Tiny Homes, Mighty Design: 10 Prefab Houses to Consider

Because of television programs like Tiny House Hunting and Incredible Spaces, the portable small home movement may seem a relatively new trend. 

Yet, individuals have been creating and living in these one-room dwellings since the 1970s. The innovative way of life is credited to artists like Allan Wexler and Andrea Zittel. 

But, many individuals nowadays aren’t only eager to downsize and are willing to construct their own prefab small houses.

Tempted to participate in the movement? We have your back. The nine chic tiny houses you’ll discover here include all the materials and instructions you’ll need to build your own. How’s that for independence? 

One word of caution, though: Although some of these houses are DIY-friendly, they are only sometimes simple to construct, so if you need more clarification on your ability, get professionals to assemble them. 

After all, you wouldn’t want your little home to collapse on you at the worst possible time, would you? If not, put on your tool belt and start working!

Best Form – Contemporary Outdoor Living Penthouse Storage Shed

Image courtesy of Wayfair

The greatest part: A small house may be delivered to your door within a few weeks, and you can construct it yourself, unlike a regular home, which can take months (or even years) to build or repair. 

If only all tasks were as simple! Scroll down to see the adorable little homes and gain ideas for own handcrafted dwelling.

We guarantee nothing is more fulfilling than walking through the door of a house you built yourself in a few weeks.

Top Shed – The Fairview Wood Shed Set from Best Barns Inc.

Best Barns Fairview 12 ft. x 12 ft. Wood Storage Shed Kit fairview_1212 -  The Home Depot
Image courtesy of thehomedepot

While it’s not a manufactured small house, it has that appearance. 

Therefore this can be the ideal project for you if you’re feeling inspired and capable of converting a comfortable shed kit into a habitable miniature home. 

It is made to endure with wood siding and a resin roof, so there’s no need to be too delicate with it.

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Best to Construct – Farmhouse Cedarshed

Image courtesy of Cedarshed

Like the appearance of a wood cabin? Constructing a real cabin in your garden may take the craze further. 

This is why we adore it: It has a front and side porch that is large enough to decorate with a few outside rocking chairs. 

The construction procedure doesn’t need to cut through heavy-duty boards.

Most Environmentally Conscious –  Small Colonial Gable Greenhouse Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse, 8' x 12',  Primed Tan : Patio, Lawn & Garden
Image courtesy of

Parents of plants, take note: Get the greenhouse your flowers, shrubs, and trees deserve right now. 

We’re enjoying the Colonial-style building, and clean white hue, which immediately offers an upscale vibe to your outdoor area, even if this isn’t exactly what we think when we envision a typical greenhouse (or a little home, for that matter). 

Moreover, it is primed, precut, and prepared for painting.

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Top Garage – Garage YardCraft Fairmont

Image courtesy of YardCraft

This prefab treasure will serve you well since it is made to endure, whether you use it as a garage, shed, or little home. 

The whole structure is dip-treated to preserve the wood, and because the wood is also weather-resistant, it won’t come down once this little house is up. 

One word of caution: Since it doesn’t come with a door lock, floor, or foundation, it takes a little more labor than other items on our list.

Purple Leaf Hardtop Gazebo Finest Sunroom Home Backyard

PURPLE LEAF Outdoor Hardtop Gazebo For Patio Bronze Aluminum Frame Pavilion  With Navy-Blue Curtain
Image courtesy of purpleleaf

Since the walls are so thin, you may want to live in something other than a small, prefabricated-mall house like this, but if you’re looking for a summer getaway, you’ve found it. 

Feel free to furnish this affordable gazebo in the manner of your choice with a hot tub, a lounging space, or an outdoor dining area. 

To avoid flooding, the top even has a water gutter design.

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Archie & Oscar Griselda Dog House, Cheapest

Archie & Oscar™ Griselda Glazed Pine Wood Dog House & Reviews | Wayfair
Image courtesy of wayfair

Just like you, your dog is a part of your family who sometimes may need to escape. Therefore provide your dog with its refuge. 

Since it is made of solid wood, you can keep this waterproof dog home outside in the rain and the sun without worrying about it breaking. 

Don’t leave your dog out there with it, at least. Did we mention that it has ventilation as well?

Best Beautiful Useful Household Goods Windemere Storage Shed

Handy Home Products Do-it Yourself Windemere 10 ft. x 12 ft. Deluxe  Multi-purpose Wood Shed with Smartside and operable window (120 sq. ft.)  19481-8 - The Home Depot
Image courtesy of homedepot

This chic little cottage belongs on the beaches of Cape Cod or any other New England seaside community. 

Because of the pre-cut wood and two sets of moveable windows make it quite simple to put together. 

The siding may be painted whatever color you choose, and the little home has accessories that will help you enhance the New England beach style.

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Best for Children – Swiss Chalet Playhouse in Bosmere

Image courtesy of

Your tiny ones need their own space, maybe not to live in, but at least to play. 

To ensure the room receives enough natural light, it has three-pane windows on the front wall and a smaller one at the entrance. 

There is enough for the whole crew to hang out since a ladder also connects to the loft area.

Small house kit for Rose Cottage

Image courtesy of plus1homes

Although this double-height, two-bedroom building is a little larger than the typical prefabricated tiny house, you can construct it yourself in a few hours, so we’ve included it on our list. 


It is delivered in several boxes with pre-assembled parts and a certificate signed by an engineer to guarantee a simple building procedure.




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