How to Use a Drawing Tablet – An extensive guide !

[mks_dropcap style=”square” size=”52″ bg_color=”#4e8abf” txt_color=”#ffffff”]A[/mks_dropcap] drawing tablet is also known as a graphics tablet, digitizer, digital drawing tablet, pen tablet or digital artboard. It is used by graphic designers or artists very frequently. If you are already aware of a drawing tablet and want to know the working and usage of drawing tablet then in this article, I will explain everything about drawing tablets in detail. So stick to the article till the end.

What is a drawing tablet?

[su_note note_color=”#eff7ff”]A drawing tablet is just like any other tablet but it is made for a specific purpose which is for drawing. A drawing tablet has a screen and uses a pen to draw on the surface. Most of the designing and artwork you see on the digital media are made with the help of drawing tablets.[/su_note]

Have you ever wanted to draw on a computer but your mouse can’t keep up with your hands and you want something else that is accurate and precise, other than mouse the drawing tablets are the perfect solution for this. On a drawing tablet, the experience is just like you are drawing on a piece of paper. Drawing tablets are of many kinds so, follow the guide and choose one according to your needs. Also, we have compiled a list of the cheap drawing tablets available in the market you can check them out.

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Types of Drawings Tablets

Drawing tablets have different types that differentiate each other due to the features and purpose.

Optical Tablets

Optical tablets have a small camera built in the stylus and then the camera capture the image by tracing on the image on the paper.

Active Tablets

Active tablets have a sperate stylus from its body. A stylus has its own transmitter and a battery. The stylus can interact with the tablet wirelessly. But due to the battery, the stylus becomes heavy, as compared to a normal stylus.

Acoustic tablets

These types of tablets are also called as the spark tablets. They use an acoustic sound generator inside the stylus; these generated sounds are picked by the microphones built inside the tablet to produce an image.

Capacitive tablets

These types of tablets use electrostatic or capacitive signal to operate with the stylus. They are considered as one of the best tablets one can buy since, they are faster and can even sense the stylus when it is slightly above the surface of the drawing tablet, proximity position (stylus is hovering on the tables up of few centimeters).

There other types of drawing tablets as well which are available in the market, but are not listed here, since they are not widely used. Most of the tablets which are present in the market right now use a wireless stylus and uses electrostatic or electromagnetic signal so the stylus and the tablet can interact with each other.

How to Use a Drawing Tablet

If you are having trouble while setting up your drawing tablet or you have already bought the tablet and can’t understand how to set it up and use it to its full potential.

Pick Your Favorite Tablet

As I have mentioned and explained that there are a lot of different drawing tablets available in the market and there are many companies that are making them. So, do some research on your own about the company/model of the drawing tablet you are looking to buy and follow your instinct and choose the drawing tablet that suits your needs and requirements. There are some things you should remember while buying a drawing tablet which includes: software support, cost, easy for use and learning curves.

Setting up your Tablet

There are many methods from which your drawing tablet can connect to your computer. Mostly all the tablets use a USB connection to connect to your computer. So, after attaching your tablet with your computer wait a few minutes so, it can recognize it and then you can open the program in which you want to use your tablets. In some cases, the driver doesn’t get recognized universally so you have to download the device driver software from the manufacturer’s website for connectivity.

Pressure Points in Drawing Tablets

A drawing tablet has many pressure points; it is like pixels of a display panel. If there are a lot of pixels on the display panel, the sharper and crisper will be the display. The same is the case with drawing tablets. More pressure points mean more accurate and precise drawing. Applying different pressure on the surface of the drawing tablet will give you the different intensity of lines curves and thickness for easy drawings.

To draw on the surface of the drawing tablet, the mechanism uses both horizontal and verticals lines for transmitting and receiving. An electromagnetic signal is created by the tablet that is received by the stylus and then the stylus generates the signal back to the tablet.

Stylus of Drawing Tables

There are many kinds of stylus also available each varies with the type of drawing tablet you are using. There is a kind of stylus that is connected with the tablet and is connected by a cord and the stylus consumes power from the main drawing tablet battery and sends the signal to the tablet by that cord.

Another kind of the stylus is that they are wireless and have their own circuit and transmitter to interact with the tablet and even have their own battery so, they don’t consume the battery of the tablet and end up reducing battery time.

Some of the advanced styluses also use pressure-sensitive nib in the stylus so that they can help you with better and improved drawing as compared to the other simple stylus.


In this article, I have extensively explained to you the different types of drawing tablets, how to use a drawing table and how to set it up. If this article helps you out in any way please do let us know by commenting and if you want anything to be added in the article, please mention in the comments.



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