Top 7 best car amplifiers for bass

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Music is a language that transcends all barriers. Most of us enjoy our car music when it is full of bass and heavily amplified. Since most cars’ original sound system is not amplified enough to get the party going there is a need to modify it. Most people either increase the number of speakers or replace them with more powerful but doing so won’t give good results as the preexisting system won’t be able to bear the new additions. The only way to successfully get that fully base boosted sound is by installing a powerful amplifier.

For that exact reason, we have compiled a list of the 7 best car amplifiers for bass that will get the job done.

Lanzar Amplifier OPTI500X2 – most powerful car amplifiers

What to look for in Car Amplifiers for Bass?

Consider the following factors before choosing the best car amplifier for your car:

Type of Car Amplifier When buying an amplifier first consider its class.

The class defines what kind of circuitry has been utilized to build a particular amplifier. Amplifier classes range from A, B, A/B, D & G/H.

AB class is one of the most popular amplifier classes due to its high quality, distortion-less sound. The second preference is class D. It is much more efficient and conducts nearly 90% of the input signal. Typically, any of the two classes are preferred.


The amplifier has to be installed inside the car and thus compact size, but a powerful amplifier is preferred. Choose an amplifier whose size fits well inside your car.

Number of channels

Opt for a multi-channel amplifier as it will have enough power to support several Subs and speakers. Channels refer to the output ports, external speakers. So, an amplifier with multiple channels will let you utilize more subs and speakers.


To measure and amplify strength, an RMS rating is utilized. This rating represents the amount of power a certain amplifier will deliver to the sound system. The higher the rating the better the sound quality you will be receiving.

The ideal RMS value of any amplifier is 75% of its attached sub’s RMS Watts, this is the minimum wattage your speakers can handle. The maximum value you can attain without overpowering your system is 150% of your sub’s RMS watts.

List of top 7 best car amplifiers for bass

1. Lanzar Amplifier OPTI500X2 – most powerful car amplifiers

Lanzar Amplifier OPTI500X2 - most powerful car amplifiers

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incorporating gold-plated RCA connectors subwoofer removal cultural and screw-down speaker terminals is a great feat the progress of amplifiers. It’s MOSFET power supply guarantors high valued power over a wide range of battery current. It encompasses both high-pass and low-pass filters and favors variable frequency as well.

It is a class D amplifier which means it provides greater sound over lower power in the input. It is a single channel amplifier which means it does not support several speakers and subs.

Though it may be a shortcoming it can be overcome by bridging OPTI amps to provide higher, more powerful sound. Its intelligent design Includes a double-sided epoxy PCB circuit board and an electronic crossover network. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best options available when it comes to car amplifiers.

2. PYRAMID 2 Channel Car Stereo – best car audio amplifier

PYRAMID 2 Channel Car Stereo - best car audio amplifier

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Pyle PB717X delivers the quality of a much larger sound system at almost half the price. Its silver-coated RCA ports minimize signal loss. By cutting any low- end interference with its cutting-edge subsonic filter technology you get the highest quality sound output.

Featuring both 50 and 75-watt MOSFET – powered channels at 2 ohms, this bridgeable amp one of the best on the market. Its compact size and sturdy design are all the rave. It can easily fit in most cars and its small size makes it extremely easy to install.

This amp has been advertised to deliver up to 1000 watts output however, the reviews suggest otherwise. Some users have reported that it did not go past 300 watts. Although it does push as many output watts as advertised, its still a good unit.

3. BassPro SL – JBL – best-rated car amplifiers

BassPro SL - JBL - best-rated car amplifiers

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The BassPro SL – JBL 8″ features a gold-plated power connection. It can draw a current of almost 12 amperes and has a variable bass boss ranging from 0 to +9 dB.

It’s a class D amplifier so, it provides high quality, distortion-less sound even at a lower power. It also includes LED power and protection indicators with green and red colors respectively.

The BassPro Sl has also managed circuitry protection well. It has overload, thermal, and speaker short protection that longevity to your device.

While it outshines many of its competitors, some users have reported its lack of sound/punch.

4. Lanzar 4,000 Watt – best car amps for bass

Lanzar 4,000 Watt - best car amps for bass

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The second Lanzar product on our list is the 4000 Watt, 6 channel, 2 Ohm amplifier with wireless Bluetooth technology. This amp comes with a built-in Bluetooth system that allows you to virtually connect with any device and play the music of your choice.

This is a step in the right direction. With everything being so automated having an amplifier with Bluetooth connectivity provides you with technological freedom that enhances your overall experience.

It also features the standard safety precautions such as the three-way circuitry protection and both power and protection LED indicators. With this Lanza amp, you’ll get to stream your favorite music from your favorite device. Be it a smartphone, a tablet, or any other.

This also features MOSFET technology that maintains rated power over a broad scope of battery voltage. High frequency and good quality output are all you will be getting with this amplifier.

Since it features Bluetooth, it goes into protection mode after a few moments and inactivity which can be a bit annoying for certain users.

5. Pyramid PB918 2 Channel – small car amplifier

Pyramid PB918 2 Channel - small car amplifier

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Party like a true American with this Pyramid PB918 amplifier. Its adjustable electronic crossover provides for a multi-speaker setup which gives high quality, bass-boosted sound. Its cutting-edge subsonic filter gets rid of low-end interference creating unsolicited, perfect audio.

With its overload & short-circuit and protection, you do not have to worry about any sort of damage to your car or your amp.

Most people struggle to find the right-sized amplifier, but with Pyramid PB918 this problem no longer exists. Due to its compact size, this dynamite of an amp fits easily in almost all cars.

So, get your fourth of July spirits up, join a parade and bring a party with you, wherever you go.

But be careful because this car amp cannot push up to 5000 watts.

6. Rockford Fosgate R500X1D – best amplifier for car subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D - best amplifier for car subwoofer

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Rockford has been famous for providing the best automobile products such as amplifiers in the past. So surely there’s no doubt that this amplifier: The Fosgate R500X1D is no exception and meets that standard.

Its compact size and has a durable structure is the best deal you can get at this price point.

Due to its MOSFET class D technology, it provides high-efficiency performance and does not cause heat damage to itself or your car’s system.

It’s quick and easy to install, has minimum heat dissipation, and does not waste current.

But while it does not waste any current it draws a lot of power. You will require a cap to manage it.

Some users also find it’s LED screen too bright and distracting.

7. Lanzar VCT2010 2-Channel MOSFET – best amplifier for car

Lanzar VCT2010 2-Channel MOSFET - best amplifier for car

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The last item on our list is the Lanzar VCT2010 2-channel amplifier. It is a mighty amplifier which is fitted with a metal oxide semiconductor to swiftly switch between non-conduction to full conduction for high proficiency output.

It is a petite design & comes with all required mounting hardware for easy installation.


We understand the importance of picking the right product and we can assure you if you want to choose an amplifier from this list you will not be disappointed. Surely you’ll be able to choose the one that suits you and your car best. If you are still unsure check out the factors listed above to decide which product is the best one for you. Happy buying.


  1. What is better 2-ohm or 4-ohm subwoofers?
    It is a matter of personal preference. The main purpose of an amplifier is to enhance the overall sound quality meanwhile also increasing the bass beyond a normal speaker’s capacity. A 2-ohm subwoofer is capable of producing a loud sound whereas a 4-ohm subwoofer produces a rather soft sound if you want something that is easy on your years and sounds soft yet amplified, 4-ohm subwoofer will work better for you. However, if you want a louder sound you should choose a 2-ohm subwoofer.
  2. How many watts do you need for a subwoofer?
    250 to 500 watts RMS is considered a decent starting point for many subwoofers. Some devices such as a factory radio work sufficiently with 50 – 200 watts.
  3. Is 1 ohm bad for an amp?
    An amp will run effortlessly over what it has been designed for. If the device is 1-ohm stable, it will work perfectly.
  4. Are 10-inch subs better than 12?
    No, the only distinction between a 10′ sub and a 12′ sub is size. It is a common misconception that 12′ sub is tighter than the 10′. In reality, a 12′ sub is only larger than a 10′ sub. Nothing else.
  5. Is Bass bad for your car?
    Technically, the bass does not cause any damage to the structure of the car. However, it can accelerate the aging process, of the interiors and the area surrounding the speaker, that occurs due to vibrations.
  6. Can too much bass break speakers?
    Bass can damage speakers if it is paired with an amplifier that is too strong for its speaker. Doing so can cause significant damage to the voice coil. Choosing the amplifier that is not too overpowering for your speakers is key.



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