Unique Shower Curtain Ideas For 2023

Last updated on November 4th, 2022 at 11:13 pm

Today we’ll be looking at the concept of unique shower curtain ideas for your bathroom. Yes, dear readers, these are those curtains that help to keep your floor intact and your bathroom design impeccable from the water. While you’ll find many colored and various designs in these shower curtains but the most obvious amongst them are the fish styled curtains. At least that’s what we think.

However today, we won’t be looking at only those types of shower curtain ideas but we’ll look at some of the more engaging and eye-capturing patterns. Ranging from bold artistic patterns, floral, cool stripes. We will in the end make sure that the unique shower curtains we’ll show today are the ones you’ve never seen before.

Also, it’s true right that when you step yourself into your comfortable shower after all-day long tiredness. The shower and its surrounding and we mean here the curtains should be pleasing and soothing to look at the right. Whether you are in for normal shower curtains, or want a more environmentally friendly alternative which is easy on your pocket we’ve got just the stuff for you. Stay with us for more details on this.

How shower curtains add space to your bathroom?

Everyone loves additional space in their bathrooms, right? The shower curtains are the way to go as well to get that extra free space in your bathroom. For this you don’t need those futuristic or expensive looking slide doors or something. These in fact have a trick up their sleeves. Curious enough?

  • Many curtains now adays install some low-level points in the ceiling which help you to open your curtains more. All the while making you feel that your bathroom has more space now.
  • You can also add decorative fabric around your curtain or your tub to give a cute modernish feel.
  • These curtain types also have some water-resistant coating along their fibers to prevent the décor of your bathroom from ruining.

Take note that when buying for your unique shower curtain ideas to make your bathroom look trendier and more appealing. Consider these factors.

  • Choose the color which attracts the most to you.
  • Ask your self that will this color give your bathroom and the curtains the look you want?
  • We’d recommend to always go for a fresh and lighter color since they go the best with small sized bathrooms.
  • Yellow, white or cream colors are the standard in many cases. But there are no limits!

And don’t only limit your self to only these options. You can instead be more creative and choose to color your bathroom in a dark color and then choose light fresh colors for your curtains. Which would also make you feel that your bathroom is more spacious.

Some more unique shower curtains Ideas

Shower curtains not only provide you privacy while you bathe, but they also add a different life into your bathroom. They help to add a certain sense of drama in your bathroom talking about the designs of course in the curtains. You can consider some more of the following cool ideas and touches with your shower curtains to get the most out of your bathroom.

  • You can opt to go for a draping fabric that hangs from the ceiling to add a softness to your bathroom or the shower tub area.
  • Adding the dramatic shower curtain is also a catchy idea for those of you who are looking for a decorative aspect.
  • Decorative sheets of colored and cute floral designs are also a soft and comforting experience for the curtains.
  • With your unique shower curtain, you can also go for a decorative wallpaper to compliment your bathroom accessories.
  • Also, with smaller bathrooms make sure that your shower curtains are of waterproof material. Since they will prevent mold and are also easier to clean. Just a mild cleaner with a cloth is required to do a job and you’re all done.

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How is Perfume Made


Those of you to which fashion seem the most important no worries. We have got just the right curtains designs, approaches and ideas to help you out. Take a good slow breath and check out these suggestions. Which will surely make your bathroom overall more appealing, vivid and attractive.

  • Firstly, depending upon your bathroom’s overall texture. You can go with decorative tousled fabric.
  • Trying out a romantic heart like a shower curtain to give a loving look all over is a good idea for girls and the little lovebirds as well.
  • If you’re into natural stuff you can go for forest texture curtains. Or the bold and blue jungle prints which look so cool in the nights.
  • You can also get a bit of extra fun by going with a fruit print, or papaya, bananas, mangoes, or lemons upon your preference.

Hence, when going with such an approach choose an appropriate cool pattern that compliments the bathroom wall colors as well. Also, take note that when choosing your shower curtains if you have a low ceiling than vertical stripes curtains are a good option. If your bathroom is average-sized like most are, then horizontal stripes is a great choice. Since these horizontal stripes will give a false sense of hope that your bathroom just keeps on expanding.

More on, since no one is stopping you go all out with your creativity and choose the rarest of the shower curtains you can find. Trust us they will be amazing to look at and will earn you praise in the long run. Consider a whimsical approach, a trendy one, etc. A trick which you can do to make your curtains look unique is hanging it in new ways so its cooler to look at.

In the end, choosing a right shower curtain is a central part of giving your bathroom a great, trendy and comfortable look. Because if you compromise on the design and choose and ill printed or un advised design than you will be the one to blame. Live up your life and enjoy your bathroom time with our unique shower curtain ideas.



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