10 Must-have Content Marketing Tools Every Team Needs

Last updated on January 6th, 2023 at 10:56 am

Do you know all the benefits of about B2b? if you’re not. 

You’ve probably realized its importance and plan to immediately incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

What’s the best way to do it?

The good news is that many marketing tools help you succeed.

So whether you’re new to content marketing or have been using it for a while, these ten tools will help you maximize your time and energy.

1. BuzzSumo: 

What content is trending in your industry? Do you know what your competitors write and market?

BuzzSumo levels the playing field, suggest topics to write about and helps you find industry influencers to promote your content.

Discover the most shared content across all social networks and run analysis reports.

Find industry leaders, review their content, and plan influencer outreach. Be the first to see keyword-related content with content alerts.

To never miss a competitor’s new content, you can get alerts.

Competitor analysis lets you compare your content’s performance to your competitors. Search any keyword to see the top-performing content.

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2. Evernote: 

Want a better way to organize or generate content ideas? Do you need a place to store your ideas so your team can collaborate?

Evernote can help. It works on all devices and is a great place to store BuzzSumo’s first-source information.

Evernote lets you access your files from any device, including work. Share your notes for easy access. Cut web images, pages, and PDFs.

You can search your notebooks, add notes to images, sync notes between devices, and even go offline.

Evernote organizes content marketing best. Now that you have a plan, boost your online presence.

3. Kred: 

Content marketing isn’t just writing and hoping people read it. Find social media influencers who can spread your message. Kred can help.

Facebook and Twitter activity determines your influence. It lets you reach the most important people for your business.

Unlike other influencer tools, this one lets you become an “influencer,” which boosts your online presence.

Content improves with visibility. Kred builds trust and credibility best. If they know you, people will click and interact with your content.

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4. Trello: 

Most companies have content marketing teams. Trello improves teamwork with boards, lists, and cards. It helps you organize and plan writing, posting and sharing content.

To simplify your content marketing plan, you can leave messages for team members and share content in one place.

Trello is among the best collaboration tools. The layout makes it easy to start and stay on track, making planning straightforward.

5. Funnels: 

You should create a sales funnel even if your business doesn’t target online customers. Sales funnels show how visitors become leads. 

These funnels convert leads into sales, increasing your business’s average order value. Since this post is about time-saving tools, you’ll probably want to use ClickFunnels.

Easy-to-use ClickFunnels is excellent. Create a successful sales funnel in minutes.

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6. Tweriod: 

Promote content on Twitter when your audience is online and paying attention.

Tweriod shows the best time to tweet. You can also see the most mentions and replies. Visual reports will show you when to tweet.

The free tool analyses up to 1,000 followers. To increase clicks, post at peak engagement once you know the best time to post.

It is why you’re promoting your content on Twitter, right? Now that you know when to tweet. So, find some good photos to share. Look here.

7. Canva: 

To get clicks on your latest blog post, include high-quality images. Photoshop isn’t cheap or fun. Using this professional software takes time.

Canva’s pre-made layouts and templates make it easy to create something your readers will love.

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8. Uberflip: 

Uberflip improves your site’s “content experience” and performance to own the buyer’s journey.

It’s the primary tool for content marketing, lead generation, account-based marketing, and salespeople.

Use Uberflip to manage your workflows for blogs, videos, e-books, and more from one central location.

“Your visitor’s interaction with your brand is consistent and unbroken” with Uberflip’s content hubs and sales streams.

Uberflip is the best way to promote and simplify your content. However, monitor your competitors.

9. SEMRush: 

Learn all about search marketing with SEMRush. What keywords are your competitors bidding on? How do their search ads look?

This tool shows your competitors’ top organic keywords. See how your company ranks for unpaid keywords.

Enter a URL into SEMRush to get tons of keyword data you didn’t know existed. It helps you find keywords your competitors may need to learn about.

You can also discover if you rank well for a keyword you still need to consider. With some effort, you can rank first.

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10. MailChimp: 

Content marketing via email works best. It is an excellent email marketing tool for online marketing.

Your MailChimp dashboard is accessible via phone or computer. Free is even better (up to a certain number of emails sent and several subscribers).

It allows you to build an email list of content-interested people. Track them too. You can track email list signups, opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.






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