TRUGLO Tritium- Best Pistol Sights For Old Eyes

TRUGLO Tritium

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Key Features 

  • Durable steel construction
  • incredible visibility in daylight shooting
  • Offers clear views even in darkness
  • Has glowing green dots
  • Standard bright white dots
  • Snag resistant design
  • Finished coating for maximum protection
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Works explicitly during day and night

TRUGLO Tritium is the best pistol sights for old eyes and works admirably both in the day and evening. It does not require any battery or light introduction to shine. Its permeability is more apparent in low light or complete haziness. During the daytime, its spot gleams white in color, and when it comes to the night, know that it shines green in color. It is appropriate for some Glocks and handguns.

This super fabulous pistol sight comes with tritium for maximum enlightenment with seeing green front and backlights in low or no light. Tritium works the best in no light and gives the greatest brightening so you can easily enjoy your hunting experience every time. This gun sight works best during both day and night. The conservative snag-free structure fits easily on the Glock holder.

Its solid and sturdy development guarantees to deal with anything. It is comprised of CNC machined steel with post completing the process of covering and so you will love the finished coating over it for sure. The best pistol sights for old eyes are anything but very easy to install, yet this gun sight requires 10 minutes to put on Glock. It is not just the most splendid sight on the lookout, however at this price it works consummately. This pistol sight is very close to TRIJICON Pistol Sights in its working and so you can easily count on it. So, you can check it on Amazon to make your purchase!


  • Easy to install
  • Cheap in price
  • Robust and strong buildup
  • Works at day and night both


  • A bit higher brightness would be appreciated

Customers’ Reviews Over The Best Pistol Sights For Old Eyes

This is an incredible item if you have a Dremel and an additional five minutes of time. WIthout a Dremel, you are in a tough situation. The issue is that the back change screw that accompanies the gun does not fit the new sight and Truglo, mysteriously, does exclude a substitution screw. Subsequently, you can not install the sight without making some extra room inside the strangely molded sight cavity to oblige the fragmentary contrast between the space accessible and the first (marginally more) screw. When you Dremel the sight for a couple of moments, it turns out great. The second explanation I dinged the item is the front sight utilizes a level head screw that isn’t viable with either the first screw or the screwdriver that accompanies the gun. While they incorporated the new screw for the front sight it is hard to track down a screwdriver adequately thin to oblige the extraordinarily close fit, since this gun has a cylinder that must be taken out before the establishment, an unordinary plan that leaves next to no squirm room. Walther incorporated a restricted screwdriver envisioning the issue. TRUGLO doesn’t.



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