Veepeak BLE- Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter For Torque Pro

Veepeak BLE- Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter For Torque Pro

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Key Features

  • Reads diagnostic trouble codes
  • Turns your device into a scanning tool
  • Allows freeze-frame data
  • Checking of the engine light
  • Smog test
  • Estimate fuel economy
  • Compatible with every type of vehicles
  • View real-time sensor reading
  • Feasible to plug-in and plug-out
  • Has low power consumption
  • Generates a customized dashboard

This Veepeak BLE scanner is the best OBD2 Bluetooth adapter for torque pro and plays out significant roles including clearing, reset, check motor light and eradicate inconvenient codes.


The torque pro adapter shows live readings and information through charts for moment results. However, the gadget conveys data identified with fuel utilization, freeze outline information, and screen smog check. It utilizes extremely low voltage as it deals with Bluetooth 4.0. So, this adapter brings out the feasibility to make your car work excellently by detecting immediate malfunctions occurring in your vehicle.

Scanning Feature

The Veepeak BLE torque pro scanner includes distinctive features with various applications. This application Car Scanner ELM OBD2 screens your vehicle continuously, BIimmer Code helps in coding for BMWs, Carista proposes great customization choices, TripLog helps in following vehicle mileage, Dash offers motor light analytic and Torque Pro offers information customization, sensor reading, observing deficiencies. Thus, this torque pro scanner is very beneficial and works ultimately to bring out the malfunctions occurring in your vehicles and make it work the best.


The purpose behind utilizing diverse applications is the scanner has no general applications, you can utilize various applications for multiple purposes. This gadget works just on iOS and android stages with Bluetooth 4.0. However, the vehicle is viable to work with all US vehicles in 1996 and more up-to-date vehicles. So, go and check this amazing product on Amazon to buy yours!


  • Cheap in price
  • Compatible with multiple vehicles
  • Saves power
  • Easy to operate


  • Speed turns low sometimes
  • Not so compatible to advance features

Customers’ Reviews Over The Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter For Torque Pro

To the extent it’s the capacity to get to the PC and give the information to the OBD Fusion application, I love it! With respect to its dependability, that is a major fall flat. Moreover, when I previously installed it, it would lose connection with the application following 1-2 minutes tops. Sooner or later, it began improving and would hold an association for 20-30 minutes, however then this evening on the commute home (around a 20-minute drive), it lost association multiple times.

If I could basically reconnect by means of the application, it would not be a particularly serious deal, however, I am unplugging the connector, plug it back into the OBD Port, then I can reconnect the application. However, I have connected with Veepeak about the issue today yet starting 6 hours after the fact; I have not heard back yet. However, if they react with an answer that settles the Connectivity issue, I will refresh this audit to 5 stars. In conclusion, I would like to say that when it is connected, it works incredibly.



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