Top 7 Best Ladder Tree Stand [A Buying Guide For Hunting Lovers]

Last updated on August 11th, 2021 at 01:15 pm

A tree stand must ensure comfort and proper functionality during your hunting sessions. There are many treestands available in markets, but not all of them are safe and durable. In this article I will show you the Top 7 best ladder tree stands with good features and long-lasting service. Let’s make a good investment.

Editor's Pick
Millennium Tree stands Monster Hang-On Tree stand

☞ ComfortMAX height adjustable seat with a full backrest
☞ A 35-foot safelink rope with prusik knot and carabiner

Things To Consider Before Buying a Best Ladder Tree Stand

 Before choosing a ladder tree stand you must identify your preferences and make sure it provides comfort during your hunting sessions.


Safety is a primary factor to consider while buying a ladder tree stand because nothing costs life. There two suggestions for you to minimize the risk of any kind of accident while hunting. Tree stands with these two features are ideal for your hunting sessions.

  • A fall arrest system (FAS)
  • The tree stand manufactures association (TMA).


If you are moving from place to place while hunting. Make sure that the tree stands you are carrying with you is:

  • Easy to transport.
  • The average weight of 45 pounds.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300lbs to 500 lbs to ensure your safety.


Typically ladder tree stands are constructed with aluminum or steel. According to our research best archery tree stands are made of steel, and are more durable and reliable. The stable steel structure provides ultimate strength and stability.

Table Summary

Millennium Tree stands Monster Hang-On Tree stand

☞ComfortMAX height adjustable seat with a full backrest
☞A 35-foot safelink rope with prusik knot and carabiner
4.8/5View Product
Summit Treestands 81120 Treestand

☞Aluminum frame climbing tree stand
☞18 inches wide and 12 inches deep seat
4.7/5View Product
Guide Gear 18’ 2 Person Ladder Tree Stand

☞Padded bench seat with the large foot platform
☞Oversleeve ladder section stability
4.1/5View Product
Rivers Edge RE647 One Man Deluxe Ladder Stand

☞Aluminum construction
☞Comfort with affordability
3.9/5View Product
BIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand

☞30” Adjustable and removable padded seats
☞Flipping shooting rail
4.1/5View Product
Big dog BDL1050 Stadium Serie

☞53” x 13” curves foot platform
☞ Weight capacity of 500 lbs
3.5/5View Product
X-Stand Treestands Duke X 20'

☞20” shooting rail
☞300 lbs weight capacity
4.7/5View Product

1. Millennium Tree stands Monster Hang-On Tree stand

Millennium Tree stands Monster Hang-On Tree stand

Check Price On Amazon

Key features:

  • ComfortMAX height adjustable seat with a full backrest
  • A 35-foot safelink rope with prusik knot and carabiner
  • It is safely designed to hang on and ladder strands
  • Its large seat provides plenty of room/space
  • The M150 is built from rugged aluminum with a durable powder coat finish
  • Quiet and easy setup
  • Measurements include a 24 inches wide and 37 inches deep platform
  • Adjustable 24 inches wide seat

The millennium best hang on tree stand monster is designed to provide you comfort, stability, safety, and durability. Its features provide the best possible experience for hunters.

The M150 provides a solution to your fixing problems in standard seats. An adjustable comfortMAX seats, backrest and side straps on this tree stand provide a solid comfort while waiting for your hunt.

Quick feature review of this adjustable tree stand includes easy and quiet setup, large platform, safe link, portable backpack storage, and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The stands of this M150 are made of aluminum which is comfortable and protected with powder coat finish.

Customer Reviews:
I am a stickler when it comes to quality. I have always believed that quality wins every time. Millennium stands are expensive but worth it. It should be more like I loved it. It was easy to put together, as well as hanging it.

2. Summit Treestands 81120 Treestand

Summit Treestands 81120 Treestand

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Key features:

  • Aluminum frame climbing tree stand
  • Foam padded seat with backrest  in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo
  • Its weight is 20 lbs and a weight capacity of holding a man is 300 lbs
  • 18 inches wide and 12 inches deep seat
  • Includes FAS harness system all necessary hardware
  • Versatile functioning and lightweight

The Viper SD is Summit’s most well-known model which is built to keep you safe and comfortable. it Includes an adjustable cushioned seat that can be raised and brought down for holding weapons and bow. You can never trust as soon as you begin hunting. This is the great weather-resistant tree stand so far.

The Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand is secured by Summit’s 5-Year Limited Warranty. The easiest, quickest and calmest link connection framework at any point imagined, no mishandling with pins or handles.

High-quality expelled aluminum and accuracy welds give the most extreme flexibility and quality. Each joint is “bolted” into place before welding and planned so weight on the welds is limited, for a stand that is solid, protected, secure, and quiet.

This Summit tree stand offers a roomy stage size seat and a cushioned weapon rest, ensuring your firearm has its rest as well. 

Customer Reviews:
What I like the most about this stand is that it is the most comfortable stand on the market, lightweight as far as climbers go, cable wrap, no pins to lose. Fall arrest harness is nothing fancy, but functional. It’s perfect for a lifetime hunting enjoyment.

3. Guide Gear 18’ 2 Person Ladder Tree Stand

Guide Gear 18’ 2 Person Ladder Tree Stand

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Key features:

  • The high vantage point in low price
  • Padded bench seat with the large foot platform
  • Enough room to stretch and get comfortable
  • A flip-up shooting rail to help steady your shoot
  • Steel construction for long-lasting durability
  • 37” x 13” foot space
  • 13” x 38” seat space and 17” high with 1 cushion
  • Oversleeve ladder section stability
  • It includes Adjustable sports bar and fasteners
  • 65lbs weight and two safety harnesses

You need to get equipment produced by a legitimate organization, this one is an extraordinary spot to begin. Nonetheless, there are a few things that very separate it from a portion of the others we have listed here. There are two-seat cushion silencers situated under the casing that can keep you somewhat calm as you make your shot.

For example, the 18′ Jumbo Ladder tips the scales at an astounding 68.5 pounds, so it can barely be viewed as a compact tree stand. On the off chance that you like to do your hunting sessions from a similar spot consistently, this is without a doubt the correct decision for you.

The model flaunts a tough steel development, and that certainly makes it fit for standing the trial of time. The armrests are cushioned and the shooting rail gloated by the item guarantees shooting soundness.

Customer Reviews:
I like the expanded metal seat. It will last for years unlike others that are being made today. Many customers have reported that “Hardware parts are missing”

4. Rivers Edge RE647 One Man Deluxe Ladder Stand

Rivers Edge RE647 One Man Deluxe Ladder Stand

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Key features:

  • Aluminum construction
  • Padded seat with a flip back shooting rail
  • Comfort with affordability
  • The footrest is provided for all-day comfort hunting
  • 44 pounds product weight
  • Include tree stand
  • Stable, secure and comfortable

Rivers Edge RE647 one man deluxe ladder stand is specifically designed for the hunters. The height and dimensions of this tree stand are enough for you to avoid being winded. You don’t have to worry about the durability. This tree stand is made of good quality material which always makes it an expert choice.

This ladder tree stands to fit the needs of all bowhunters and gun hunters of different sizes and height. Rivers Edge RE647 one man deluxe ladder stand ensures your security and stability so that you can focus more on your surrounding targets.

The feature of this tree stands you will love the most is its cushioned ergonomic large platform seating. Buy this ladder tree stand and enjoy your time on the tree. 

Customer Reviews:
I have 3 Rivers Edge ladder stands, absolutely the best value for the money. This is a great company, do not hesitate to call if you have any issues. They provide the best customer service. 

5. BIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand

BIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand

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Key features:

  • Adjustable and removable padded seats
  • Flipping shooting rail
  • Extra-wide foldable FLEX-Tek seat
  • Provides ultimate comfort to legs and back
  • 23.5” x 29” extra wide foot platform
  • 61 pounds tree stand the weight
  • 350lbs treestand weight capacity

Start hunting at your favourte places with BIG GAME hunter HD 1.5 cheap climbing tree stands. You can really get somethong great at affordable less price.

 The stand is made of 100% steel material. A flextek seat and a wide foot platform is to enhance your comfort during long sitting times. It offers a flip-up shooting rail to make your work easier.

Customer Reviews:
It is easy to assemble but needs assistance to raise and complete attaching to trees. Don’t tighten all bolts until fully assembled as could easily use wrong bolts during the process. Once assembled, it can easily set up by yourself but a helper would be ideal.

6. Big dog BDL1050 Stadium Serie

Big dog BDL1050 Stadium Serie

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Key features:

  • 53” x 13” curves foot platform
  • 37” x 16” curved padded seats
  • Weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • 4 ratchet straps security
  • Adjustable ladder support bars and pined ladder sections
  • Includes two fall arrest systems

Big dog lightweight climbing treestand is a luxury seating for 2. You are going to hunt a big game by sitting and enjoying after buying this most comfortable lock on stand. It is sturdy steel construction with curved cushioned seats and wide foot platform.

Other features include stabilizing straps, adjustable ladder support bar, pinned ladder sections, and stand stable fall arrest harness systems. The weight of this tree stand is approximately 102 lbs and has a weight capacity of 500 lbs.

Customer Reviews:
Awesome stand, I got a great deal from Amazon warehouse deals. I would recommend sorting hardware into neat, organized piles before working through instructions. Used this stand all season and it was, functional and safe.

7. X-Stand Treestands Duke X 20′

X-Stand Treestands Duke X 20'

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Key features:

  • 20” shooting rail
  • 18” x 26” platform size
  • 22” x 16” seat size
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • 79 lbs stand the weight

Another brilliant ladder stepping tree stand is the X-Stand The Duke Ladder stand. It is famous among clients for its functional highlights and perplexing plan.

Cushioned armrests and footstools give extra comfort. The cushioned shooting rail is ideal for sitting and hunting. This treestand is 20 feet tall.

While successfully keeping you covered up, it gives you incredible permeability from such a stature. The work Comfort-FleX pad seat was made in view of your solace

Customer Reviews:
This is my second X-Stand, my first was a Duke as well. I loved it, so I purchased a second.  This is a pretty heavy well-made stand that goes together very well but follows directions using the correct bolt size is very important. You will need 3 people to set this tree stand.


Professional hunters and hunting lovers are always in search of something adventurous that can double their excitement for hunting. You must have seen the news about many accidents occur like a man fall from the tree stand or the ladder tree stand broke. So you must choose a tree stand that is safe and durable. Ladder tree stands to allow you a protected hunting session. Targets can be achieved more efficiently and safely while not being detected by the wild animals down below. If you are a hunter and brings lots of accessories with you while hunting, the ladder tree stand is your go-to thing for hunting.


How high should you set your tree stand?

Mostly bow hunters set up the tree stand 17 to 20 feet high up the tree. Use cover to conceal your outline and movements.

What is the best ladder tree stand?

Millennium treestands is our top pick and best ladder tree stand. It has an adjustable comfortMAX seats, back rest and side straps on this tree stand provide a solid comfort while waiting for your hunt.

What is the most comfortable ladder stand?

Rivers Edge Wide Ladder Stand is the best overall. X-Stand Tree stands The Duke. Provides maximum comfort. Summit Tree stands Steel Ladder Stands is best weatherproof tree stand. Guide Gear 16′ Deluxe Ladder Tree Stand is budget friendly.

Can you leave a treestand on public land?

If you put a stand up on public land, it basically becomes public property. First come, first serve. Check the state registrations about erecting permanent bow hunting stands or leaving stands overnight



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