What to pack for a [ 3 day, 5 day or Weekend ] Trip !

What to pack for a 5 Day Trip? Follow this quick checklist or download and print out the pdf for later

3 Day 5 day weekend trip checklist

What to wear?

1. Clothes

No more than 3 to 4 outfits. First and foremost, only think about the Clothes you ACTUALLY going to wear on a short trip. We know that you want lots of selfies, you want that perfect pout in yellow fellow but don’t pack your whole wardrobe.

Just the clothes that are comfortable and casual.

2. Comfortable Shoes

Hiking Shoes or Walking Shoes? You definitely have got some idea of kind of terrains out there. So choose comfortable walking shoes

If you are going on a beachside, hiking or go kayaking, you might wanna consider water shoes.

So remember to choose from:

  • Hiking Shoes
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • water shoes

3. Rain Jacket

Got a Simple Jacket? Preferably buy a Rain jacket. If you can find a rain jacket within your desired style, don’t think twice.

4. Basic-wear

An essential part of the packing list is to add underwear and bras. Socks?

5. Pajamas

Keep an extra because whether its 3 day or 5 day, let’s get comfortable.

6. Bathing Suit

Know it before travelling. If you are living on a budget, you might wanna consider carrying your own bathing suit.

What to carry?

7. Sunglasses

or Sport sunglasses if you are into water sports.

8. Purse/Wallet

in easy accessible pocket.

9. Chargers

Whether it’s your mobile or Mac/ laptop. Don’t forget their chargers.

10. Power Bank

Since the digital age runs on insta and tiktok, we would recommend that each person carry his/her own power bank.

11. Headphones

Hmm, how can you forget that?

12. Camera (DSLR)

Only if you really think you are going to make use of it. Otherwise that drone you got in your back pack or your phone cameras do much better jobs FOR BEGINNERS.

13. Car/House Keys

Feel Free to handover your house keys to Grandma next door .

Personal Hygiene

Packing list is incomplete without packing these things.

14. Shampoo

A quick packing tip though, when moving out to connect with Nature. Try to get to basics and leave all the huff and fluff. If you can survive without conditioners, shampoos, that baby cream etc do that.

15. Hair Brush/Comb

In case you meet your crush Tom Cruise or Elon Musk, who knows.

16. Tooth Brush/paste

These are kind of necessities so nothing against them. Keep them close to your primary packing list.

17. Face Wash

Or body wash if you have sensitive skin otherwise you can lend it, connect with other people etc.

18. Plastic Bags

These come in really handy once you are on the trip. Trust me on this.

19. Medics

Keep a few important medics with you while you travel. Medicines related to stomach, cough and flu etc

Road Trip Essentials

For Enthusiastic Traveleres these are the few road trip essentials you would need alongside the above list.

  • License and Car Registration Documents
  • Car Charger
  • Bluetooth Adapter (if you got old truck)
  • Spare Tire
  • Flash light
  • Cellphone Mount
  • Umbrella
  • Blanket and Pillow
  • Cookware and Mini Fridge
  • USB Heater if Traveling to cold places

Travel Tips

Whether it’s a road trip or a Trip to national park for camping, These are few packing Tips you might always find helpful.

  1. Checked Luggage? Everything there?
  2. Cold Weather, Dry Season or Rainy season?
  3. Is AID kit there? like bandage and basic meds
  4. Toiletry, plastic bag?
  5. Necessary Cookies?
  6. Dress Shoes if you have space (optional)


So you have checked bag, not missing the essential Item and ready to go. Traveling abroad or just a weekend trip camping outside the city, make sure to take the most important asset. Be Kind, reach out to people who may not find this list and try to live on basics. Forget the luxuries. That’s all in a packing list for a 5 day trip Have a blast!

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