7 Types of Car Detailing you might not know about

It’s not just about cleaning the exterior and interior of the car, it’s about providing a complete service that will leave your car feeling, smelling and looking as good as the day you bought it. There are different types of car detailing, including paint correction, interior detailing, carpet cleaning, headlight restoration and many more.

All Types of car detailing services include:

types of car detailing
Best Car Polishers

・Basic interior cleaning

・Exterior car cleaning

・Vacuuming and shampooing

・Deep cleaning

・Power washing

・Exterior car waxing

・Rinse and dry

・Wheel cleaning

・Grain cleaning

・Air conditioning service

・Interior rug cleaning

・Headliner cleaning

・Door jambs and rubber moulding cleaning

・Dashboard and console cleaning

・Window tint cleaning

・Power steering system cleaning

・Clay bar service

・Pet hair removal

・Window tint mannequin

・Tire rotation

・Test drive

・Interior and exterior car polish

・Leather and fabric protection

#1: Basic Mobile Car Wash

The most basic type of car wash is the mobile car wash, which is where a truck or van comes to your home or workplace to provide a car wash. These car washes are cheap, quick and easy, but they’re not as thorough as other car washes. Let’s find a mobile car wash in your area by asking Google.

Equipment used in a basic mobile car wash

  1. vacuums
  2. brushes
  3. soap/surf
  4. commercial cleaners and
  5. distillers

Mobile Car Wash Checklist

  1. Painted Surfaces – Washed, Bug and Tar Removal, Clay bar and Oxidation Removal, Polished and Waxed
  2. Wheels – Washed, Wheel Wells, Brake Calipers, Alloy rims
  3. Tires – Rubber cleaned and Dresses
  4. Windows and Mirrors – Windshield, Sunroof, Side mirrors, passenger mirrors
  5. Headlights and Tail lights
  6. Front and Rear Bumpers
  7. Front Grill
  8. Rocker Panels
  9. Tail Pipe
  10. License plates


#2: Complete Car Interior Detailingcar interior detailing includes

If you’ve ever eaten in your car, you know the struggle of trying to keep it clean. No matter how many times you try to wipe down the seats, they always seem to end up stained and greasy. And don’t even get us started on the mess that’s created by fast food wrappers and spilled drinks.

An interior detailing service is designed to remove dirt and debris from the entire interior of your vehicle. This can include a range of services such as shampooing the carpet, applying upholstery protectant and cleaning the windows and dashboard.

The professional will also vacuum and sanitize the floor mats and seats, which will leave your car feeling fresh and clean. This is a great option for those who want to keep their vehicle looking and smelling as good as new.

What you’ll need to clean your car

You’ll need a few simple supplies.

  1. some water,
  2. a car-safe cleaning solution (Hyperlink),
  3. a microfiber cloth and
  4. a vacuum cleaner.

Note: Make sure to read the product label before using any cleaning solutions on your car’s interior. Some solutions may be too harsh and could damage the plastics or upholstery in your car.

How to vacuum your car

Vacuuming your car is the best way to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from the surfaces of your vehicle.

Start by removing all of the loose dirt and debris from the interior of your car with a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to pay special attention to the areas where dirt and dust tend to accumulate, such as the carpets, seats, and headliner.

If you have any upholstered surfaces in your car, be sure to use the vacuum’s upholstery attachment to clean them thoroughly.

How to clean the rest of your car interior

The best way to clean the rest of your car interior is to vacuum it. Use the crevice tool to get into all the nooks and crannies, and make sure to vacuum the seats, the floor, and the roof.

If you have any stubborn dirt or stains, you can use a mild detergent or car upholstery cleaner to help remove them. Be careful not to use too much water, as this can damage your car’s interior.

How to prevent future spills and stains in your car

One of the best ways to prevent future spills and stains in your car is to clean it regularly. This means vacuuming the seats and carpets, wiping down the dashboard and console, and cleaning the windows inside and out. You can also buy seat covers and floor mats to help protect your car’s interior from dirt, dust, and spills.

If a mess does happen, make sure to clean it up as quickly as possible so it doesn’t have a chance to set in. With a little bit of effort, you can keep your car looking (and smelling) fresh for years to come!

complete car detailing

#3: Car Exterior Detailing

A car exterior detailing is to remove as much dirt, grime, and debris from the car’s body as possible. This is usually done with a clay bar, which is used to remove paint imperfections and embedded dirt from the vehicle’s surface.

Leather is cleaned with a degreaser and conditioned with a moisturizing agent, and any other fabric is cleaned with a quality detergent. Any necessary stains are treated with a professional-grade stain remover, and the surface is rinsed clean.

In order to get a spotless car exterior in less than 30 minutes, you will need the following supplies:

  1. car wash soap
  2. two buckets
  3. a sponge or washcloth
  4. degreaser (optional)
  5. a water hose
  6. a tire brush (optional)
  7. A protectant (optional).

Wash it over

The first step is to wash the car. This removes any dirt or dust that may be on the surface. You don’t need to use a fancy car-wash soap for this; just a regular old dishwashing liquid will do. Be sure to rinse the car well afterwards, so all the soap is removed.

Now it’s time to get rid of those pesky bugs. You can use a bug spray, or if you’re feeling brave, you can try using a bug sponge (like this one). The sponge has little bristles on it that help remove the bugs without scratching the paint. Just be careful not to scrub too hard, or you may damage the paint. Finally, it’s time for the wax.

A good coat of wax will help protect the paint from weathering and UV damage. Make sure to apply it in a thin layer and let it dry completely before buffing off with a soft cloth.

Drying the car

Now it’s time to dry the car. Make sure to use a microfiber towel or chamois to avoid streaks. You can also use a leaf blower to speed up the process. Start at the top of the car and work your way down, using circular motions. Don’t forget to hit the edges and the underside of the car, too!

Paint Protection - ceramic coating

#4: Paint Protection (Polishing)

Polishing involves using a compound to shine the exterior surface, which usually involves the use of wax or sealant. Wax is a type of sealant that is applied to the car’s surface to protect it from the elements, while also providing a glossy finish.


Applying protectant

The final step is to apply a protectant. This will help seal in the clean finish and keep your car looking sharp for longer. We recommend using a product like our California Gold Protectant, which forms a barrier against the sun’s harmful UV rays, pollution, and other environmental factors.

Not only does it keep your car looking great, but it also helps protect the underlying surface from wear and tear. With just a few simple steps, you can have a spotless car exterior that looks great and protects your investment!

full car detailing

#5: Full Car Detailing

The full auto detailing process is a comprehensive cleaning and restoration of your vehicle’s interior and exterior. It is intended to remove years of dust and grime, restore faded colors, and protect your vehicle’s finish.

The full car detailing process includes the following steps: appraisal, decontamination, deionization, detailing, and protection. The appraisal step is the removal of any non-essential contaminants from the vehicle’s body.

What are the benefits of full car detailing?

  1. A full car detailing can do wonders for your vehicle’s appearance.
  2. A good detailing will remove all the built-up dirt, dust, and grime from your car’s exterior and interior.
  3. It will also clean all the nooks and crannies, and polish the surfaces until they gleam.
  4. A good detailing can also improve your car’s performance by cleaning the engine and chassis.
  5. It will protect your car’s finish with a layer of wax or sealant.

How often should you get a full car detailing?

You may be wondering how often you should get a full car detailing. Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive answer—every car and every driver will require different attention. However, we generally recommend having a full detailing done about twice a year.

That being said, there are some simple tips you can follow in between those professional cleanings to help keep your car looking its best. For example, try to avoid eating in your car, and always use a dust cloth to clean the dashboard and other surfaces. If you do notice any major dirt or stains, address them as soon as possible so they don’t have time to settle in and become harder to remove.

How to get a full car detailing for less?

A full car detailing can be a real investment, but it’s one that’s definitely worth it if you want to keep your car looking its best. Luckily, there are ways to get this service done for less. First, try searching for a detailing service that offers group discounts.

You can also look for services that offer loyalty programs or frequent customer discounts. There are even some detailing services that offer package deals, so be sure to ask about that when you’re getting quotes.

Finally, consider doing some of the work yourself. For example, you could vacuum and clean the interior yourself, or take your car in for a wash and wax. No matter how you go about it, just make sure you get that full car detailing done at least once a year!

full car detailing

#6: Full Car Restoration

Full car restoration means restoring the vehicle’s body to its original factory condition. This includes repairing or replacing dents, dings, and scratches; and refinishing the vehicle’s body and interior.

Time needed for full car restoration

The amount of time needed to perform a full car restoration depends on the extent of the damage and the quality of the finish. In general, a professional detailer can restore a vehicle in about two hours, but a high-quality paint job can take considerably longer, sometimes several days or even weeks.

Cost of a full car restoration

It is estimated that a full car restoration can cost anywhere from fifty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars.

#7: Ceramic Coating

The application of a ceramic coating to your vehicle’s paint is to restore its luster and protect its finish. The coating is created by spraying a mixture of clay and fine ceramic particles onto a canvas, which is then stretched over a mold of your vehicle.

After the coating has dried, the canvas is removed, leaving a thin layer of ceramic on your vehicle’s paint. The ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s paint from harmful UV rays, pollution, and other contaminants while still allowing your vehicle’s true beauty to shine through.

Ceramic coating is a popular choice for many car owners because of its ability to protect the paint and keep the car looking shiny and new. Here are some tips for keeping your ceramic coating in top condition:

1. Wash your car regularly. This will remove any dirt or debris that could potentially damage the coating.

2. Avoid using harsh cleaners or abrasives on the coating. These can cause scratching or other damage.

3. Wax the car regularly. This will help to protect the coating and keep it looking shiny.

4. Inspect the coating regularly for any signs of damage. If you see any, have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

What is the difference between a car wash and a detail?

A car wash is a service that cleans the exterior of a vehicle, but a detail is a service that provides the most thorough cleaning. A detail service can include more than the exterior and interior of the vehicle, but it focuses on the more important parts of the car.

In a car wash, the car is washed with water. In a detail, the car is washed with a special cleaning solution.

What is a professional car detailing?

A professional car detailing is a full cleaning service that includes all the parts that make up a car. It should include cleaning the exterior, interior, and undercarriage. It should include the removal of dirt, grime, and oil, as well as the application of wax, and polishing.

A professional detailer is someone who has done enough detailing to know how to perform the service correctly. A professional detailer is skilled and knowledgeable about the vehicle, the owner, and the service.


A full car detailing is the perfect way to get your car looking and smelling like new again. Not only will your car be clean and shiny, but you’ll also get rid of all the built-up dirt and grime that’s been accumulating over time. By following these simple tips, you can get a full car detailing for less and have your car looking and feeling amazing in no time.



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