A comprehensive and detailed guide on the gears and equipment every hunting lover should have in their packs before going out for hunting.

When you are out there in the woods, striving on your own and waiting for the game for long days and nights, there are many essentials that you must have, without which, not only the target can be missed, but also your survival can become very difficult.

Before you rush to hunt for deer, take a few minutes to ensure that you have the necessary items packed in your hunting bag, so when you are in a dire situation, you have everything you need to have a successful hunt. The items that every hunting lover should have in their backpacks are listed below.

  1. Water:

One of the most essential things whether you go for hunting or just any outdoor trip. When you are sitting in the woods, waiting for the game to come, not sure when will that be, it is essential that you have water to survive.

Throw in many bottles of water in your bag, or put a platypus collapsible in the bottom of your bag which will be useful as a backup. You might be able to find any lake or pond near the place where you intend to wait for the prey but don’t rely on it surely because this is not always the case. So the best course of action is to come prepared and take the most important thing for your survival with you.

  1. Rain gear:

There is no assurance as to whether there will be wet or dry condition when you go for hunting, and to reduce the risk of hypothermia, it is necessary to get a good quality rain gear. Whether you go for hunting in a place which is promising to be dry or either you are hunting in a snowy mountainside, packing a hunting gear is very important to stay dry avoid that moisture which can ruin the experience of your hunt.

You might not how long you will be out hunting and there can be a risk of constant rain for days, so the best course of action is to get a rain gear of such materials which will actually resist against such heavy amount of water.

  1. Spotting scopes:

These are also very important hunting gears which will help you a great deal in low light situations. These hunting scopes are actually a kind of binoculars with high optical power that will let you shoot accurately.

Any good hunter knows that to have missed a mark while hunting can result in the warned animal which will instantly run away, meaning your hard work of days will be wasted. To have a good shot, be sure to pack a good spotting scope. There are some spotting scopes that also help in the dead darkness of night to get an accurate shot.

  1. Hunting clothes:

Hunting clothes are designed for distinct purpose to wear them during the hunting period. While you may want to leave the house in your normal clothing, packing your hunting clothes is very important as you will want to change into them once you arrive at your destination.

Hunting clothes are often design in a black or camouflage print so that you can hide yourself better against the woods and wild plants so that the approaching game doesn’t get alerted. These clothes are also made to provide comfort and easy moving during long hours of wait. Not only that, but these outfits also help reduce the risk of any insect bite or plant thorns.

  1. Lights with batteries:

There are many hunting situations when you will want to have a light. Having lights for hunting isn’t only necessary for wild hunting, but when you are going fish hunting, there is a necessity to pack big bow hunting lights to get better view of the fishes in the water.

While going for deer hunting, having small torches is more than enough, as they will help you to see in darkness. There can be a lot of situations where you might feel that you are not safe or that the game is somewhere near you, in which case, having a torch light will help you to see in all directions. With these small lights, you can place them on hard hats or put them in your mouth and point your bow and arrow toward the upcoming animal.

Be sure to pack extra batteries, as the waiting can be prolonged and the old batteries can wear out. You can also use head lamps for hunting.

  1. Knife:

Just like it is important for any crafts man to have his tools by his side, it is also important for a hunter to have a knife which has a sharp blade. A sharp knife can come in handy when the game is near and you have run out of shots of a gun or arrows for a bow. And even after you have completed your hunt, a sharp knife will be very useful.

  1. Gloves:

Gloves are very important when field dressing your hunt. There can be a risk or any bacteria or parasites, and to ensure that you don’t get yourself in any unwanted skin infection or any other unlucky situation, wearing gloves can be very important.

Moreover, if you wear rubber gloves, you will be pleased to realize that they ensure a good grip on your arrows or gun and allow you to make your mark without having slippery hands.

  1. Lighters:

Having a lighter in your bag pack can be very important as there might be many situations in which you can need it. You will need a lighter to start a fire, as match sticks can succumb to moisture if there is any rain.

So it is a good idea to pack a lighter in your bag, as you will need it to start a fire whether for camping or for cooking.

  1. First aid kit:

Having a first aid kit in your backpack is like taking a doctor with you on hunting. Whether you get bitten by an insect, get any physical pain while laying at odd angles while waiting for the game, or cut yourself during the dressing or cooking of the meat, you will be glad that you decided to take the first aid kit with you.

You don’t need to put a whole medical box in your pack, as it will take a large space. Just put some Band-Aids, anti-bacterial creams, anti-itch creams, some pain killers and hand sanitizers in your pack.

  1. Mosquito repellant:

You can never eliminate the risk of mosquitos present in the woods where you have decided to hunt. You will need to have a mosquito repellant lotion handy so that you can be free from the risk of malaria or dengue.

  1. Food/ Snacks:

Hiking all day can make you very hungry, not to mention the wait of days and the possibility that there might not be any source of food available, requires you to pack food for your hunting vacations.

Many hunters like to pack nuts and protein bars to get their healthy calories while going on hunting. Other hunters take canned food which can be cooked on heat or eaten as it is, like beans.

No matter which type of food you like to take on with you while going on hunting, but be sure to pack something. Consider the days you will be out waiting for the prey, so that you don’t starve yourself while waiting which can also reduce your energy, making it impossible to skin the meat even if you are successful in hunting it on an empty stomach.

  1. Hunting license:

A hunting license is one of the few documents that are most important when you are going for hunting. You might be asked to show it while entering the location where you are hunting your game. As there are many restrictions on hunting now put in place, and authorities take in anyone who would hunt endangered species, it is a good idea to pack your hunting license with you.

Wrap the hunting license in a plastic sheet or bag to protect it from getting wet from any spilled water inside your bag or from rain.

  1. Sanitary items:

You will also need to have toilet papers and tissue papers packed in your hunting bag. They are most important with empty plastic bottles that you might use to relieve your bladder. Pack these tissue papers in sealed packs so they don’t get soaked in case of a rain.

So these are the most important things that any hunter needs to have in their hunting bags. Remember that there can be many situations which can make it hard for you to survive out there in the woods and to have these small but essential gears will be extremely useful when you are having extreme situations.



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