Why Americans do and DON’T want Trump?

You may have heard about Donald Trump’s plans to depart the U.S. Though he won’t leave America, America still wants him. 

Donald Trump has been the 45th president of the United States for a little more than a year.

This year has been exciting. He has done well as president by lowering taxes and regulations, appointing conservative judges, and growing the economy. 

This helped him win Republicans and independents. His presidency has been difficult.

Russian involvement, Stormy Daniels, and his dysfunctional government have plagued him. Despite his poor approval rating, he wants the Constitution overturned to modify the 2020 election. 


Trump’s Impact on US:

Trump’s presidency will have far-reaching effects. But one thing is sure he’ll stay. He remains in the White House despite protests, petitions, and calls for his ouster. 

He must be voted out, and many Americans struggle to accept this. 

The Electoral College helped Trump win the election despite a significant widespread vote loss, and he’ll stay for four more years unless something changes. 

Despite Trump’s dismal month, he still has many supporters. He is significant to many Americans even if he loses the Republican primaries and his political career.

These backers will shape America’s future. 

Most Republicans would vote for him again in 2024, according to recent polls, and that might win him the nomination and allow him to run for president again.

Trump’s followers will also change the Republican Party’s agenda. They may replace Republicanism with a “Trumpian” version of conservatism. His candidate could forever alter American politics.

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Current US Administration:

Donald Trump’s ongoing saga in the United States began when his candidature was announced, and Republican members who supported him tried to avoid Capitol Hill reporters. 

After polls showed, DeSantis would beat him in a hypothetical primary. 

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, issued a brief statement about distancing herself from candidature. 

He has been the Republican Party’s guiding light for the past six years. “Election denial” has defined Trump’s politics for two years. 

A third of Americans:

According to a recent polling a third of Americans, including 61% of Republicans, believe that the election of 2020 was stolen from Trump. 

In a recent poll, 95% of Republican voters and 78% of Republicans said they would vote for Him. 

People still like Trump, even through two impeachments, several criminals, and civil investigations. He initiated the Capitol revolt on January 6, 2021, by his lie about election fraud.

Trump’s loss against DeSantis had head-to-head races in many states. It shows that he can’t win with his core followers. 

According to a recent poll, most Republicans are weary of his scandals and opportunism. But they conflicted between two or more plausible options.

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Closing in:

DeSantis has yet to declare a 2024 presidential run despite growing national support and the party’s blessings. 

We need to find out how many candidates or which parties will support them. 

As an ex-president, he saved $100 million for his campaign in five years. His political action committee will fund his campaign, but it will be complex.


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