Transom Height For Outboard Motor | Measurement Steps

Last updated on August 3rd, 2022 at 07:13 pm

There is a lot of pressure on new boat buyers as they have no experience regarding boat maintenance. It is a huge responsibility and without it, the boat will soon wear away. Before starting off about transom height, let’s see what it actually is. It is found on the rear of the boat, and is vertically aligned.

This is where the outboard is usually mounted and the ship name is placed. The transom height is the measuring of the hull from bottom till the transom from the centerline. This might lead to an entrance to swim pools or other outdoor areas. You can find the best transom height for outboard motor for yourself, here’s how;

It is extremely important for the boat to have the correct transom height. This is because is clearly decides the outboard motor that has to be used, and if we get that wrong the whole boating experience will be trashed. In case of a very high transom height, the propellers of the motor will be effected leading to an issue with the motor bracket. Moreover, the propellers won’t be able to reach the water, which will worsen the problem. If the transom height is very low, it will cause the motor to end up underwater leading to engine problems.

The buyer is supposed to be aware about the boat measurements as it helps in deciding the best transom height. For short shaft engines, the transom height should be of 15 inches, for long shaft the height should be of 20 inches and for extra-long shafts, the transom height is supposed to be around 25 inches. If the boat has to be used on certain salty waters, it requires a height of 35 inches.

Transom Height For Outboard Motor

What is better, a low transom height or a height transom height?

It is always best to choose standard mounting process which involves the alignment of anti-ventilation plates to the engine. The outboard is delivered by mounting holes, and is vertically aligned as well. The lower mounting process causes the engine to be set lower as well, which gives a poor outcome. It increases drag and underwater clearance, along with effecting travelling capabilities as more fuel and energy is used. Transom height for outboard motor directly effects the performance of the motor or boat.

 In higher mounting processes, there is a risk of the engine overheating and being corroded over time. There is an additional weight on the boat, which it might not be able handle. It also tends to mess with steering abilities. However, it also results in advantages e.g. a higher speed and additional horsepower. It also improves the experience if boating at faster speeds.

Does angle matter? This is the vertically alignment of the transom and is measured in degrees. It can either be flat or have an angle of 30 degrees; however it is usually placed at 14 degrees. The transom angle should be placed in such a way that it positively impacts the trimming of the boat. The angle is also determined through the transom height. A beginner should learn the words that revolve around trimming for a better experience with transom heights.



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