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UUQ C4-12X50 – Best Holographic Sight Under $200

The sturdy build-up, aperture window, brightness options, red dot magnifier, night vision capability, and good battery level are considered to make the best holographic sight!

Holographic sights have become the ultimate gear for night shooters and tactical hunters. These sights make it really easy to shoot precisely by maximizing the clarity of vision.

What is the Reason behind the Popularity of Holographic Sights?

These sights were first invented in 1998 by EOTech as a replacement for iron sights. A holographic sight is popular due to many reasons and some of them are as follows:

  • Uses modern scientific technologies
  • Enhances visionary power
  • Compatible for night shooting
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Water and fog-resistant
  • More precise and fast

Regarding the significance of holographic sights, know that they count as the primary functional part of a Glock. It offers the hunter with precise and better shooting experience by allowing more target control. When it comes to technology, it works using hologram technology.

What is Holographic Technology?

It is a physical structure of light scattered (emitting from a specific object) or you can say a “photographic recording” – turning the object into a clear 3D picture using light.

UUQ C4-12X50 Holographic Red Dot Reflex Sight

UUQ Holographic Sight comes in a tubeless design providing a FOV of 15.8 at 100m. When it comes to magnification, this sight offers an adjustable magnification of about 4 to 12. The construction is not only sturdy but also durable – made of aluminum.

User’s Experience

The UUQ C4- 12X50 rifle scope comes at a pocket-friendly price of about $95.99. Regarding the rating, you will be amazed to know that it is around 4.5 stars rating.

Users’ experiences say this scope comes with great multiple accessories that are more than enough for such a reasonable price. Additionally, this scope offers variable power settings along with adjustable brightness. The field of view, stability, and clarity are more like the expensive scopes.

Some users say this say looks amazing and offers easier usability (no hassle to sight in). Moreover, it is easy to mount but feels a bit heavy. This scope is a great deal for the little money you are paying.

The laser pointer is much greater and the dot can see so far. Regarding the reflex component, it is more amazing than your expectations.

Key Features

  • 4X – 12X magnification
  • 50mm / 1.97 inches objective lens
  • 7 degrees apparent
  • 90% transmission
  • Aluminum framework
  • 5 brightness levels
  • 4 sizes dots
  • 22 mm rails
  • 1/4 MOA audible-click stops
  • 12 months warranty

4-12X50+Dot Sight+Green Laser Main Best Holographic Sight

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This best holographic sight under 200 offers a good range of multiple features that you might be looking for! These features include sturdy construction, great brightness, easier adjustability, and convenient usability.

As it comes with 5 brightness levels, it offers great sight to your target and helps you to take your prey down in no time without missing a shot. Additionally, there are four different sizes of dots – allowing you to reach over 300 mm.

Regarding the construction and quality, this holographic sight comes with a matte black finish. The sturdy construction makes it 100% shockproof and waterproof, so there is no restriction of weather to go on a hunting excursion.

Why Do You Consider Buying UUQ Holographic Sight?

There are multiple reasons that will convince you to buy this sight, some of them include the following:

Unlimited Brightness Control

UUqQ holographic sight offers you unlimited brightness control and with this sight, you can adjust the brightness to any level you want. Additionally, this adjustable brightness feature will allow you to hunt in the night as well.

Unlimited Brightness Control - Best Holographic Sight

FMC Blue Coated

This sight comes with a fully multi-coated blue lens allowing 95% of light transmission. This feature was firstly found in most of the binoculars and other spotting scopes. This coating is used to reduce the surface reflectivity by proving a higher visible light spectrum.

FMC Blue Coated - Best Holographic Sight


The construction of this scope is ultimately sturdy and thus, it is not only waterproof but shockproof and fog-resistant as well.

Waterproof Nature Of UUQ Holographic Sight

Windage Adjustment

This feature refers to the adjustment of sight (the difference between the projectile and the bore surface). There are two basic reasons for windage including;

  • Objects can be slowed by air resistance.
  • Wind produces a force on the object.

Windage Adjustment

Elevation Adjustment

This feature allows you to adjust the height of the sight view and this technique refers to an elevation adjustment.

Elevation Adjustment

What are the Pros & Cons of this Sight?

Following are the pros and cons of this holographic sight:

  • Great for the money
  • Accessories included
  • Variable power
  • Very bright
  • Stable
  • Clear
  • Shockproof and waterproof
  • Heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

Are UUQ scopes good?

Yes, the UUQ scope is the best option for the hunters who are looking for an AR-15 scope coming under 100 dollars. Additionally, this scope is made of high-quality materials.

How far can a 12×50 scope see?

With an adjustable magnification of around 4 to 12, 5 brightness levels, and 4 different sizes of dots, you can see far over 300m.

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