What Should I Upgrade on my Pc for Gaming?

For all the game freaks out there do you know what things matter the most in your pc if you are thinking to upgrade it for gaming? Let us see together the main know how’s of the components which add up all together for ultimate gaming performance.

First off, to upgrade your pc for gaming consider its casing size. Which is the main unit which will be storing all of your new components and hardware upgrades. The case sizing will depend on how large and complicated you want to go for your gaming pc.

Also, what matters here is the desk size which your gaming pc can accommodate so keep that in mind as well when deciding case size. After that comes the main components which will affect your gaming performance and speed the most.

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First of you would need to upgrade and decide on what CPU power you need to upgrade to. One of the most major first steps for gaming PC’s upgrade is the CPU. Ideally, choose a CPU whose processor supports more clock frequency and gigahertz. The latter determines how far the processor is able to perform.

As a friendly tip do not think of upgrading any less than an octa-core processor at least. Since for gaming, your PC would welcome as much fast a processor as possible for a great experience.  

Secondly, you should focus on getting your pc a much faster RAM. A high-speed ram generally around 16-32 GBs for gamers is enough to run high graphics games without any lags. A higher RAM guarantees a higher lag-free experience for gaming its as simple as that.

More on, you should consider replacing your old hard drive for a much faster and efficient SSD. It is one of the most significant things to boost up your gaming PC’s performance next to ram. The SSD overall helps to improve the system’s performance while significantly increasing multi-tasking speeds as well.

The next thing to upgrade on your pc for gaming is the graphic card. Since you want to enjoy high performance and high graphics gaming, this would only be possible under a top-notch graphics card which easily supports extreme graphics.

Last but not the least, while you are it one thing should also be considered for smooth gaming performance. Which is consider upgrading your CPU cooling mechanism.

 As gaming involves high graphics and intensive multi-tasking where both the graphics card, ram, and SSD work at their max selves to deliver you an immersive and smooth experience. During this operation components easily get heat up and sometimes get extremely hot which may affect performance.

So as a countermeasure to the above heating problem and to improve overall gaming performance. A cooling system would be a great addition and upgrade to your pc for gaming so you get a constant, smooth, and safe experience.

That’s all for our guide on what to upgrade on my pc for gaming.



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