How To Improve Your Tennis Game 🎾(10+ Tips)

Do you ever watch the tennis stars play on TV and then think to yourself that your tennis game is lacking practice?

Well, we all go through this kind of feeling sometimes in life after seeing ourselves lacking behind on something.

But, it’s completely fine …

We can always start over with more effort and determination.

You might feel that your serve, backhand, and spin are getting rusty and need the practice to get back in the game.

We got you covered over here!

[su_note note_color=”#b3ece6″]We have prepared a list of tips and tricks, methods or strategies that you can use to up your game. Tennis keeps you active and well exercised, you should continue playing it without gaps and you should follow this list that we have prepared for you so you can do so much better, just like the players that you see on the TV.[/su_note]

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Here is a list of the basic 15 things that will lead to an improvement in your tennis game.

1- Prepare yourself to face the ball

improve your tennis game by focusing on the ball

The first and the most important tip is that you prepare yourself to face the ball in the court. Turn your shoulders as soon as you see the ball coming to your side. You don’t want to miss the ball.

2- Identify your weakness

Every player has a weakness no matter what sport you play, it’s really important for you to know your weakness so that you can work on it in order to improve it. You don’t want to give any chance to your opponent to use your weakness against you while obtaining crucial or winning points. Find out your weakness by training with better players than you, their observation and game will give you an idea that where you are lacking. If you expose your weakness to your opponent during the game, it is likely that you will end up losing.

3- Identify your strength

Identifying your weakness is important but identifying your strength is also very important. You need to work on your strength even more so that you can use it strongly and with confidence against your opponent. Your strength may seem like a threat to your opponent so it is very important that you strengthen it even more.

4- Observe your opponent

Every player comes up with a plan, your opponent has a plan too which you have to figure out to break his plan and obtain crucial points. To break the plan, you need to carefully observe your opponent, you need to notice the footwork and what are his strengths and weaknesses.

5- Identify your opponent’s weakness

While you are observing the plan of your opponent, eventually you will be aware of his strength and you have to try your best to figure out his weakness too. If you have the weakness of your opponent in your hand, it is likely that you will end up taking points and winning the game.

6- Your racquet matters a lot

In every game that you play, the equipment plays a vital role in your winning and losing. If you have a good strung racquet, it will hit the ball in a better way and you will be able to follow your plan. You need to get your racquet strung by a professional so that it hits the ball in a better way.

7- Test yourself

Not only are you playing a sport or a tournament, but you are finding more about your capacities and abilities through this game. You are actually getting to know yourself more through a game. It is very important that you test yourself, you will find out how good can you play under pressure or during a game that you are losing. This process of testing yourself will allow you to find out your strengths and weaknesses as well. It will definitely take you a step forward in your game.

8- Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated playing tennis

Playing constantly makes your body lose energy and the sweating causes dehydration. Dehydration makes you feel uncomfortable and you might get headaches, so in order to avoid such barriers to your winning, drink water during the gaps in order to stay hydrated.

9- Keep your eyes on the ball

Your main focus during the court should be on the ball. You need to position your body in a way that you are already prepared for the ball to hit your racquet and your whole focus should be on the ball, so as soon and as fast as it comes towards your side of the court, you can hit according to your strategy. If your focus is somewhere there is a chance that you might miss the ball.

10- Don’t experiment in the court

All the players have a certain way of playing that they are comfortable with, the players have a strategy or a plan that they follow. You should also stick to your way of playing and your plan, experimenting and changing strategy at the last minute might not work so you need to make sure that you follow the same pattern that you have been following during practice.

11- Train with players

It is very necessary that you train with players who are experienced and are better players. Playing with them will allow you to learn the tips and tricks, techniques and strengths that they have learnt through their experience. You will also get a chance to identify the things that you are lacking. While playing with better players with you, you will see a difference in your game and theirs. You will have an opportunity to observe, learn and strengthen while playing with them.

12- Get yourself a tennis ball machine

If you can afford, you should get a tennis ball machine. It will allow you to practice for longer hours when you don’t have anyone to play with. You can practice on your own without any assistance from other players. You can focus on your weakness and improve it with the help of a tennis ball machine. If you want to spend some time alone while playing, the tennis ball machine will allow you to do that. It will be a highly beneficial machine if you really want to work on your weakness.

13- Play tournaments

Playing tournaments will allow you to improve your game. When there is a goal to win, you work harder and you play harder. It will allow you to play better under pressure. After playing a lot of tournaments, you can identify your weakness, you can work on your strategy or your plan and then you can implement it in order to up your game. This will definitely let you obtain crucial points.

14- Stay fit and Stretch

For playing any sport properly, your fitness is really important. If you are physically not fit then you will definitely not be able to play well. In order to stay fit, you need to have a good and healthy diet, you need to exercise and you need to stay hydrated. These three things will ensure your physical fitness and then you can perform well. Before starting a game or a tournament, you need to stretch so that your body gets flexible and prepared to face the ball.

15- Join a tennis club

You need to join a tennis club where you can meet more experienced and professional players. This will allow you to learn tips and tricks, and you will also be able to practice with different players with different playing styles which will allow you to improve your playing style while keeping their style in mind.

We hope these tips and tricks will be beneficial and effective for you. You will be able to improve your tennis game with increased practice and by following these tips and tricks. Get yourself a tennis ball machine if you can afford it so that you can practice even when there is nobody to play with.

Best of luck with upping your game!</strong



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