Top Bar Refrigerators with Ice Makers for your kitchen

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The only thing that can be worse than this scorching summer heat is being served a warm beverage. There is a way to ensure you never have to face this dilemma. Top bar refrigerators with ice makers can produce ice instantly. No need to fill your refrigerators with loads of drinks and juices in hopes of beating the heat with a cold glass of something sweet.

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☞ Stainless steel material
☞ Front exhaust fan
☞ Reversible door

Rather you can enjoy a bar like ambiance and chilled drinks at the comfort of your home. Take a look at our list of top bar refrigerators with ice makers that we have prepared for you.

What makes bar refrigerators with ice makers worth the buy?

Always be careful while buying a refrigerator for your bar. It should be a one-time investment so keep these factors in your mind.


Usually, people forget to measure their space beforehand and buy a fridge that is never going to fit in there. The perfect idea to tackle this situation is to measure the space and then have a refrigerator accordingly. You can look for the under-counter refrigerator as well if you have less space.

Ice maker

Ice makers are available in different sizes and different ice making capacities. If you are single and occasionally organize parties then you can have an ice maker with a maximum of 44lbs ice making capacity. However, A party animal who often hosts family dinners and friends’ gatherings can have an ice maker with a much larger capacity.


A refrigerator is one of those appliances that is never going to be switched off. Always focus on the efficiency of the refrigerator. It will help in making it budget-friendly and environment friendly as well. Energy star certification is doing a good job so get a certified machine.

Temperature settings

The temperature of the refrigerator can vary with the temperature of its surroundings. You should always go with a refrigerator that offers a vast range of temperature settings. You can adjust the temperature depending on the season and place you live in.

Space efficient doors

Doors can save a large space if you choose the right option. You cannot place a refrigerator in front of a wall or counters because you need to open the door afterward. If you have less space always choose glass sliding doors. They can save quite a lot of area.

Maintenance cost is reduced

Fridge and an ice maker in a single unit decrease the maintenance cost immensely. You only need to look after a single unit rather than handling two of them. So, it is a good option to buy a refrigerator with an ice maker.

List of top bar refrigerators with ice makers:


1. SPT IM-600US- best top bar refrigerators with ice makers

SPT IM-600US- Refrigerators with Ice

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SPT IM-600US is a well-known product. It is often recommended to the people who need an ice maker for home use. It weighs 84lbs and is manufactured using stainless steel. Hence, the quality of this product is impeccable.
You should always use filtered water with it to have perfect and healthy ice cubes. It consists of multiple good features. Doors are made up of stainless steel and equipped with a black cabinet. Also, it features a front exhaust fan to make the ice odor-free.
The doors of this refrigerator are designed using a reversible mechanism. It is best for home use rather than commercial use. And can produce up to 50 pounds of ice daily. It has a storage capacity of 25 pounds. Which is relatively less as compared to other products on the market

  • Stainless steel material
  • Front exhaust fan
  • Reversible door
  • Less storage capacity

2. Scotsman CU50GA-1A-m – Best Bar Fridge & Refrigerator with Ice Maker

Scotsman CU50GA-1A-m - Refrigerators with Ice

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Key Features:

  • Item Weight: 100lbs
  • Base Material: Stainless steel

There are numerous ice makers available in the market but Scotsman CU50GA has its special place. If you want to open your bar, then this ice maker is going to be your perfect business partner. It is specifically manufactured for commercial use.
You never need to worry about the water condition. As you will always be well informed about it through its control panel. It can also be used in outdoor conditions. Usually, people drop the idea of buying an ice maker due to less space. Scotsman can easily fit under the counter and save a lot of areas.
The quality of the ice produced is just perfect. Scotsman is a Picasso in producing well-shaped, crystal-like ice cubes. The ice cubes are neither going to dilute the flavor of your drink nor going to melt rapidly. It produces odorless ice but It’s not suitable if you are buying it as household use.

  • Odorless ice
  • Long-lasting cubes
  • Best for commercial use
  • Not suitable as a household

3. EdgeStar IB450SS – best undercounter refrigerator

EdgeStar IB450SS – Refrigerators with Ice

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Key Features:

  • Item Weight: 78lbs
  • Base Material: Stainless steel

Made with high-quality stainless steel EdgeStar is a durable and reliable product. It can produce up to 50 pounds of ice daily and can store up to 25 pounds as well. All the components of the icemaker are included in the package after a high-quality check.
It has a weight of 78 pounds that makes it a medium-sized ice maker. It’s one of the more modern machines equipped with computerized controls. The ice bin is also removable so that you can easily use the ice. Some of the other main features include reversible doors, and legs that can be adjusted to multiple levels.
One of the drawbacks of this product is that it produces the ice in the form of sheets. You need to break it yourself to make it useful. Also, you need a licensed plumber to make it work, you should not install it yourself.

  • Computerized controls
  • Stainless steel material
  • Durable and reliable
  • Produces ice in the form of sheets

4. Manitowoc UR 0140A- best portable ice maker 2021

Manitowoc UR 0140A - Refrigerators with Ice

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Key Features:

  • Item Weight: 150lbs
  • Base Material: Stainless steel

Manitowoc is a heavyweight machine with a weight of 150 pounds. Subsequently, it delivers heavy-duty performance relative to its heaviness. And is also able to serve at a commercial level. It can produce a large amount of ice in a limited time.
At its best, it can produce 137 pounds of ice daily. Furthermore, it is water and energy-efficient product. It uses less amount of resources as compared to other ice makers in the same range.
It is also equipped with some important indicators to indicate the full bin and service etc. And it can be paused by using its delay function. If you are dealing with less productive days and want to make it slow down, it’s not a big deal. It can be cleaned without any inconvenience. But while its massive weight acts as in its production, it’s also one of its biggest drawbacks.

  • Delay function
  • Service Indicators
  • Fast cleaning
  • Heavyweight

5. Frigidaire EFIC – Instant ice making refrigerator

Frigidaire EFIC - Instant ice making refrigerator - Refrigerators with Ice

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Key Features:

  • Item Weight: 17.9lbs
  • Base Material: Stainless steel

A very light weighted ice maker with several quality features is none other than Frigidaire EFIC.
It weighs only 17.9 pounds and has a very elegant design. A well-designed large window is there through which you can monitor the progress. You can check the ice level and can estimate the performance of the compressor too.
It’s an instant ice maker so that you don’t have to wait for ice while holding a glass of drink. It only takes six minutes to make crystal clear ice. Furthermore, it can produce 26 pounds of ice in a day.
It is one of those amazing ice makers that offer options in ice sizes. You can decide the size of the ice according to your convenience. It’s a very silent icemaker with a noise of less than 38 DB. 200W of power is required to make it functional. Overall, it has good prospects but you may face some problems with its durability.

  • See-through window
  • Instant ice maker
  • Very less noise
  • Low durability

6. FirstBuild Opal- mini fridge with ice maker

FirstBuild Opal- mini fridge with ice maker - Refrigerators with Ice

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Key Features:

  • Item Weight: 47lbs
  • Base Material: Stainless-Steel, Plastic

Opal is not a new name; it has been producing quality refrigerators for years. With a weight of fewer than 50 pounds and an elegant design, very few people tend to refuse it. FirstBuild is famous for making delicious ice.
It’s ideal for any countertop with a dimension of 15.5×14.25×17.2 inches. It can produce the best looking, soft, and crunchy ice in only twenty minutes. It can produce up to 24 pounds of ice daily. But has bun storage of only 3 pounds. This storage cannot be considered very good.
Using modern technology, it is equipped with Bluetooth to make it able to connect with your phone. You can easily adjust the ice maker by using your phone. Stainless steel and plastic are used in its design to make it look pretty and solid as well.

  • Elegant design
  • Delicious ice
  • Phone connectivity option
  • Very less bin space

7. Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker

Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker - Refrigerators with Ice

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Key Features:

  • Item Weight: 60lbs
  • Base Material: Plastic

If you are tired of ice makers requiring a drain you should take a look at Whynter UIM. It requires no drainage and is easily installed. The ice-making capacity of this machine is 12 pounds per day. It does not have sufficient capacity, but it can be utilized by people looking to buy it for home-usage.
The door is made up of stainless steel and there is a black. Ice scoop and ice bin are also included in the package. Bin has a capacity of 6 pounds and the machine is automatically turned off when the bin is full.
Its power consumption is 120 W. Overall a very efficient and effective product. It is best for a house with a small family.

  • No drain required
  • Best for a small family
  • Ice scoop included
  • Less ice making capacity
  • Less bin capacity
  • Plastic material

8. EdgeStar Black Built-inn Ice Maker Stainless Steel

EdgeStar Black Built-inn Ice Maker Stainless Steel - Refrigerators with Ice

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Key Features:

  • Item Weight: 54lbs
  • Base Material: Stainless steel

EdgeStarBuilt needs no introduction, they have been in this industry for years. The quality of the components is usually very high in all their machines. It includes front venting to make built-in installations possible.
In this elegant ice maker, we can have a water line connection. The length of the line is 25 feet and has a 1/4in width. The reversible door is added to make it portable and easier to use. An ice scoop is also part of the complete package.
The power switch is very easy to use, you just need to press it to turn it on or off. It also automatically turns off when the bin gets filled. You can use it as a freezer if you are interested in keeping your ice in frozen form.

  • Trusted brand
  • High-quality components
  • Also, act as a freezer
  • Less bin capacity


If you want to have an amazing summer ahead with a cool head and chilled drinks, this is the time to buy a quality bar refrigerator with ice maker. It is very important to buy the right product for the right job. We have mentioned some of the best commercial and home ice makers.
A freezer without an ice maker usually fails to fulfill all your ice needs during summer. So, you should buy an ice maker of your choice and stay tension free during the gatherings.


  1. Is there a need of filter for refrigerators with the ice maker?
    Yes, the filter is not needed to produce ice, but it’s required to increase the overall quality of ice and the durability of your machine. So, it’s better to use a filter.
  2. Dual ice maker come along with which refrigerator?
    You can have GE or profile branded refrigerators if you are looking for a dual ice maker. They usually are equipped with them.
  3. Which one is the most trusted ice maker?
    According to our research SPT IM-600US is the best ice maker on the market with its odorless ice and long-lasting cubes.
  4. Do I need a plumber to install my ice maker?
    It depends on the model you are buying. Some of the models need a plumber while some have their tanks and do not need any type of installation.
  5. Can I fix my ice maker by changing the filter?
    You can increase the longevity of your ice maker by using a filter. But a polluted filter is not always the case for poor performance. You need to identify the problem first and then take some appropriate action.
  6. For how much time I can use one filter?
    In most cases, you should use it for 9 months and then replace it.




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