What Water Based Air Cleaners are Durable?

A water-based air purifier or a water-based air revitalizer are two more names given to water based air cleaners. All these names belong to the purifier family. The device utilizes water for cleaning the air rather than a filter.

Water-based air cleaners are cost-efficient and help to reduce the household air pollutants like pollen, mites, dust particles, mold, cooking odors, pet dander, and so forth.

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The air purifiers are designed to clean the air of specific sizes. An air purifier will be more effective if it is compatible with the room size.

For example, if an air purifier has made to cover an area of 100 sq ft, then definitely it’ll be useless for large rooms. Therefore, for larger areas, you need an air cleaner according to the size of the room.


Most of the air purifiers run by using a corded power source from the wall outlet. They use about 50 Watts of power as compared to the power of a light bulb which is 60W.


Normally this device will always be functioning round the clock, so it should be quiet. You need to check out how many decibels a purifier runs, which is written on the packaging. Most of these units produce noise ranging from 35 to 70 dB. To avoid sleep disturbance, a noise rating of 50 dB is reasonable to have.


Another factor to check is the type of filter used in the air cleaner. Whether it is HEPA filter, activated carbon type, or having electrostatic plates. All these types are further discussed in the below section.


When it comes to water-based air cleaners, the good news is that they’re quite affordable and have a very economical price range. Their price range is below $50 depending on the brand, quality, and the type of filters used in the water-air purifiers. The price affordability is the main selling point of these machines.


The market is flooded with different types of air purifiers having various brands and qualities. They come in every shape, color, and size. Here’s a brief discussion of different types of air purifiers:

  • MECHANICAL FILTERS: Air purifiers having mechanical filters can capture the smallest pollutants up to 0.3 microns. These small particles cannot be seen by the naked eye.
  • ACTIVATED CARBON FILTERS: Air cleaners with activated carbon filters more effectively remove odors and capture small air particles like viruses and bacteria just like HEPA filters.
  • ELECTRONIC PURIFIERS:  Electronic purifiers use electrostatic filters having high voltage electrical charge. The purifier attracts and captures these particles which stick and keep accumulating on electrostatic plates. To have proper efficiency, these plates need to be replaced regularly increasing the maintenance cost.
  • GERMICIDAL IRRADIATION: These air cleaners are known as UV (Ultraviolet) air purifiers. They use UV rays to kill the germs in the air. However, they release some quantity of ozone, so you need to check before getting this type.
  • IONIZER: Air cleaners with ionizer absorb odors. They’re commonly used in commercial environments such as hotels. Because the release a high level of ozone which makes the room unsuitable for use for the next 24 hours.



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  • The item dimensions are 6.5 x 6.5 x 8 inches.
  • This water-based air cleaner covers a floor area of 600 sq ft.
  • This small machine is not only an air cleaner but also acts as an air freshener or aromatic oil diffuser.
  • The air cleaner is black but the water basin is transparent and somewhat blue.
  • The unit has a fan system that sucks the air from the room.
  • The noise level of this device is around 50 dB.

ECO-GECKO Earth Globe is a glowing water-based air revitalizer. The water in the globe acts as a filter and traps small particles and at the same time releasing fresh moist air into the room.


  • Its built-in safety switch automatically turns the unit off when its top part is lifted.
  • The unit is simple to use. You can simply dump the used water out and fill fresh water and oils daily.
  • Its LED light can be turned OFF with the flip of a switch.
  • The speed of the water can also be adjusted by turning the dial on the top.
  • Its electrical components are water-proof.
  • The air purifier is easy to clean, and maintain.


  • It vibrates during operation.
  • The water basin is somewhat small in size.


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  • The air cleaner dimension is 7.5 x 7 x 7.5 inches.
  • The unit has an LED light that allows it to also act as a night-light in the room.
  • The air cleaner also acts as an oil and aroma diffuser and includes three fragrance options.
  • The machine moisturizes and cleans the air.
  • The device uses normal power 110 Volts from the wall outlet.

The manufacturer of this air purifier with water is US JACLEAN which is a well-known company. This unit comes in the top 5 air purifiers.


  • The unit is easy to use, clean, and maintain.
  • The Aroma Globe uses a motor-powered spinning stem to stir the water to add humidity and an aroma into the air.
  • The 3 fragrance includes 3 bottles of antibacterial aroma having 10 ml of each scent: ocean mist, cherry blossom, and jasmine.
  • The air purifier covers an area of 700 sq ft.


  • The unit vibrates while running, take caution and not place it on the edge.
  • There are no color options, as it is available only in white color.
  • The air purifier is a little bit noisier, as according to the manufacturer it operates at above 50 dB which is a bit louder.


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  • the unique feature of this air purifier is the 3-in-1 purifying system: water curtain cleaner, natural humidifier and ionizer, and odor repellent.
  • This water-based air purifier captures dust, TVOC, allergens, and PM 2.5 particles as tiny as 0.3 microns.
  • The unit is also a natural humidifier and air freshener or aromatic oil diffuser.
  • There’s no excessive ozone when the negative ion generator is in auto-mode.
  • Its adjustable 3-speeds rate enables you to set ideal speed and sound.
  • Its dimensions are 188 x 74 x 93 mm, while its tank capacity is 250 ml.
  • The air cleaner covers an area of 10 sq meters.

This MCB purification system cleans home indoor air with water cleaning technology instead of a HEPA filter. There is no hassle of replacing filters anymore.


  • Due to its portable compact size, the MCB purification system is perfect for your small room and car.
  • The air cleaner reduces excessive-high humidity from the air.
  • The unit uses very low electric consumption that is only 4.5W.
  • The air purifier is very lightweight and weighs only 800 grams.
  • A non-slip mat also comes with this tiny machine.
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  • This high-end water-based air cleaner filters out smoke, dust pollen, and unwanted odors from the air of your room.
  • The air cleaner dimensions are 9x8x9 inches. (Length X Width X Height)
  • The device has 7-color LED illumination which is a soft shimmering light and brightens your room during the night like a mini night-lamp.
  • The unit is compact and lightweight weighing 2.35 lbs only. It is easily portable to other places in your home or office.
  • The machine uses the usual 110 power from the wall outlet.

Most of the water-based air purifier does not have the feature of oil diffusers. This water air filter has this unique feature, as it also acts as an oil diffuser. This means that you not only have the room air cleaned but also get the scented fresh air.


  • The unit is quiet and does not make any considerable sound.
  • Due to its small size, the air purifier fits anywhere on your bed-side table, nightstand bookshelves, table, or window sill.
  • You can add a few drops of any essential oil to the water, and this air cleaner deodorizes the air of your home.


  • The machine vibrates somewhat, to avoid it the air cleaner needs to be placed on a small cloth.
  • Its plastic round basin at the bottom can stain if certain oils or scents are used.
  • Its light cannot be turned off, which may cause some disturbance during the night.


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  • The product is available in honey color with wood grain finish and in blue color.
  • Its dimensions are 7x7x7 inches, as it is round in shape.
  • The air purifier covers an area of 600 sq ft.
  • It has 6 different colors changing LED lighting patterns that match with every room décor.
  • It uses normal power from a wall outlet of 110V.

With this air purifier with water, you can have better indoor breathing. The unit eliminates unpleasant odors, smoke, dust and relieves stress. The air cleaner has earned the name of ‘Best Selling Rank’ in-home air purifier category.


  • The air cleaner has a large water capacity which is 1000 ml. It runs for long hours without a refill.
  • Essential oil is included in the package having 30 ml volume.


  • The water basin is made of plastic which is not much durable.
  • The unit is a bit noisy while it operates.

What is the additional feature to look for in an air purifier?

The CADR rating is another important feature to look for before buying an air purifier. CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. This rating shows how rapidly an air purifier cleans the airborne pollutants of a room.

For example, an air purifier that has a CADR rating of 200 cfm will be able to clean a room of 200 sq ft but with a much faster speed than an air purifier having a CADR rating of 100 cfm.


Air humidifier does not clean the air, rather it simply adds moisture into the air by boiling the water into steam or by evaporating the water using a fan. It uses ultrasonic technology. While air purifier cleans the air but does not add moisture to the air.


An effective and efficient air cleaner eliminates harmful chemicals and airborne pollutants from the indoor air. It refreshes stale air and neutralizes unpleasant odors reducing the chances of health issues. Finally, the regular use of air cleaner improves sleep


Whether a water air purifier worth it or not, all depends on your needs and expectations. There are pros and cons to every air purifier. All the mentioned air purifiers are for small to medium-size rooms and offices.

After reading this, we hope that now you’ll be able to make a great decision to buy the right air purifier for your home.


Does a water-based air purifier work?

For rooms and offices, it works very well. But for larger areas, its efficiency is somewhat low. However, water-based purification is very commonly used in industrial applications. These machines are great for removing dust particles from the air.

Can you filter air through water?

The working of a water-based air purifier is quite simple. It just bubbles the air through the water. With this treatment, most of the unwanted particles are stopped by the water.

What does a water air purifier do?

A water air purifier cleans the air of your home with water. It eliminates dust particles, pollen, pet dander, dew, mild, and so forth. It also removes unwanted smells like cooking odors or smoke odor. They’re easy to use and maintain.

What is the best air purifier on the market?

US Jaclean Aroma Globe Air Water and room revitalizer are most probably the best from our list. The unit uses a motorized rotating stem to stir water which adds humidity and bright scents, making the air more pleasant, healthy, and fresh.

Are air purifiers a waste of money?

The air purifier is not a waste of money. They are worth having in your room or office. The device is a great approach to improve air quality, eliminate harmful particles and unwanted odors and spread the aroma. Air purifiers make it easy for you to breathe easily.

How do you clean a water-based air purifier?

First of all, unplug the unit. Take a large bucket filled with warm water. Add some white vinegar and submerge the water basin of the air purifier in it. Leave it there for half an hour. Take it out and dry it by wiping it from a soft cloth. The air purifier is ready to use again.



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