Which Electric Car Offers the Best Range per Dollar?

Last updated on March 5th, 2023 at 11:46 pm

When considering the acquisition of an electric car, the price of the vehicle and the distance it is capable of traveling are two of the most crucial aspects to consider.

And even though the size of one’s wallet could finally be the deciding factor for some people, the issue of how much one gets for their money is the most important consideration for others.

As a result, The Driven has put up a comprehensive analysis that will assist you in determining which electric car will provide you with the most driving Range for the least amount of money.

Notably, the electric cars (EVs) that come out on top of the list sometimes have the most miniature batteries or the shortest Range. 

Based on a straight list price, which is then divided by the WLTP driving range of the car, a driver may pay as little as $112 per kilometer of driving range.  This estimate is based on WLTP ratings. 

But, if you look at automobiles valued at less than $80,000, you may pay as much as $327 on registration costs. It is the case even if you live in a free-registered state.

The WLTP standard, the range rating legally recognized in Europe, is very optimistic, and the testing done in the laboratory is only doable under the safest possible driving circumstances. 

This caveat is important because it is important to note that the WLTP standard is legally recognized in Europe.

The BYD Atto 3 has the lowest beginning price on the list, coming in at number one with a starting price of $44,381 before on-road expenses are included. 

Yet, even though the Atto 3 Standard Range is now the electric vehicle (EV) in Australia with the lowest price tag, the Atto 3 Extended Range, which has a price tag of $47,381, provides the most value for the money in terms of dollars per kilometer.

The BYD Atto 3 Extended has a starting price of $47,381 and an estimated driving range of 420 kilometers.

Image courtesy of Driven

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This pricing does not include the additional costs associated with driving on public roads. The battery packs a whopping 63.8 kWh worth of power. 

It suggests that there is a one-kilometer gain in potential driving range for every extra 113 dollars that are spent.

When compared to one another in terms of the amount of driving range they provide for the price, the following three electric cars are only separated by a few cents.

The Hyundai Kona EV has managed to move up one rank, taking the number two position. 

2023 Kona Electric SUV | All-Electric SUV | Hyundai USA
Image courtesy of Hyundai

It has a driving range of 484 kilometers and, more importantly, anecdotally routinely reaches over this, based on what we hear from readers. 

The vehicle’s base price is $60,900, and it may be purchased. Our calculations indicate that the 64kWh Kona Electric incurs a cost of 125.83 dollars for each kilometer of the WLTP Range that it travels. 

The WLTP Range was used to compile this information on the car. In our top ten list, the position held by the Tesla Model 3 Long Range is the third. 

Our calculations suggest that this model has a range of one kilometer and costs 126.58 dollars.

Tesla has invested significant time and money into reducing the costs of manufacturing its electric car to compete with other automakers. 

In addition, Tesla has assured that its minimalist approach also offers thrifty energy consumption by guaranteeing that it utilizes as few resources as possible. 

2023 Tesla Model 3 Review, Pricing, and Specs
Image courtesy of carnddriver

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It was done to ensure that it needs as little energy as possible. It continues to be the most fuel-efficient rear-wheel drive electric car that can be purchased today.

The battery capacity of the Model 3 Long Range is 82 kWh, and its energy consumption rate is 124 Wh/km. At this time, it begins at $76,200, not including on-road costs. 

It is crucial to note that some testing indicates that the Model 3 can attain an energy efficiency of as low as 119Wh/km under particularly conservative driving scenarios like stop-and-go traffic.

The Polestar Long Range comes in at number four on our list. Its 78 kWh battery allows it to go 540 kilometers between charges, earning it this position (WLTP). 

Image courtesy of evdatabase

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This model now has a starting price of $68,400 before on-road costs, and it provides consumers with a driving range of one kilometer for an additional cost of $126.67.

Feel free to refer to the list anytime you need to since it has been provided for your convenience below for your viewing. 

Only vehicles whose prices are known to the general public to be lower than $80,000 have been included on this list.

In the not-too-distant future, additional electric cars that deliver an equal amount of “bang for the buck” may become available for purchase in Australia.





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