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Everyone loves to be a handyman, right? To be able to solve the technical and practical problems of their own house. It helps to give a certain good feel and satisfaction to yourself that you are actually doing something for your daily house activities. Whether it is changing your car’s motor oil, an oil filter problem, or replacing the lights in your home.

However, there comes a point for every household mechanic, where you move onto more challenging projects. Now what to do at such a stage? Call someone or look around for the tools every mechanic needs? Don’t worry we got you covered here as today’s blog will be focusing on that prime aspect of getting you the tools you need.

Although most amongst you would have an ax, or screwdrivers, some duct tape, or even a pair of pliers and a wrench or something. still, you can’t tackle most of the stuff with only these. You need another set of tools to complement these and make the job easier for you as a mechanic.

So, for solving your daily life mechanical problems in your house, and if you’re on a job this blog is the ideal place for you.

Difference between hand tools and Diagnostic Tools

Before looking at the common overall mechanic tools, let’s see a brief comparison between hand tools and diagnostic tools.

  • Hand tools are simply everyday tools.
  • Used for maintenance and other complex processes.
  • They include wrenches, pliers, hammers, and some others. We’ll see the variety of them in detail down below later on.
  • On the other hand, diagnostic tools are where you need to diagnose a daily life problem. For instance, your car problem, in such a case you need to diagnose it first.
  • These tools perform complex tasks, such as interacting with your car’s electrical system or measure the air pressure in tires and etc.

Similarly, apart from these, you can also find safety tools in the market as well. Which helps to check certain chemicals in your car or trucks as necessary. Now we look at the much-awaited tools which every mechanic needs out there. Hold tight and keep reading dear readers.

Tools required by mechanics and for everyday purposes

  • Impact Wrench

These little battery-powered fellas are strong at what they do. Gone are the days for lug nuts and tighten bolts. As the impact wrenches help to blast off the most resistant of bolts or nuts. This happens with so much ease that even your self are left dumbfounded. They have become increasingly popular and well known for their low torque and cost-effective prices these days.

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Just a simple 1.5-inch size of the drive is more than enough to tackle most of the tough jobs expected of the Impact Wrench. While you’re at it you can also search and opt for an air-powered wrench that goes at a more advanced level than this impact wrench and be amazed.

  • An OBDII Code Reader

Now, this thing may sound a bit unique to you but it is magical and important at what it does. This device runs a diagnostic test on your car to identify anything wrong with its systems. Just plug this device which would cost you approx. around $60 into your car’s diagnostic port. While the rest is done by this code reader itself.

The OBDII code reader has another great pro which makes it a must-have tool for every mechanic. Which is that it can work easily in every car built after the late 1990s. So, cheers to them for this achievement.

  • Vise Grips

    The vise grips help you to clamp and tighten the rusted nuts or screws. We’ve all come across the dilemma of tough screws and the need to tighten them at all stages of life, right? Well, so no worrying anymore as with even all the tech out there nothing can replace these Vise-Grips due to their strength. You can get them at a cheap price from any hardware store around your house.

    As a friendly suggestion, you might also consider buying the little sized vise grips as well for small scale nut and screws.

  • Torque Wrench

As the name suggests these wrenches help you to give the nuts the perfect amount of torque to screw or unscrew them. So, for tightening the nuts and screws around your doors and devices and around your house. There is no one more suited for the job than these torque wrenches. They give you a certain torque that gets the job done always.

These days you can also find a snap on torque in the market which displays the torque range as well during operation. It is thus easy to read and use a torque wrench if you’re interested.

  • A floor Jack

    A floor jack is a useful alternative to the normal jacks which help you to lift your car in two places. They also tend to be safer than the older versions as they don’t leave any scratches on your vehicle. More on, an even lift is easily achieved through these jacks which then help you to work underneath on the car.

  • Zip ties

    These little plastic thin snake-like inventions are perhaps amongst the best the man ever created in recent decades. These famous zip ties are also another absolute must-have for not only mechanics but just everyone for binding together things instead of tying up ropes the old-fashioned way.

  • Screwdrivers

    These important fellas as the name suggest are very common and useful for mechanics. They are used in quite possibly all of the repairs in an auto. They are very simple to operate. More on, you will find screwdrivers cheaply at almost any place which is selling hardware items. Also, you need to be careful of which one you’re choosing for your purpose.

If you are doing automotive repair then you’ll want either the Flat or the Phillips screwdrivers. The flat has a single blade which is straight. While Phillips has a uniform shape of a cruciform structure. So always use the screwdrivers for only the purpose they have been made for. If you use the wrong type of driver you may mess up the screw.

Well, that’s pretty much all for our list of tools every mechanic needs. We hope we covered your all needs in this blog. But if you still have questions reach us for any feedback.



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