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Upgrade Your Tech Game with These Apple Watch Deals

Last updated on February 28th, 2023 at 12:32 pm

In September, Apple released its newest line of smartwatches, which included the first-ever Ultra ($799), the Series 8 ($399), and a redesigned Apple Watch SE ($249). 

Each wearable has pros and cons, but now that the high-end Ultra is out, there are more Apple Watch models than ever before, meaning there are many more deals to be had.

So which one should you choose out of those options? In general, you want to get the most recent watch you can afford so that it keeps getting Apple software upgrades. 

The watchOS 9 update came out in September for the Apple Watch Series 4 and later models. Still, it has yet to be decided if the Series 4 will get the next major software update. 

Also, remember that, unlike some Apple products, the best deals are usually on the newest models, not the ones from the previous generation.

If you choose a smartwatch from the current generation, you can be sure it has a modern design, many useful features, and a lot of sensors. 

And happily, it’s tougher to wind up with a watch that will rapidly seem old now that the Series 3 is officially out of production. Let’s now begin the transactions.

Top Apple Watch Discounts

Top offers for the Apple Watch Series 8

The most recent wearable in Apple’s premium Series collection is the Apple Watch Series 8. 

It has additional temperature sensors that allow menstruation monitoring, a new processor, crash detection, and several other improvements. 

The Series 8 is similar to the Series 7 Apple Watch, despite the little upgrades being appreciated.

The starting price of the Apple Watch Series 8 has just decreased to $329, while the 41mm model with GPS is now only available at retailers like Best Buy and Target for around $399. (its standard retail price). 

  • Walmart offers the more significant 45mm model for $419, around $10 less than the watch’s most recent low and $60 more. 
  • You can also get the bigger variant for around $429 at Best Buy and Target (the MSRP).
  • If you want to purchase an unlocked LTE-equipped device, Best Buy and Target offer it in the 41mm and 45mm configurations, starting at $499 and $529, respectively.
Image courtesy of binglee

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Series 8 Apple Watch (41mm, GPS)

Price: $399

In addition to Crash Detection and temperature sensors that allow menstrual cycle tracking, the most recent Apple mainline smartwatch has watchOS 9, something you won’t find on any other model.

Series 8 Apple Watch (45mm, GPS)

Price: $419

While the Apple Watch Series 8 doesn’t significantly differ from the Series 7, it does provide Crash Detection and some incremental upgrades that will make it the preferred model for many.

Top Offers for Apple Watch SE

In the latter half of 2022, the Apple Watch SE was updated. 

The same chipset as the Series 8 is present, which is lovely, but it has fewer sensors, no always-on display, and a somewhat old-fashioned appearance compared to the Series 7 and Series 8. 

  • For some individuals, such exclusions could exclude this from consideration, but it is still the ideal solution for you. 
  • The best part is that the 40mm Wi-Fi / GPS device begins at $249, which is $30 cheaper than the introductory price of the last version. 
  • The base price for the 40mm size increases to $299 when cellular service is chosen (each configuration costs an extra $20 for 44mm).
  • The 40mm Apple Watch SE with GPS is now offered at Best Buy, Walmart, and Target for roughly $249, about $30 higher than the wearable current lowest price. 
  • The GPS-only device is offered at Best Buy, Apple, and Target in the 44mm size for $279 or at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target in the LTE-equipped version for as little as $289.99.
  • If you don’t mind purchasing a model from the previous generation, Walmart is selling the 40mm, GPS-equipped SE for $199, saving you $80.
Image courtesy of NextPit

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Apple Watch SE in 2022 (40mm, GPS)

Price: $249

The new SE for 2022 incorporates several features from the Series 8, such as the same processor and the Crash Detection function. 

However, it generally represents a slight improvement over the SE from the previous generation.

Apple Watch SE in 2022 (44mm, GPS)

Price: $279

Apple’s entry-level wearable is slightly improved compared to the previous SE, although it boasts a speedier processor and several watchOS nine capabilities.

Top Offers for Apple Watch Ultra

If you’re unaware, Apple’s huge, thick, and powerful Watch Ultra, which debuted at $799 and supported GPS and LTE, boasts the most functionality, sensors, and toughness of any Watch model that has been made so far. 

  • Its 49mm shell has a screen that can be brighter than the Series 8’s, it has a battery that lasts longer and more accurate GPS tracking, and it is packed with sensors that effectively make it a swimming and diving guide.
  • Regarding bargains, many shops just slashed the price of the Apple Watch Ultra to an all-time low of $749. 
  • But, it is only now on sale at Amazon for $779.99 ($20 down in medium and large band sizes) or at Target, Best Buy, and other stores for its total retail price of $799.
Image courtesy of digitaltrends

Ultra Apple Watch

Price: $780

The most durable and functional Apple Watch currently available is the Watch Ultra. 

It is larger and thicker than the Series 8 and has accurate GPS tracking and sensors to assess diving-related data.  It supports GPS and LTE and is only available in one size and configuration.

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Word About the More Expensive Models

Although all of the Apple Watch models and colors discussed here are made of aluminum (except the Ultra, which is constructed of titanium), the company also produces more expensive titanium and stainless steel variants. 

These products are functionally and visually comparable to those made of aluminum, with somewhat more refined hues and finishes (polished for the titanium and brushed for the stainless steel). 

However, they start at substantially higher costs, $749 and upwards.  While they are often on sale, their prices are always as high as those of the basic models. Thus we have left them off of our list.





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