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Vive Cold Therapy Machine; Coolsculpting Machine

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  • It includes a universal healing and therapy pad to excellently target the ankle, hip, shoulder, knee, and arm.
  • The machine comprises a robust base unit, a therapy pad, stretched tubes, and three protected straps.
  • The vessel can store 6 liters of cold water, due to which you need to worry about filling it again and again. Its transparent tank is marked and enables you for easy filling of water and ice.
  • The machine also has 5 setting levels of uninterrupted flow with a cycle time of 30 minutes with a luminous LED display.
  • Each linking point of this machine includes a strap-clip mechanism to warrant a leak-proof setup every time we use it.
  • The unit consumes less electricity. It uses an AC adapter and can also be used in your car. You only need a 100-watt car inverter.
  • You can get one year guarantee from the manufacturer Vive Health.


This is an amazing product and the best item you’ll purchase ever. The quality is great. The appliance is designed to give an instant reprieve from pain, any type of discomfort, soreness, etc. The machine relieves any discomfort, swelling, pain, aching, and irritation of after-surgery or some injury.

The therapy machine is compact and convenient to shift anywhere with its sleek carry handlebar. The cold therapy machine is ideal to use after-surgery, as it is perfect to provide cool and comforting relief for after-surgery puffiness and post-workout recovery. The pad of this apparatus is exclusively designed and stretchy. In the package, you can get a therapy machine, a pad, foam-insulated connector tubes, and three changeable secure belts.

This therapy machine can regularly be used on the arms, hip, elbow, knee, leg, shoulder, and ankle. The machine is highly recommended to all individuals who have surgery and want to recover fast. The machine is also ideal for people having any kind of injury or broken arms, knees, legs, shoulders. Overall, this is an inexpensive purchase at this price.


  • Due to its extra-long protected tubes, the machine permits a large variety of settings.
  • It has a five-foot foam-insulated joining tube to ensure that the water temperature remains constant throughout the physical therapy.
  • Its large therapy pad outlines the shape of the body for speedy and instant relief.
  • The pads have 3 flexible bands to fix them in a good position whichever you want it.
  • The water hose is leak-proof and long enough for comfortable use anywhere.
  • The machine can also be used in your car. It is a good idea to have your back and neck getting therapy treatment during driving.
  • The machine is very easy to set-up and use. It has a smooth quiet operation without any noise.


  • The hoses get disconnected easily because the Velcro that keeps the pad in position on the knee is soft.
  • The pad may not fit well on the hips of taller persons.



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