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Vintage Colored Parchment Paper: Best Parchment Paper for Rosin

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The vintage colored Parchment Paper has a natural ancient look for writing with pen or printing in a computer printer. The paper is slightly thicker than the normal paper but not equivalent to ‘Card’ thickness. We may say ‘thicker paper’ (89 GSM) and has many amazing versatile uses.

The paper can be used for your card printing solutions. The antique style of skins with shade variations across the full page makes it unique. Its excellent finished surface makes this paper printable as well as good for hand-writing, scrapbooks, stamping, and other craftsmanship DIY projects. Although the paper has rough look its surface is nice and soft for easy writing and printing on computer paper. The antique textured look is on both sides of the paper and after making decent cards, you’ll be able to impress your friends, school or college classmates, relatives, and other family members.

The paper has an artistic look and everyone love the artistic textured design of the paper. These parchment paper sheets are available in 8 different sizes with every pack contain paper sheets varying from 50 to 500 sheets. Despite the ancient color scheme of the paper, printing, and writing is very clear and sharp. The images, pictures and large font size text looks more impressive.

The paper has good weight and an excellent paper especially for history projects of school-going children as well as University students. Despite its heavyweight, the paper never jammed in the computer printer. Its corners are protected with an extra paper due to which the corners never bend during shipping or printing in the printer. The paper sheets have an expensive look.

The parchment paper has so many uses in the kitchen. Since the parchment paper is given the treatment of silicone during manufacturing, so it is grease-resistant, heatproof as well as has nonstick quality. Due to its moisture-resistant quality, the paper can also be used in baking, and cake pans because it protects pans and prevents the food from sticking. This is quite helpful while baking cookies, and other delicate types of pastries in the oven. So it is ideal to use in baking ovens. For this purpose, simply rub some butter or oil on the corners of paper sheets which will help the paper to stick in the pan.

We can also wrap steaming fish, chicken, and other dishes. The paper makes clean tasks easy. Another good kitchen use of this paper is to convert the paper into the shape of a funnel and during filtering or grating any dry ingredients, spices, or other small food items, if some fell on the paper, we can simply pick the paper and pour it into a dish. So the fallen ingredients are not wasted.

Another amazing and cool feature of parchment paper is that we can reuse it several times. But we need to change it when it gets dirty, darker, or wet. A precaution is that most of the parchment papers are rated for use at a temperature not more than 425 degrees in the oven.



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