Top 5 Places to Get Free Clothes Online & In Your City

Adding new pieces to your wardrobe may provide a sense of accomplishment as nothing else can. The cost that is often associated with anything like that? 

The answer is no. There are a variety of possibilities available to you, whether you can’t afford to buy new clothing or love the rush of looking for free things. 

You may receive free clothing by following these tactics.

1. Make Contact with Philanthropic or Nonprofit Organization:

People who need clothes, whether for everyday wear or professional purposes, may seek assistance from shelters, religious organizations, and other organizations. 

You don’t know how or where to begin, do you? The 211 services in your area can assist you in locating free clothing programs and other services in the neighborhood. 

Look for clothes closets on the website if you want another option.

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2. Participate in a Garment Exchange:

Many of us have a piece of clothing or two (or 10) that we cannot live without.  Therefore, instead of wearing your worn-out pants and sweaters, why not replace them with newer pieces? 

You may discover a clothes swap event in your area by joining a group on a website such as Facebook or Meetup, or you can host your own. (Swap meets and yard sales are other possible avenues for acquiring free baby items.)

One more possibility is: You may buy, sell, or trade your clothing online. On the website known as Rehash, users may offer products for swapping with one another and pay just the cost of shipping to do so. 

You may earn cash to spend on Tradesy by selling clothes you no longer need to other users. Some traditional shops will accept exchanges. 

For instance, you may bring in any unwanted apparel and get shop credit in exchange. It can be done at Buffalo Exchange. 

Bringing your lightly worn clothing to a thrift shop in your area is another option for turning your clothing into cash in under an hour.

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3. Participate in Competitions, Prizes, & Other Freebies:

During competitions and promotions, retail establishments often give away free items of apparel or gift cards. 

In most cases, all required to participate in the giveaway is to provide an email address, write a review of the product, or tag a friend in a remark on Instagram. 

Keep up with the latest news from your favorite companies by following them on social media, visiting their websites, and subscribing to their email newsletters. 

However, there is no assurance that you will come out on top. You will likely have success obtaining free clothing by entering contests in your town. 

The most effective technique to locate them is as follows: Explore specialized social networking organizations like Freecycle and the Buy Nothing Project and online markets like Craigslist. 

It would be best if you didn’t have trouble stumbling into folks willing to give away gently used clothing.

Before you build a budget, NerdWallet will break down your expenditures and show you several ways to save money.

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4. Redeem Rewards:

You can earn points or cash back via credit cards, cash-back apps, and shop loyalty programs, which you can then redeem for new clothing or a gift card to pay the purchase cost. 

Investigate the possibilities of obtaining additional benefits from the purchases you presently make.

Other websites, like Swagbucks and Toluna, provide comparable incentives in exchange for your participation in online surveys and other activities. 

However, attaining a worthwhile reward may require several grueling hours.

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5. Become Influencer to Get Free Clothes from Different Brands:

This piece of advice is only applicable to some who use social media. 

However, if you have a sizable or committed following, you should attempt to use it to receive free clothing. 

Brands may give you something in the hopes that you’ll mention it in an Instagram post or display it for your YouTube viewers. 

Please contact apparel businesses that you find appealing and inquire about the possibility of a business relationship with them.




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