for the Machinery

A machine standing in the open can be unsightly to the view. The generator box is elegantly finished with refined coating providing improvement in the view and blends with the surrounding.

Perfect for Every Climate

A generator gets heated up when being operational, different weather conditions have different effects on efficiency. are;

Hot Climate

In the most arid or hot weather conditions, the generator may get excessively hot—putting the generator in a cover will help sustain the temperature likewise. 

Cold Climate

The extreme cold weather conditions might cause the fluid to freeze—whilst the unit is in operation, the heat is lost to the outer environment, keeping the generator in the aluminum box is likewise apprehensible.

Near to Ocean

The machinery near to the ocean gets damaged mostly because of the corrosion that comes with the saltwater spray and attendant humidity—the aluminium case is tolerant to the rust, thus peace in that environment as well.

How to Maintain Your Aluminum Generator Box?

In order to make sure the aluminum tool box stays in good shape; a cleaning procedure is reprehensible. Thus, there are different methods one can adhere;

Using Dish Soap

Using dish soap is one of the most traditional ways—to that properly;

  • Pour in hot water
  • Mix it with dish wash soap.
  • Stir the water.
  • Pour the water over the aluminum box.
  • Now, use a non-lint soft fabric to wipe the surface.
  • Remove all the grease.
  • Dry the surface and you are good to go.

Phosphoric Acid

As if you have cleaned the surface with dish wash soap, make sure to dry it well, before using phosphoric acid. For the procedure;

  • Get some phosphoric acid, nylon pads, and polish (for metals).
  • Wear gloves, masks, and eye protective glasses.
  • Take the phosphoric acid compound to treads, leave it until residue dries.
  • Spray with water.
  • Wipe it with fabric to make sure it gets dry.
  • Apply the metal polish.
  • Wipe the polish effectively—your aluminum is shining.


Removing stubborn grime deposits over the surface and from the corners can be done with using the vinegar. As the method is;

  • Get white vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Spray the surface simultaneously and dry with a non-lint fabric.
  • You can also toothbrush for the hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • For the shining texture, after drying the vinegar, use a coat of wax.  

Coca Cola

This may sound a myth, but coca-cola is potentially effective in removing stains and dirt deposits. Grab some cans of coca-cola and;

  • Take a whole can of coca-cola and pour it over the aluminum generator box.
  • Make sure the coca-cola gets even, use a paper towel for the purpose.
  • Leave the structure for a few minutes.
  • Now, wipe off the surface with a scrub brush.
  • Rinse the surface thoroughly with plain water.
  • Wipe with the non-lint fabric and apply a coat of wax for sheen.

Note; make sure you empty the box before getting it into the cleaning process—use a preferred amount of phosphoric acid, vinegar, too much for excessive time can affect inversely.

How to Remove Oxidized Aluminum?

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