[Expert picked] 12 Best Wakesurf Boards For Heavy Riders

Last updated on November 5th, 2022 at 11:46 am

Most of the wakesurf boards for heavy riders face troubles in sizes and shapes that are not compatible with their weights. With a lot of great options in the market, it is difficult to choose the best wakesurf board that owns your weight and is stable. We in this wakesurf board buyers guide give you the best recommendation that may help you participate in games and sports.

Lets, take a look at things to consider before buying wakesurf boards for heavy riders.

Things To Look Up Before Buying

Before making a purchase, it is better to have prior know-how about the product that will help to make the final decision. Below, we have mentioned some features of wake surfboard that include

Adaptability with weight

  • Not every wakesurf board holds weight. That implies that a particular measure of weight a wakesurf board can hold. So, before getting into the water, you have to check if it is compatible enough to hold you in the water. Be sure of the adaptability before starting your performance.


  • When it comes to material, there is no chance of showing negligence, as it may harm you. Good quality is an important element to consider before buying a wakesurf boards for heavy riders because it has a direct impact on your performance.
  • Most of the wakesurf board have a core of fiberglass that makes it lighter and durable. Add up to the material you also need to have an EVA traction pad that gives you both comfort and balance.

Size of the board

  • For being a heavy rider, the must-have thing to consider before buying is the size of the board. For good performance and stability wake surf board sizing matters. You need a wakesurf board of at least 5.9” and 22.5” of length and width respectively.


  • Without a curve, a wakesurf board can not ride effectively on the water. The higher the curve of the wakesurf board the better it will ride.


  • The fins on the wakesurf board help you keep stand and stable on the board. Without fins, the factor of stability eliminates and you fall on the water.
  • If you are a beginner in this field, then go for three fins wakesurf board as it will provide you more balance and when you get expertise, you may remove the fins.


  • To avoid slipping, look for the wakesurf board that will provide you grip to stand upright on the board. With the EVA pad, the board will not slide from the feet of the heavy riders.

Top 12 Wakesurf Board For Heavy Riders


1. Driftsun Custom Surf Style Board

Driftsun Custom Surf Style Board Blue

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  • Multi-users
  • Wood strings
  • Dual concave base
  • F4 Quad fins

If you are finding a good pace wakesurf board, which is perfect for learners, then go for this driftsun throwdown wakesurf board. Features like low rail and moved edges configuration add solidness to its design.

With agreeable and extraordinary various four fins arrangements permits riders to modify their board to the day’s condition.

The diamond-shaped EVA  pad design of this board gives rider to hold on longer and will make you feel comfortable all day long. Finally, the diamond-shaped tail of this wake surf board allows responsive turning.

If you are new to this and learned wake surf tricks for beginners, then do buy this board as it will help you get with ease on the water.

Customer Reviews

People love this board gives positive reviews with 3.8 stars. It is worth buying wake surf board with a great balance of value and money.

2. WaveStrom 8 Surfboard

WaveStrom 8 Surfboard for beginners

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  • 25.5” width
  • Up to 200 lbs weight
  • Textured Traction Pad
  • Single concave body
  • Size 5.9

This wake surf boards are the high level of freshwater creation with perfect designing and styling. It gives you the best level of support. It comes with the EVA pad that helps the rider to keep balance while riding on the wakesurf boards for heavy riders.

This is the best wakesurf board for big guys that gives a great amount of control due to its rolled edge feature. The monocoque designed of the board ensures durability with long-lasting features. Meanwhile, the concave hull allows riders to ride smoothly and with ease.

The concave deck design of the wakesurf boards for heavy riders provides with grip. Moreover, it comes with three detachable fins in which one comes with 2.4 inches measurement and the other two comes with 1.5 inches measurement.

Customer Reviews

Consumers on Amazon say its an incredible board with entirely steady development, together with an elevated level of weight limit which makes sit a perfect wakesurf board for big guys.

3. CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurfer

CWB Connelly Ride Wake surfer for large riders

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  • Reliable, customizable fins
  • Beginners foot grip guide
  • 24 inches width
  • 155 pounds

This wakesurf boards for heavy riders have a great degree of value. It is a board that will be perfect for both novice and middle of the surfing levels of ability.

That is because of, its extraordinary structure as well as the steady base that this best intermediate wakesurf board is ready to give which is incredible to overwhelming wakeboard surfers.

Choosing a wakesurf board is not an easy task, especially when you are one of the heavy riders. Having this board will allow you to surf waves serenely. It is a well-constructed board with pressure development which contains a polyurethane core. These features give board superb execution yet additionally a lot of durabilities as well.

Alongside that, it has a 2-piece EVA pad that gives rider with a high level of grip and three tails of 1.75” that permit the rider to have the control according to desire.

It additionally includes a sleek design that look incredible to watch.

Customer Reviews

Users are incredibly happy with this best intermediate wakesurf board and gives it 5 out of 5 rating.

4. Kona Surf CO.

Kona Surf CO. rocket wake surf board

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  • Dual concave base
  • EVA traction
  • Layered fiberglass
  • 190 lbs weight

Kona’s throwdown wakesurf board is a fabulous surf-style board that is consummately fit to novice and middle of the heavy riders. This is the best surf style wakesurf board that riders can develop into with a totally adjustable arrangement.

Riders who have expertise will appreciate the offers of the high speeds and master accuracy and mobility as well. It is incredible for rehearsing new tricks, this best wakesurf board for tricks gives you the certainty to take your surf farther than at any other time.

This best speed for wakesurfing board includes a quad balance arrangement which is extraordinary for those searching for included customization. This board is best for three things such as responsiveness, solidness, and speed.

Customer Reviews

Customers said that it is the best all round wakesurf board with which all the beginners cherish how agreeable the board is. With a little know-how about wakesurfing tips for beginners it is natural to learn on.

5. BroadWork Forth Surf Board

BroadWork Forth Surf Board

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  • Concave board
  • EVA traction
  • Orange color design
  • Wide wakeboard

The BroadWork Forth wakesurf board is a more extensive board that will be perfect for those who are searching for the greatest measure of strength and durability.

For individuals, who are hoping to get into wake surfing, this will be the perfect product and its ideal for heavy riders as well.

It comes with EVApad that offers you an extra level of curve support and an additional tall tail kick. For giving riders an extra level of grip, air vents are imbedded into the EVA pad.

This ronix wake surf board will offer you an elevated level of weight limit that ensures riders stand right up on the board with a significant level of grip.

The constructed design of the board is versatile and vivid. It will give you more fun inside the water.

Customer Reviews

Customers said that it is the best all round wakesurf board with which all the beginners cherish how agreeable the board is. With a little know-how about wakesurfing tips for beginners it is natural to learn on.

6. DriftSun Throw down

DriftSun Throw down heavy user

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  • 52inches longer
  • 8 inches wide
  • 180 lbs weight
  • Long-lasting

A standout amongst other amateur wakesurf board on the present market, this first-class wakesurf board from Driftsun permits you to find a workable pace up easily. An incredible board to construct your certainty on, the Driftsun Fifty-50 Wakesurf Board will give you a steady ride with negligible exertion.

This comes under the top-rated wakesurf board that permits riders to work less to accomplish their ideal paces.

The surf style structure of this board intently copies that of the normal wakesurf board, subsequently making a simpler to learn canvas.

The wake surfing for beginners boards accompanies the most mainstream tri balance style arrangement, permitting riders unlimited authority in choosing whether they utilize one, two, or three blades. This will help riders to control and construct their expertise and grip levels.

This wakesurf board provides you with surf rope which permits heavy duty riders to purchase an across the board that will get you out on the water making the most o your day quicker.

Customer Reviews

This product got 4.8 out of 5 ratings with positive feedback on stability and durability. This product is a people pleaser.

7. Hybrid Surfboard Wakesurf Board

Hybrid Surfboard Wakesurf Board heavy riders

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  • 59 inches longer
  • 21 inches wide
  • 200lbs weight capacity
  • Long-lasting
  • EVA grippy pad

Hybrid Wakesurf Board is progressively outfitted towards riders who have more involvement with the game. While the wakesurf board comes with a fishtail arrangement that is excusing to novices permitting somebody with less aptitude to begin the board, it is not suitable for those who never surfed before.

This is the skim style board which is commonly worked for master riders hoping to push the cutoff points and attempt more tricks while on the water.

This wakesurf board offers a most extreme weight limit of 175 lbs, which is somewhat restricting for grown-up riders.

This is to permit the board to easily float over the water and permit riders a more out of control ride. It has two fins arrangements, that the riders need to get out to inhale some air on the water.

Moreover, it has a thickly furrowed EVA pad that permits your feet to grasp on the wakesurf board and clutch the footing.

Customer Reviews

This wakesurf board reviews with some amazing heavy riders features that truly differs it among others and got 3.2 out of 5 ratings.

8. Wowser Wakeboard

Wowser Wakeboard for big guys

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  • Detachable center fins
  • V-tech tail
  • Longer spine
  • 3 stage skill range
  • 5 inches width

This is the fabulous board that no one could resist buying it. It comes with deep channels that make it ideal for all types of users.

Without considering the wave, it gives strength and durability to its users with great features of optima binding and 80 core system.

This brand is best known for its efficiency, versatility, and above all life span. The reverb wakesurf board is one of the best purchases and considerably cheapest among all.

It is made of four fins of fiberglass and with the detachable center fin that allows riders to ride smooth and land smoothly as well.

Moreover, it comes with an extendable rail that raises its strength and safety. Besides, it has a guidebook which is an amazing gift for beginner surfers.

Customer Reviews

People who used this wakesurf board are peased with its wonderful features and pricing. It is a worth purchase product and got 4.3 out of 5.

9. Phase 5 Wakesurf  Board

Phase 5 Wakesurf  Board for big guys

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  • Thicker core
  • 230 lbs capacity
  • 56 inches longer
  • 21 inches wide

This phase 5 wakesurf board particularly constructed for seasonal riders. It offers outstanding performance with a high level of durability. Moreover, the fishtail of the wakesurfer board helps control the wakeboard through long waves.

It comes with detachable 3 fins and can be customized also, which permits speed and stability. This item is the best skim and surf style boards, and it’s perfectly suited for intermediate riders.

Someone who is looking for fun and speedy wakesurf boards, this is for them. On the contrary, beginners can.t able to handle this board as it is a more upgraded one.

Customer Reviews

It is a top-rated wakesurf board on Amazon with some amazingly best features.

10. AIRHEAD PFISH Wakesurf Board

AIRHEAD PFISH Wakesurf Board for big guys

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  • Fishtail setup
  • 175 lbs capacity
  • 49 inches longer
  • 21 inches wide

This wakesurf board in the form of greatness in the world of surfing. It is a well-known brand with a lot of excellent features in it. This item designed specifically in a skim style to help riders in speeding and to compete with other brands.

This is the advanced intermediate level of wakesurf board, which enables riders to do higher stunts while surfing on the waves. The capacity of weight it holds is 175 lbs.

Moreover, it has a thickly grooved EVA pad that permits riders to grasp their feet on the board tightly. Besides, its fishtail setup helps beginners to take a fresh start smoothly, all thanks to its tail.

This is an excellent option with nice pricing that you should avail of.

Customer Reviews

People felt glad to buy this and says it’s a nice board with an extraordinary grip and amazing design. They are extremely happy for the weight it carries and the daring stunts they can do with this.

11. Ronix Koal Wakesurf Board

Ronix Koal Wakesurf Board for heavy rider

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  • Lightweight
  • Concave EVA traction pad
  • Fiberglass epoxy designed fins

The next one we reviewed is this high-quality wakesurf board of a well-known brand Ronix Koal Classic board. This high-quality product is more durable and stable.

It can easily cater to long waves with ease and help support riders of every size. It’s a classic designed board which itself is to light, which makes it convenient for heavy riders to carry it anywhere anytime without feeling any burden.

Moreover, it comes with a 2 fins with its classic surf style shape. It is made from a machined center  and afterwards, hand-enclosed by a fiberglass shell. To evacuate superfluous sap it is perfectly vacuum packed.

Customer Reviews

Consumers gives positive response and said it’s a best wakesurf boards for heavy riders with a buncle of outcomes like light, solid, and stable ride.

12. Hybrid Wakesurf Board

Hybrid Wakesurf Board for heavy rider

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  • Custom designed board
  • 58 inches longer
  • 21 inches wide
  • 200 lbs weight
  • Tapered rail

The product we are reviewing is the best hybrid wakesurf board. It implies two unique styles of the board were set up to make up this awesome board. Similarly, as I stated, it is the result of the blend of the custom longboard and shortboard for children and grown-ups.

Observe that it accompanies various sizes, however this one, specifically, is 6 inches razzo shortboard. The board is designed with top-notch material, which makes it glides, that is why the board is smooth on the water. anyone can use this wakesurf board without any hustle.

This board is particularly designed in a manner to offer you the enjoyment, fun and the favor you desired from surfing.

The highest point of the wake surf board has delicate wax, that makes it agreeable for anybody to remain on for a progressively broadened period with no uneasiness.

Customer Reviews

This hybrid wakesurf board reviewed 4.5 stars out of 5. It is considerably expensive among others but gives you a higher quality of surfing with amazing grip and durability.


Being a heavy rider gives you the advantage of having your gaming equipment specially designed and that makes you different. As a general rule of thumb, having equipment that completely satisfies you, turns out your interest towards the game and makes to feel more energized.

After going through this wakesurf board buyers guide, you will get one of your choices. Before paying for the board, remember to test and found the exact one for you. As you are seeking the wakesurf boards for heavy riders so make sure that you are getting the one of your target or not.

We have compiled top 12 wakesurf boards for heavy riders that may help you get your desired features. Now, it becomes easy to select a wakesurf board for heavy riders to perform well.

We hope that this buying guide will help you select your wakesurf board for heavy riders that fulfill your requirements and solve your issues related to surfing.

Read About


what size wakesurf board?

If you are a heavy rider then you should go for longer wakesurf boards. And smaller riders like kids need smaller length boards.

what size wakesurf board do i need?

For up to 110 lbs weight you need up to 4 feet and for 100 – 170 lbs, 150 – 200 lbs, and 190 – 250 lbs weight individuals need 3’9”-4’8”, 4’8”-5’3”, and 5’ above respectively.

What is the best Wakesurf board for beginners?

CWB Connelly Ride Wakesurfer, ZUP2.0, 0’Brein Royale, Liquid force dart, Slingshot coaster, etc

How do I choose a good Wakesurf board?

For selecting a good wakesurf board you have to consider a few things we have mentioned above in our buying guide.

Can you surf with a Wakesurf board?

Yes, wakesurf boards are meant to be surfing. With having right wake surfing board of your compatibility you can surf smaller or even larger waves.

Is Wakesurfing easier than surfing?

Wakesurfing is easier than surfing, as it is done by wake ropes. It depends on the speed of the boat.

Can you Wakesurf behind any boat?

No, you cannot use any board for wake surfing. You can only wakesurf on the boats which propeller are behind the boat so, you can keep the distance and avoids risks.

What boat makes the biggest wake?

Centurion Ri257 makes the biggest and largest waves and is the leader in the world of wake surfing.

What speed should you wake surf at?

For safe and high performance the speed limit should be between 10-13 mph.

What is the best boat for surfing?

Cobalt WS23, Chaparral 23, Regal RX, Campion WS23 are the few best boat for surfing.

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