Where can i buy secondary market annuities?

Category: Passive Income

These marketplaces connect investors with sellers of SMAs and provide a centralized platform for transactions. Examples of reputable online marketplaces for SMAs include:

  1. Annuity.org Marketplace: Annuity.org offers a marketplace where investors can explore and purchase Secondary Market Annuities from various sellers. The platform provides transparency and comprehensive information about available SMAs.
  2. SMA Hub: SMA Hub is an online marketplace specifically focused on Secondary Market Annuities. It connects investors with sellers and offers a wide range of SMAs with different terms and rates.
  3. Qualified Settlement Offerings (QSO Market): QSO Market is another online platform that facilitates the buying and selling of Secondary Market Annuities. It provides a marketplace for investors to browse and purchase SMAs from trusted sources.

When considering investing in Secondary Market Annuities, it’s essential to carefully review the terms, conduct due diligence, and consider the credibility of the marketplace.

Working with reputable professionals and utilizing trustworthy online marketplaces can help facilitate the investment process and enhance investor confidence.


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