What Is ASMR – Insights & Features You might not know

What Is ASMR - Insights & Features You Should Know About

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a tingly, static-like sensory experience that refers to a relaxing, often soothing sensation. It propagates from the top of the head and moves down the back of the neck and up the upper spine. Although any trigger could serve as a catalyst, a subculture has emerged around YouTube videos and their increasing popularity during the past few years.

If you are “to-be” an ASMRtist, you need to learn a few things about its working and the proper requirements to record a perfect video. Besides what ASMR does to you, you need to know that the main components required for an ASMR recording include a web camera, best ASMR mic, and good content.

What is ASMR & How Does It Work?

What is ASMR? As some refer to it as “head tingling,” this sensation is triggered by pleasant pictures and delicate sounds such as murmurs, accents, and crackles. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of feeling tired or calm while getting a haircut or listening to anyone explain anything to you slowly and cautiously. This is what ASMR does to you!

ASMR and the Soothing Power of Experts | WIRED

According to statistics, over the last few years, an increasing number of people have become interested in autonomic sensory meridian responses (ASMR), as evidenced by the number of people who searched for ASMR on YouTube every day during the past few years.

What is the Mechanism By Which ASMR Videos Function?

According to a study directed by the University of Sheffield on the phenomenon, ASMR videos are frequently used to fall asleep, relax, or reduce stress.

ASMR listeners claim that an average heart rate reduction is equivalent to specific other research findings on the physiologic effects of stress-reduction strategies such as music and mindfulness is particularly interesting.

Essential Elements Of ASMR To Record Videos

To get a successful ASMR recording, or any recording, you must consider three primary factors, including source, room, and the right gears (camera and asmr mic).

These three aspects are interrelated, and each of them must be taken into consideration. If you lack any one of them, the outcome will be adversely affected! We will show you some simple techniques that will allow you to get good audio out of your ASMR performances with no effort.

1. The Source

Always remember that to make a recording excellent, you need to be selective with it. Beyond helping you execute an outstanding performance, it will also assist you in maintaining some mic discipline.

ASMR genuinely refers to the source as “discipline,” because it involves a lot of small nuances that, while they may appear insignificant, can have a considerable impact.

When filming micro triggers such as murmuring, the sound of breathing might become excessive and interfere with the recording. Try breathing away from the asmr microphone if you want to avoid this.


  • Depending on your teeth, the “S” sound can become sharp and irritating.
  • Some people experience sibilance more frequently than others.
  • Furthermore, some microphones are more sensitive to some noises than others.
  • To lessen sibilance during recording, avoid speaking straight into the microphone and instead speak slightly off-axis, which will decrease the quantity of high-frequency information that is picked up by the best asmr mic.

Pop Filters:

  • Besides plosives, you will certainly run into another issue with the word “plosive.” The letters P, T, and B are the most noticeable.
  • Certain letters might cause bursts of air to be released, which can spoil your recording. It is customary to employ a pop filter when recording.

Cómo usar tu teléfono como micrófono para tu PC - Softonic

  • As a result of our extensive research, we developed our pop filter version, which connects to our shock mount using magnets – and, best of all, because it is tiny, it will not affect the visual component of your ASMR film.
  • The windscreen can eliminate plosives from the speech.

Proximity Effects:

  • When you get near a directional ASMR microphone, the term “proximity effect” refers to an increase in the amount of bass produced.
  • Your voice will get louder and louder as you move closer to the membrane, starting at about 25-30 cm and increasing in volume as you get closer.


  • It may come as an astonishment to learn that your attire can affect the recording.
  • Some materials may be extremely loud; if you are moving around, this can become extremely annoying when you record very delicate sounds.
  • Before recording your first ASMR video, you should play around with your microphone to see how it reacts to various stimuli.
  • Having a good understanding of your recording equipment will always assist you in getting better recordings.

2. The Room

Most ASMR recordings are made in a room at someone’s home rather than a professionally acoustic-treated recording studio, so there can be some difficulties. However, the good news is that there are simple tweaks you can make to your room to ensure that you get the most extraordinary ASMR sound possible.

While you can make sure that the washing machine, computer fan, or air conditioner are not running when you are making an ASMR video, other noises, such as street traffic, are impossible to turn off while creating an ASMR video. However, when it comes to street noise, picking the right time might significantly impact the amount of noise you receive in your recording. As a result, many YouTubers prefer to record their videos late to minimize disturbing background noises such as traffic.

Reflections About the Room

It can be challenging to record when there are reflective walls or surfaces in the recording location, especially when two walls are directly opposite each other. In a restroom or after moving into a new empty flat, you might have discovered something like this. “Comb filtering” and “flutter echo” are the terms used to describe the phenomena. It would take far too long to go into great depth on the acoustics of a room in this article.

It is important to remember that absorbers are your allies. The addition of a thick curtain on the windows, a carpet on the floor or a wall, or even simply opening your wardrobe can make a significant difference. At the very least, every little bit will aid you, especially with the high frequencies.

Recording in the Right Locations

The placement of the microphone is critical. Resonances or standing waves in a room can become a source of concern. It is possible to obtain a specific tone by blowing into an empty bottle. A room, like an empty bottle, has a plethora of resonant frequencies of its own. Finding the most appropriate location in your room is a process of trial and error.

It will be beneficial to become familiar with your space. Make several moves with your recording setup before finding the best location. If it is not possible to lift the equipment in this position (for example, in front of the television), mark the location on the floor with tape so that it can be easily found again and the consistency is maintained.

3. The Tools & Equipment

The equipment is just as necessary as the experience and knowledge you have gained over time. A seasoned recordist and ASMRtist will achieve better results with less expensive equipment than an inexperienced person who uses the most expensive equipment on the planet will. These tools include;

  • A web camera or mobile phone
  • The best ASMR microphone

Frequently Asked Question

What Tools & Equipment Will You Require To Get Started?

You can indeed record your first ASMR video with your phone, but you will need professional equipment if you want your ASMR videos to go to the next level. Here is some advice on what you should consider before purchasing a camera or asmr microphone.

How To Choose The Camera For ASMR Recording?

It is important to remember that because many people use ASMR to fall asleep, you should keep in mind that your ears work better when you close your eyes because your senses are sharpened in this situation. With this knowledge, it is possible to conclude that the visual aspect of an ASMR video is not as crucial as its audio component.

Another point is that good lighting is essential for achieving a high-quality visual result in your video production. Even the most expensive camera will not be of assistance if the lighting conditions are poor, as they are in this case.

Finally, but certainly not least, we live in an era in which modern system cameras offer the best value for money while also providing everything you need to create a professional-looking ASMR video.

What is the Best ASMR Microphone to Buy?

For recording ASMR content, it is essential to have the best ASMR microphone. Picking an ASMR mic demands a few significant factors like a low noise floor, microphone type, polar patterns and directionality, setup, and connection type.

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