What are the benefits of riding an exercise bike?

An exercise bike is a great way of staying healthy for people of all ages. Exercise bike serves various purposes from reducing stress to aiding weight loss and many other health benefits. Here are 13 top benefits that stationary bikes provide to your health.



Exercising on a stationary bike increases your heart rate and improves your heart health. Basically, it is an excellent way to get your heart pumping faster. Aerobics or cardiovascular exercises, such as cycling, allow your heart muscles to work harder which improves the flow of oxygen and blood throughout your body.

This benefits your health in many ways such as Lower blood pressure, improved blood sugar levels and a stronger immune system. Exercising also helps you to sleep better and wake up fresh and in a good mode. Stationary bike riding doesn’t inflict much weight on your whole body, thus lowering your stress level and providing you more energy.


Riding an exercising bike is a great way to burn extra calories that might increase your weight and blood sugar levels. If you ride an exercise bike for just 10 minutes, you will be able to burn as much as 40 to 80 calories easily, depending on the intensity of the exercise and your body weight.

Exercise bikes activates lower body muscles such as glutes, calves, hamstrings and quads and help you to shed that extra mass on your thighs and hips giving you a perfect body shape.

Just so, if you want to reduce your weight and live a happy and healthy life, exercising on a stationary bike is an amazing technique. As you can sit on the bike during the lower body exercise, it doesn’t hurt your whole body, so it is a pain free and effective way to burn calories and reduce weight.


While exercising on a stationary bike, you are actually using your feet and legs to reduce your extra weight, which is doing another benefit which is not sometimes everyone’s main target. It is the benefit of building up your stamina and improving your strength.

While you may not get such perfect results of strong body by jogging, on an exercise bike, you are using your legs way faster than jogging so you can achieve better results. This does not only allow you to get a healthy and beautiful body, it also gives you stamina for long hiking and running sessions.

You can also adjust the resistance on an exercise bike, so if your main target is to increase your body’s strength, you just need to pedal harder and you can get your desired results easily with the help of an exercise bike.


Obesity is the main reason behind a lot of problems in your body. Build up fat in your body can lead to heart attack, blocked blood vessels and diabetes. Exercise on a stationary bike helps to reduce that build up fat and thus reduces the risk of diabetes and other problems and allow you to live a healthy life.

Exercise bikes not only reduces your weight but also allows you to keep a track of your health so you can count the calories you have burnt daily and thus it allows you to eat healthy.


It you suffer from joint pain, it can be because your joints and muscles are not getting moved enough. Doing exercise on a stationary bike is the perfect way to get the mobility back in most of the joints in your body.

Exercising on a bike does not just let you use your hip, ankles and knees muscles and joints to move in only one way, but it provides a circular motion to strengthen these muscles. So as you pedal on, these muscles and joints rotate and the effect is that they stay active.  Basically exercise bikes improves the range of mobility of your joints so that if you are suffering from old age, or someone who works sitting on a desk all day long, they can get the most benefit out of these machines.


Exercising does not only help you in reducing weight and improving your cardiovascular system, it also helps to improve your cognitive functions. There have been many studies that support the evidence that the hormones released during exercising and riding a stationary bike in particular, helps reduce stress levels of the brain, improves memory and attention and cognitive functions.

There is another fact which is that when you work out, your whole body is concentrated on the task at hand so your brain work improves toward memory improvement stress reduction and as you work out harder, you get tired, resulting in having a sound sleep which helps in the enhancement of your cognitive functions.


Any type of workout helps your brain in releasing such hormones that make you feel good. This results in you feeling better and motivated toward the end of your exercise and you are more purposeful toward a better day ahead.

The release of serotonin and reduction of stress level is why doctors also suggest their patients sometimes to have work out sessions in order to live healthy.


Elderly people and patients recovering from chronic strokes will find exercise machines useful. If you are someone who have a problem with maintaining balance and co-ordination, you should try using an exercise bike to improve these problems as exercise bikes help in improving gait, balance and co-ordination.


If you like to work out to build up endurance and strength, adding exercise bikes to your daily regime is a best way to achieve this goal. Even though it takes a long time and practice to build up endurance, exercise bikes help you in strengthening your calves and abs and allow you to achieve your target faster.

So if you want to speed up the process to get your goal faster, a stationary bike can always help you. You can finish any strength training or cardio exercise easily without losing breath faster with more gains on an exercise bike than on any other exercise machine.

  1. Provides low impact on joints:

Stationary bikes provide low impact exercise than other forms of cardio exercising such as running or Zumba. Exercising on a stationary bike proves to be easy on your heart and joints, thus is perfect for people who suffer from old age or weak muscles and joints.

So if you don’t want to work out faster and harder, an exercise bike does not hurt your joints and muscles more than they need to be. It also allows you to sit on the seat and exercise easily without having to engage your whole body in the training.

  1. Great toning of body:

If you want a beautifully toned body, an exercise bike is a great machine to have. Exercise bikes act on your calves, glutes, quads and hamstrings and helps you shed the thick fat on your thighs.

Most fitness freaks and gym enthusiasts love to pair up exercise bikes with treadmills to get lean mass on their legs which allows them to look more beautiful and stronger.


More than a health benefit, an exercise allows you to strengthen your daily habits and routine, so if you find it difficult to ride a bicycle to work or college, an exercise bike helps you to maintain your routine. Whilst you try and ride an exercise bike daily, it helps strengthening your leg muscles which in turn help you to ride to work and college easily.


If you are someone who suffers from weak knees or joints but are determined to build up the strength to get to your goal, an exercise bike is always the best way to start.  These exercise machines help you to control resistance and speed, which means that you can start on the level which suits your legs and slowly build up the strength.

If you are an old age person who want to stay healthy and active, you can also rely on an exercise bike. These bikes provide comfortable seats on which you can sit during exercise, thus not having to put all your weight on your legs or feet. They also come with handles which you can hold for easy support during exercise. These factors make these exercise bike fit for people of any age.

While doing an indoor exercise, you will be able to avoid heat, pollution rain, dust and all other outdoor factors that make exercising difficult and may prevent you from doing it.

These are the 13 health benefits that the exercise bikes provide you. There are other more detailed benefits that are scientifically proven that ensures that exercise bikes are safe to use and are perfect way to maintain your health.



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