Troubleshooting Android Home Screen: Missing App Icons

When your favorite app icon suddenly vanishes off the home screen of your Android phone, it might be very perplexing. It’s not just unclear; it may also be really aggravating.

So why do apps frequently vanish from an Android phone’s homepage?

Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why the app might not show up on your homepage.


Here are some methods for returning missing items to an Android phone’s home screen layout.

Verify the installation of any missing programs.

Checking whether an app is even loaded on your smartphone should be your first step when looking for a lost app.

Users frequently discover that the app has been removed from their smartphones. This indicates that there won’t be an icon in your home if the application wasn’t installed.

You can verify this by navigating to the App Gallery’s installed apps directory, where all apps and their various versions are kept.

You can access the App Gallery from the home screen if the apps are downloaded to your smartphone.

Reset the Launcher and Home Screen Data

You might be able to reset the home screen layout on some devices.

In other words, you have the choice to reset the homepage to the location where the apps would normally show.

  • You can do this by clicking on Settings first.
  • then select Applications (or Application Manager)
  • After that, select Manage Space from the Storage menu.
  • In order to reset the home screen pages, you should be able to Reset your home screen layout or erase Launcher data.
  • You should be able to find every program installed on your device after doing this, which should return your applications to their default positions.

Verify that the missing apps are contained in the app folder.

Your Android phone’s apps may occasionally have been inadvertently placed inside of folders.

This is more likely if you attempt to utilize and download apps that are not available through the Google Play Store. If you’re downloading from a third-party store, the file might be kept on your device in a Folder app.

Also, you won’t be able to pick the app icon on your home screen if the app is in a Folder.

But, you should be able to quickly locate any missing apps in your Android directories by performing a simple search.

Make sure no hidden programs are missing.

The ability to hide or freeze applications is available on some Android models, albeit it is becoming less and less common.

When an application is hidden, it no longer appears on your Android phone’s home screen. You normally do this via the Settings menu on your device.

As more recent Android phones don’t have this feature built into their app permissions, the majority of people now need an app hider to do this.

Restore the factory settings on your Android device.

You may choose to do a factory reset on your device in specific circumstances if none of the solutions mentioned above have worked.

It is advised to back up your Android phone’s data before doing a factory reset because doing so will obviously return your device to its default settings.

Data and cache are fully erased when a phone is the factory reset. You will then have the opportunity to download the app from Fresh, where it will operate normally.


In conclusion, an app could be removed from your home screen layout due to an unforeseen change or an Android upgrade.

Fortunately, after carefully inspecting your smartphone, you should easily be able to add any missing apps to your home page.

Although this usually occurs because the app has been deleted or hidden, many Android users have complained that the installed applications didn’t appear on the home screen layout





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