What kind of chair is good for your back?

Relaxing in a comfortable chair while watching TV can be the perfect way to spend an evening, or an entire day, for that matter. But while you think that you are relaxing in a comfy chair enjoying your favorite show, it can be possible that the same chair is hurting your back and ruining your posture.

Just so, working in the office sitting in an uncomfortable chair can also do disastrous things to your posture and your spine. For these reasons, it is crucial for you to get a chair that will not only provide you with your desired comfort, but will also help in maintaining your back posture so that you can have a healthy life style.

What kind of chairs are perfect for your back:

If you want to work sitting on a chair all day or relax in a good chair, the best option for you is to buy a recliner chair. Recliner chairs are designed to give you back support and relaxation and have many different types.

Types of recliner chairs:

There are three main types of recliner chairs, each similar in some features while providing some specially designed features at the same time.

Standard recliners:

These casual and comfy looking recliners provide relaxation to your body as they are very soft. These recliners are very affordable and highly comfortable. If you want a recliner chair in which you can sit all day and maybe want to sleep in it, this recliner is for you.

High leg recliner:

These stylish looking recliners are perfect for people who want a high end look in their lounge chairs. The high leg recliners are a bit expensive than the standard recliners and are perfect to keep in any room or corner of your home. They are available in a wide variety of styles, so you can choose from transitional to contemporary according to your taste.

High leg recliners don’t usually come with a handle. You can just sit and push back against the recliner and it will recline to your desired degree. Easy and comfortable!

Lift recliners:

If you suffer from leg or back pain, and face difficulty standing up after sitting down on a recliner, these recliners are perfect for you. The lift recliners not only provide you with comfort while you are sitting on them, they also come with lift mechanism that gently raise you from a sitting to standing position so you can get up easily from a sitting position.

Recliner features:

Above mentioned are three main types of recliners available in the market. There are a whole lot of additional features that are available in almost all recliners, so you can choose whichever features you like.

  1. Rocker or glider base:

This feature is mostly available in standard recliners. The rocker recliner has a motion feature involving a moving base that allows to you rock while sitting on the recliner. This feature is perfect for the people who have a difficulty falling asleep. This recliner feature is also good for nursing mothers.

  1. Swivel base:

This recliner feature also involves moving base. The base can swivel and change direction whenever you want so that you can face whole room while sitting on this type of recliner.

  1. Massage:

These recliners come with a control button which starts a vibration in certain parts of the recliner. You can just sit relaxingly in the recliner while it massages you neck, back, legs or feet. Some recliners include a heat feature too. This type of feature in a recliner is perfect for people who have back pains or stress and muscle and joint aches.

  1. Extra-large:

These recliners are built larger than the standard recliners for heavier and bigger people. These recliners can hold more weight than standard recliners and are also very big and tall.

  1. Wall hugger:

Unlike the recliners that have an inclined back and that consume a huge space, these recliners have a straight back. These recliners take much less space than large recliners and can be placed in corners or close to the wall to save space. These recliners are perfect for apartments and rooms that have small space.

  1. Flat laying:

These recliners are perfect for people who like to sleep in their chairs. This feature allows a recliner to sprawl back all the way to a flat position so you can lie back in your recliner while watching TV and can just sleep in it.

How to know which recliner you should get?

Before getting a recliner, there are a few things you should consider so that you get the perfect recliner that comes as a comfortable part of your home, not as another piece of junk which doesn’t serve any purpose.

Your body size:

Consider the size of your body. Do you have slim, thick or heavy body? The recliner that you are going to get for yourself should be able to seat you easily. This is why you should consider sitting in the recliner for a long while before finalizing it. Be sure to get a recliner in which your feet touch the floor easily and you are also able to rest your head against the headrest in the recliner.

The size of the room:

Check the measurements of the recliner and then measure the size of the room in which you plan to place the recliner. Make sure that the room will not look overstuffed with the recliner in it. You must also ensure that the recliner is perfect according to the size of your room.

The materials used:

Another thing to observe before finalizing a recliner is the make and construction of the recliner.

There are many types of fabrics used in the recliners, as every person have different preferences on how they would like their recliner’s fabric. There are natural fabrics, which include cotton, synthetic or microfibers and there are leather options too. There are also pet friendly recliners available in the market.

You must investigate which type of springs and screws are used in the construction and which metal are they made of. The screws and bolts can corrode or depress after sometime which is why you need to ask the supplier about their quality.

If your recliner has built-in motor in it, you must check if it’s functioning is quiet. You must also make sure the recliner has easy to reach and easily operated handles and levers.



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