What Materials are Recommended for Heavy Duty Swing Sets?

The joy of swinging on the swing set is appealing to a sum of persons—now, in order to make sure you watch the kids calmly, knowing that there is not any probability for the incident, they are safe while playing on the swing set, is just soothing. Thus, as for safety, the material that composes the set plays a keen role in it. The feet (base) of the set, upper holding structure, the chain or hanging material, the seating, all must be considered at better quality and safety.

Different Structures for the Swing Set

The variation in structures for the swing sets gives in the detrimental difference in prices, robustness, compactness, aesthetics, and likewise the safety. The durability and convenience of installation are also affected by the sort of structure one is using for the swing set. The list for the different categories of structure starts from the most recommended while moving to least recommended mannerly;

Vinyl Swing Sets (Rubber Mulch)

The vinyl swing sets are better known as vinyl mulch or rubber mulch—in the safest category for a swing set, many owners and manufacturing companies have acclaimed it to be the safest. The pros of using vinyl mulch swing sets are;

  • Superior Fall Protection

The safety of the kids is one of the main concerns of the parents, and this structure provides superior fall protection. The vinyl mulch under the swing set is much soft and shock absorbent—in case, if any kids slip over the swing or playset and fall off over the vinyl mulch, there would be no damage at all. It gives protection from a height of up to 12 feet.

  • No Splinters

In the wooden swing sets, the common err spotted is that of splinters. The children usually get a splinter on the hands while playing over the playset. The vinyl mulch swing sets don’t cause that—the best heavy duty swing sets for adults with vinyl mulch help one being protected from the splinters.

  • No Mold

The mold is another particular issue for the swing sets. The growth is usually boosted when the moisture comes & stays in, also when the condition of the swing set is worn out. The growth is usually in the corners and crooks. The vinyl mulch is totally tolerant to rot and mold—they are safe and don’t allow a single inch of growth in them.

  • No Need of Replacement

Another upside of the vinyl munch swing sets is their durability—the typical swing set might need replacement periodically, but the rubber or vinyl adheringly stays for a year. Thus, this feature relieves the hassle of replacement and loads of unnecessary burdens on the pocket.

Pros of Rubber Mulch

Con Side of Vinyl Mulch

Along with the sunny side of vinyl mulch, the material contains a con as well, their price point. Vinyl swing sets are premium and adhere to high-end features, thus, they are expensive.

Treated Wood Swing Sets

This sort of wood swing-sets is created through pressure. The composition is treated with preservatives and likewise the pressure, that makes the wood material compact and durable.

  • Last Longer

The treated wood swing sets are tolerant to wear and tear during the play. The coating over the material proved to be protective against the climatical conditions, thus maintaining robust durability.

  • No Decay

The preservatives applied deep into the woods and being treated by pressure removes the option of decay. As the micro-organisms have no access to the organic matter of wood—they are thwarted off from the surface, therefore, this makes the treated wood decay less. For the wood swing sets that are not treated, they can follow up decay making the wood bacterial and infectious for the kids.

  • No Termites

The termites possessively acquire the spaces in the wooden swing sets because of decay. The other main cause is that they typically feed on organic matter and wood is the main source. Once, any wooden set gets infested with termites, it becomes hard to get rid of them, and usually, this ends up being replacing the whole set. In the case treated wooden swing sets are tolerant to termites, the structure doesn’t let them reside in.

  • Aesthetic

The texture of the treated wooden swing set is noticeably luxuriant. The outer coating is much smoother and soothing to touch. Also, this makes the swing set more durable and tolerant to damages.

  • Cons of Treated Wooden

The preservatives of the treated wooden state are not organic—since they are exposed to mist and elemental particulates of the environment, there remains a probability of converting into toxins or be toxic. The lower categorical treated woods adhere to this menace.

Wooden Swing Sets

The wooden swing sets are one of the most economical ones among the other sorts. They are pretty praised among the owners that have a wooden or shrubby landscape where they have installed the swing. As they don’t have any preservative coating, thus they need proper routine care. They are generally crafted from;

  • Redwood
  • Cedar
  • Pine

The featuring characteristics for this type of swing set are;

Natural Aesthetic

The wood is not covered with coatings, just the layering is smoothened with the polishing—some of the models have paint. In all, the bare wood looks naturally aesthetic and appealing to most nature lovers.

Easy to Construct

As there is no mostly hassle with the plain wood, no preservative covering, no treatment with pressure, no texturing, just the originality is used—thus, this makes the construction much easier and simple than that of vinyl and treated wood ones.


The wood material, because of its vast availability and easiness in the building process, it is much lighter on pocket as compared to other sort of swing set materials.

The Cons of Wooden Swing Set

The wooden swing set with being less pricey carries some cons that are commonly faced by the users—they are;

  • Periodic Cleaning: Cleaning, painting, staining, and retexturing are required routinely to maintain the structure otherwise, it catches stain, damages, and torn.
  • Splinters: The potentials for splinters in plain wooden swings set is much higher.
  • Wasps: The wasps usually build nests, especially in the rotted or damp site of the wooden structures in the swing set.
  • Wearing Off: The material wears off with time because of the vulnerable durability feature of the wooden swing. The continuous or even occasional moisture rots the structure.

As the set needs to be properly maintained, but the durability is reliable on the model as well—any of the best small yard swing sets will keep off from the hassle of routinely care plus giving off extensive durability.

Metal Swing Set

The metallic material composes the traditional and original form of swing sets—they are compact and strong, but the construction requires hassling. The certain pros are;

  • Strong Structure

The metallic swing sets are tolerant to damages. They bear the daily wear & tear and stays firm even in the harshest weather conditions.

  • Least Expensive

These swing sets are mostly the least expensive and are available in a wide variety.

  • Cons of Metallic Swing Set

The metallic ones are robust and durable but they likewise come with certain hassles;

  • Installation Problems: Whilst the procedure for installation, their structure is required to be anchored in the yard by pouring concrete.
  • Difficulty in Removal: First, they are not portable, if one wants to change the place of the swing set, then the whole concrete will be torn to remove off the structure of the swing set.
  • Rust & Corrosion: The tearing of paint and upper coating leads to ultimate rust & corrosion when the surface is exposed to continuous moisture.

In the End, We Recommend…

The Movement God Metal Commercial Swing Set is the most durable and economical model in the metallic category while having a powder-coated frame which makes it rust-resistant and UV-protected. Secondly, it also depends upon how you maintain a swing set.



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