What is the difference between a tablet and a notebook?

Technological advancement has brought about a huge change in the ways human life is maintained. Many gadgets have made their way into human life, allowing people to work, live, play and enjoy while relying on the devices that allow us to control our chores from anywhere with their help. Tablets, smart phones, and notebooks have become an important part of human life. The features of these devices have improved and enhanced to provide human beings the comfort, and more control over many perspective of life.

Two similar yet a lot different gadgets are notebook and tablet. Notebook is also more commonly called laptop.

The Difference Between Notebook and Tablet

Even though these two devices are used for similar purposes, and supposedly same technology is embedded within both of these devices, the uses of these devices are very different.

Firstly, laptop or notebook is a small portable computer that can fit into any small bag and being carried around. Tablet is an even smaller device than a notebook, as is more portable as it doesn’t have the QWERTY keyboard that is attached to the laptop/ notebook. The tablets usually have a pen or a stylus with them which can be used as a pointing or writing device. Tablets have smart operating systems that recognize what one is writing on the screen and convert it to text.

While the notebooks or laptops have QWERTY keyboards that are used for input commands and for writing on the software that will show the written text on screen. Some laptops also have touch screens and some more modern notebooks have detachable keyboards that convert them to tablets. Tablets have touch screen and the keyboard is displayed on the screen which is used by finger or stylus.

Notebooks also provide a separate touch pad to be used as mouse and the option to connect a portable mouse through one of the ports. Tablets just used touch function for this purpose too.

A notebook or laptop allows you to take it anywhere in a bag, put it on table or a flat surface and use it for office work and so on. While tablets are used by people who like to be on-the-go. As these devices are more lightweight, they allow the user to hold them in one hand and use them with another, providing them with the flexibility the notebooks don’t.

Tablets are perfect choice for people who like to take frequent notes. Tablets are frequently and more commonly used to draw on the screen and are preferable for people who like to design and paint digitally. While notebooks provide full computer system with port, keyboards and touch pad, they are preferred for more extensive work like keeping files, making projects and doing office work.

Laptops and tablets both use battery power. Notebooks have rechargeable batteries to run smoothly for 2 to 3 hours before they need recharging. Tablets on the other hand, work for longer hours as they have small screen size, they don’t consume much battery power.

Laptops have detachable batteries that can be changed easily while tablets don’t have detachable batteries which makes it impossible for the user to take them out if they don’t work properly.

Notebooks are usually available in affordable price range while tablets are generally more expensive than notebooks.

Why you should buy a Notebook?

If you are a professional, you might need a device that offers large data to store applications and files that you use while working. A notebook provides a large space to store enormous data. You will also want to attach your gizmo with a projector, a printer or a broadband wire, to be able to access various multimedia. And a notebook provides you with many ports such as two or more USB ports, HDMI port and an Ethernet port for Internet connectivity. You can connect USB, pen drive or a phone to your notebook with the help of these ports. You will also be able to connect with different input devices such as a separate keyboard or mouse through these ports.

If you are a student, a notebook will be perfect for extensive research work and data saving due to the large space that it provides. You can create content, make assignments and perform alternations at your own leisure as a notebook provides amazing comfort. Students also like to store and play games on computers and a notebook is the perfect choice for storing and playing intense video games as they have faster processors.

For online transactions, shopping and selling, notebooks are again a preferred gadget. Though you can perform online shopping through your phone or tablet too, while making a heavier transaction requires faster processors. A tablet will allow you to response fast to online bidding, perform online shopping in a bulk and post pictures to websites of any product you want to sell easily.

Why you should buy a tablet?

As tablets are easy to use and lightweight, they are ideal for younger kids who like to read, play, listen to poem, watch videos and make drawings. Tablets make it easier for you or your kids to curl up comfortably on a couch and watch videos or read books.

If you are a professional who likes to draw and design, a tablet provides you with amazing features. A stylus and the ability to draw on screen allow you to make exceptional cartoons. You can install different applications and draw cartoon characters, design animations and digital paint anything you like with the help of a tablet.

If you are a professional or a student who likes to take notes in the class or in a meeting, tablets allow ease of accessibility. With their light weight and touch pad, they allow the user to take them anywhere and use easily without the hassle of having to place them on a surface. Their longer battery life also let you go long way before having to recharge them again.



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