Top 5 Bully Bars For Trucks – Buying Guide 2023

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Keeping your truck’s bumper, headlights and grille free from damage should be your first priority. Bully bars are made up of welded steel or aluminum tubing that prevent your truck’s front from getting harm by any kind of accidental collision. Bully bars for trucks mainly works for the protection of your vehicle’s headlights and radiator grille. These bully bars are also known as safeguards, grille guards and brush guards. There is no better way of complete protection than to find some of the best quality bully bars for trucks. The bully bar is such a strong product made up of hi-tensile steel alloys with a black powder coating or polish on it that makes it more durable and more reliable.

Bully bars are installed on the front end of your truck and are like a part of your truck. To find a perfect bully bar or guard for your vehicle is such a task. After deep and vast research on best ever bully bars for trucks of different styles and materials. And as all the bull bars available in the market cannot full fill all your requirements. We are here to help you with our top picks of 2020.

Table Summary

Tiger Auto TG-GD6T60028 Guard

☞it has a durable welding construction
☞it has a rust-resistant structure
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AutoSaver88 Black Bull Bar

☞72W 25 inches LED lights to increase visibility
☞e-coating and black powder coating finish

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TAC Modular Bull Bar

☞It has a removable skid plate
☞Comes with three surface finishes
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Go Rhino D360T Bully Bar

☞11 pounds item weight
☞38.5 x 13.8 x 5.8 inches product dimensions
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Westin 31-5175 Black Bull Bar

☞Removable textured black bar with skid plate
☞30 pounds items weight
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Things To Consider Before Buying Bully Bars For Trucks

It is important for you to choose a most convenient option for your vehicle. We are proving you some important factors to consider before you pick Bully bars for trucks. If talking personally, I will go with the steel material bully bars due to their most reliable strength.


You have to make a decision that what kind of bars you need. Generally There are many styles of bars but the basic two types are:

  • Single hoop bars cover the area of your radiator grille. it provides a good balance between the front end protection and weight.
  • Bumper bars is a basic form of front end protection that provides an increased reliability over the bumper frame.
  • Triple hoop offers all over safety and protection as it covers the entire front end of your trucks.
  • Nudge bar is basically an attractive piece of design that looks aesthetic because of its lighting impacts. Honestly it is not a suitable option for safety purposes.

Bars Weight

I definitely recommend the bars with an approximate weight of 35 kg to 80 kg. Depending on your vehicle size. As you will probably feel a drop towards the front or you can face some kind of handling control problems.

Finishing Types

Finishing coats are also important so that the bully bars you are putting on your trucks appear attractive and works best for them. There are several coating options you can have according to your choice. Kinds of finishes include traditional matte matching colors, zinc primer or top powder coat, or a same color paint of your car.

Easy Installation

Only buy the bully bar that is easy to install and include all the mounting hardware with in a kit. You can use the same mounting holes present in the front of your trucks to install the bully bar. Large bully bars can cover your license plates, you must buy one with license plate brackets. 

1. Tiger Auto TG-GD6T60028 Guard

Tiger Auto TG-GD6T60028 Guard - bully bars for trucks

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Key Features:

  • it has a durable welding construction
  • it has a rust-resistant structure
  • includes additional mounting accessories
  • can be easily installed
  • comes with a warranty of 5 years.

This Toyota Tacoma bull bar is Made of substantial 2.5inch tubing outline with solid E-covering dark finished texture for resisting rust and modified welded structure. 

This 2017 Tacoma bull bar includes Pre-welded light mounts channel for LED lights and Two pre-penetrated mounting gaps for the relocation of license plate if necessary. Bull bars Toyota Tacoma is the ideal choice for your heavy and large vehicles. 

Customer Reviews:
It is sturdy and well constructed. I am very pleased with my bars. The mounting system seems to be of good design. Definitely recommended.

2. AutoSaver88 Black Bull Bar

AutoSaver88 Black Bull Bar - bully bars for trucks

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Key Features:

  • made of 3 heavy tube frames
  • e-coating and black powder coating finish
  • 72W 25 inches LED lights to increase visibility
  • Easy to install. No drill or other machines required
  • 2.84 pounds product weight

This bully bar has a lifetime guarantee. It has E-covering and dark matte powder covering which is finished with a consistent welded appearance.

It gives the greatest insurance to your truck front if there should be an occurrence of an unintentional crash or accident. This bull bar with light bar is totally rustproof.

 It has pre-bored gaps to add LED lights that provide relaxation during evening time driving. It has all the mounting equipment and guidelines. Easy to install and requires no machinery like drilling etc.

AUTOSAVER88 Bull Bar is made of a 3-inch steel tube. This makes it exceptionally solid and durable, equally as you’d like the bull bar of your Ford F150 truck.

It likewise accompanies antirust highlights and it’s something however troublesome to introduce. This bull bar is ideal with a good assortment of trucks, that is extraordinary additionally to.

The motorcarSAVER88 Black HD Grille Guard is that the second item from the AUTO SAVER complete to create our summing up.

Customer Reviews:
Different customer reviews include,No need to cut or modify anything. This bully bar comes in a perfect manner. My husband even wants to buy one more.”

3. TAC Modular Bull Bar

TAC Modular Bull Bar - bully bars for trucks

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Key Features:

  • Comes with three surface finishes of stainless steel, black powder, and semi-gloss black finish
  • Easy installation. as it comes with all the mounting hardware and instructions
  • It has a removable skid plate
  • comes with three yeas warranty
  • It is a perfect bull guards for Toyota Tacoma

TAC Predator Bull Bar with 20″ LED light bar conveys 4050 lumens in a brilliant flood shaft. The LED bar power comes total with manufacturing plant style wiring bridle.

TAC Predator Bull Bar made of a heavy duty stainless steel frame, strong and solid. It is comprised of five sections fundamentally, increment your DIY fun and prepare your truck.

Easy installation methods are clearly instructed. TAC bully bars come with a 5-Year guarantee against assembling defects.

Investigating TAC’s bull bars, the Predator Modular is developed from strong steel with a double stage fine finished dark completion. These bull bars are a simple jolt on the arrangement with no penetrating required and accompany a five-year guarantee against assembling surrenders.

In the event that you need an inherent LED light bar, the LED variation accompanies a 20-inch LED bar that conveys 4,050 lumens in a brilliant flood bar. The light bar accompanies a plant style wiring saddle.

Customer Reviews:
It is a great product. But more aesthetic than functional. The light bar is surprisingly powerful. Easy to install as all the instructions are given clearly.

4. Go Rhino D360T Bully Bar

Go Rhino D360T Bully Bar -bully bars for trucks

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Key Features:

  • 11 pounds item weight
  • 38.5 x 13.8 x 5.8 inches product dimensions
  • include an anti-rattle device
  • dominator style aluminum step pads
  • unmatchable strength and quality steel

since 1975 Go Rhino has remained on the list of top leaders in design development.

Go Rhino is the best super duty bull bar that comes with a black storage bag and includes an anti-rattle device. It is a wonderful steel grille bumper protection with increased visibility of light and speaker volume.

It has an attractive and durable two-step design that provides easy access and more protection to large vehicles.

A power coated product with 3 inch steel diameter. These bull bars are without light mounting holes. But Mounting brackets are available.

A nonslip step pad and three adjustable positions are the best features any bully bar can have. It comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Customer Reviews:
Greatest payback was when I was stuck in traffic and the car behind me accidentally hit my truck but having these bully bars not only saves my vehicle but my life too.

5. Westin 31-5175 Black Bull Bar

Westin 31-5175 Black Bull Bar - bully bars for trucks

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Key Features:

  • Removable textured black bar with skid plate
  • It includes a complete mounting hardware kit
  • 3-inch diameter steel tubing with black powder coating
  • 30 pounds items weight
  • 31 x 21 x 15 inches product dimensions

Westin e series bully bar comprises of a front end design for large vehicles like trucks especially best push bars for ford trucks. It require no drilling when installing. Easy mounting hardware and written instruction get the job done easily.

The main feature of this bully bar includes the mounting holes for two 6 inches auxiliary lights in diameter. Comes in a textured black skid plate of powdered e- coated steel and a license plate bracket.

Tubes are fully welded and skid plates are removable and best bull bars with led lights. Also comes with 5 years of warranty

Customer Reviews:
Jumped my truck off the road last year, my truck would be junk if I hadn’t installed these bully bars. Thankfully the bars held up great and are great for vanity purposes


Once you have decided the style and material of the bully bars you want it will become much simpler to get a perfect one for your truck. All the top 5 best bull bars mentioned above in this article may appear the same to you as they got many similarities in their features and weight but trust me this can be a more determining factor in making a final decision. A quality bull bar is a lifesaving addition to your vehicle. It includes the protection from rocks, sticks, logs, minor accidents and front collisions with other vehicles or objects. Specifically on trucks, bull bars generally protect the condenser and radiator on the front end. Recent research has shown that indeed the bull bars have reduced the severity of injuries on vulnerable roads. Safety concerns of your vehicle and your life do revolve around the best bully bars for trucks.


1. Do bull bars help in an accident?

Bull bars are specially designed for the purpose of protection and reducing of damage in minor collisions and accidents.

2. How to install a bull bar?

Locate the factory drilled holes in to the front end of your truck or car. Read the description of given instructions. Connect the bars to the mounting area of brackets. Make sure everything is even and leveled.

3. what is a bull bar?

A device installed in front end of your vehicle in order to reduce the chances of damage in minor collisions.

4. what are bull bars for?

Bull bars add special protection to your vehicle and provide attraction and styling looks to you trucks and cars.

5.how to install a bull bar on Silverado?

Installing a chevy Silverado bull bar is not a difficult task. You just have to locate the factory drilled holes in to the front end of your truck or car. Read the description of given instructions. Connect the bars to the mounting area of brackets. Make sure everything is even and leveled.

6.How to install bull bar on Toyota Tacoma?

For installing bull guards for Toyota Tacoma you have to read all the given instructions and mount the hardware tools. . Make sure everything is even and leveled.

7.Do grill guards’ effects gas mileage?

They will not affect the gas mileage. Grill guards are made to protect your trucks’s front end or bumper.

8.Are bull bars illegal?

If your vehicle is fixed with non-approved bull bar such non-essential projection is illegal as it can cause any kind danger due to miss fitting.

9.Are full metal bull bars legal?

Yes you can have full metal bull bars but there are conditions. You should EU directive sites for more information.

10.Are grille guard worth it?

They generally don’t have a great reputation and are controversial in many places.



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