Timber Ridge Lightweight Backpacking Chair

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The fact about you is interesting if you love watching movies and camping outdoor a lot. A bag-packer always demand a perfect seat that is comfortable and lightweight. For any cookout or any campsite there is a huge variety of timber ridge lightweight backpacking chair to choose from. They offer ultra-light special designs for every outdoor activity. They are portable, easy to pack and provide a cozy support to your neck and head area.

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Timber ridge catalpa relax and rock chair

☞ It contains Durable polyester seats and steel frame
☞ Upto 250 lbs. weight capacity

Things to consider before buy a timber ridge lightweight backpacking chair

We provide you with authentic information to make your purchase useful. Consider the important factors before getting your hands to the best timber ridge lightweight backpacking chair.


  • Buy Chair frames that are made from aluminum. This ensure the strength ratio
  • For the seat, rip stop coated nylon is the perfect fabric. It offers durability, comfort and water resistance
  • Vinyl padding is superior in resisting stains and easy cleaning
  • Foam padding is ideal for wet outdoor camping
  • A folding seat must contain carbon fiber properties. It enhance the rigidity at back area.
  • These factors also minimize the chances of getting any injury


  • Consider how far you are going to carry your chair with you
  • If you are going for camping after a long hike, get yourself a light-weight folding chair
  • It can easily strap with your bag-pack with comfort
  • Buy yourself luxury camp chairs, if you are staying at some festival camp ground or state park

Chair frame

  • The right type of frame will provide durability, style and proper functionality
  • Consider your camping ground and buy the material accordingly. Whether wood, plastic or metal
  • With wet grounds, select a suitable chair with vinyl padding
  • With dry grounds, a fabric padding chair will be a good choice
  • Pick a frame that takes least amount of storage space and is comfortable


  • Weight of the camping chairs depend on their weight capacity
  • If you want a luxury chair, the weight shouldn’t bother you anyway
  • If you want minimal of camping chair weight must be a deciding factor
  • A 2 lbs. approximate chair weight can be transported on a hike effortlessly
  • A 5 lbs. chair is a luxury chair that may be comfortable to sit but can be difficult and clumsy to carry

Top 7 best timber ridge lightweight backpacking chair

1. Timber ridge catalpa relax and rock chair

Timber ridge catalpa relax and rock chair

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key features:

  • It contains Durable polyester seats and steel frame
  • Upto 250 lbs. weight capacity
  • Multiple safety latches and security lock system
  • The ergonomic design is helpful in reducing muscle tension
  • Provide balance between hard and soft surfaces
  • Fully padded hard arms with EVA wraps
  • Mesh phone pocket available under seat
  • Folding frame with easy transportation and easy storage

Keep the luxuries at your campground with a smooth and comfortable timber ridge folding chair. This solid plus lightweight chair is a good packed size and very easy to set up. It can be folded in relatively every direction which means it is also easy to store anywhere.

With the open dimensions of 83 x 25 x 18 inches it is perfect to transport or to use for outdoor patio or balcony. The clever design of these timber ridge camping chairs allows them to be easily packed in a carrying bag that comes along it. It supports an approximate weight of 113 kg. The pleasant arm rests and fabric is all you need for a perfect comfort camping rest.

Customer reviews:
From many customer reviews. A customer wrote that: This rocking camp chair is great. Easy to set up, not too heavy for this grandma to carry, very sturdy and works on rough grassy surfaces. 

2. Timber ridge 400 lbs. camping chair

Timber ridge 400 lbs. camping chair

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key features:

  • Folding camping chair with 22 inches high back
  • 13.7 lbs. weight that provide stable support
  • 22.5 inches width that provide extra comfort
  • Made of steel frame and high quality polyester
  • Support up to 400 lbs. weight
  • Smooth padded seats and arm rests
  • A swivel cup holder on a side
  • Can be folded into smaller size for easy storage
  • Comes with a carrying bag, to take it easily anywhere
  • Comes with full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against any defect

Timber ridge folding rocking camp chair is an easy and portable chair that comes with a carrying bag. It makes it easy to carry anywhere and easy to store. The chair frame is made up of strong steel material and high quality polyester fabric seats makes it more than a comfortable thing.

Maximum weight capacity of this bag chair with canopy is approximately 300 – 400 lbs. the three highlighted features of this chair are padded arm rests, high back seat and side cup holder. For many outdoor activities it has proved to be the best choice.

Customer reviews:
This chair is solid and comfy. I am 5’2″ and when I sit all the way back in the chair my feet still touch the ground and when I tilt my head back the chair perfectly cradles my neck and the back of my head. I am very happy with my timber ridge camp chair.

3. timber ridge director’s chair

timber ridge director's chair

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key features:

  • comfortable carrying straps design for easy carrying
  • a flip down side table and cup holder
  • a storage bag and a detachable armrest
  • breathable designed back seat to keep you cool
  • 23.5 inches seating width, 14 inches seating depth
  • 300 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • Made of aluminum frame and durable polyester fabric

Comes with full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty against any defect, material and workmanship
Timber ridge high back folding camp chair is an easy portable camping chair. The structure of this seat is exquisite and reasonable, with steel inclining outlines for additional help and a breathable work back. This makes it reasonable for hot conditions in light of the fact that there will be consistent wind stream.

A significant feature of the cup holders that holds a bigger 32-ounce drink, while different holds a standard cup size. The seat can be raised higher than some different models at 20 inches, making it appropriate for tall individuals and guaranteeing you’re far enough away from the chilly, wet, sloppy ground.

Customer reviews:
This chair is so handy with the tray and extra pockets on the side. This is like one of lightest camping chairs, and the handles on top make it so easy to carry even for a long distance. 

4. timber ridge zero gravity lounge chair

timber ridge zero gravity lounge chair

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key features:

  • this zero gravity chair is for heavy people
  • anti-gravity chair supports the weight capacity of 600 lbs.
  • the premium quality of elastic cord is sturdy enough
  • strong steel tube frame and durable polyester fabric
  • easy locking system adjust and lock the lounge chair
  • its oversize provides room space for all the outdoor activities
  • full inclined length of this chair is 72 inches
  • for head and lumber support there is also a removable pillow

The timber ridge zero gravity bungee chair is made of strong aluminum tubes and high quality of durable polyester fabric seats. This chair is especially designed for heavy duty people and support upto 600 lbs. weight. heavy duty zero gravity chair by timber ridge is easy to transport and easy to store anywhere because of its easy folding features. You can use it for any indoor and outdoor activities. Do not leave the chair in heavy rain or in wet weather as the metal parts may start rust a little.

Customer reviews:
I bought a second one for my wife. They are so comfortable and well built. I don’t usually write reviews of Amazon purchases, but had to do so on the Timber Ridge Lounge Chair. This chair is worth every penny.

5. Timber ridge folding quad chair

Timber ridge folding quad chair

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key features:

  • Provides a stable support with 22 inches high back
  • A wide seat of 22.5 inches
  • Weight of the chair is 13.67 lbs.
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Durable seating of polyester and heavy duty steel frame structure
  • Cup holder available on arm rest
  • Easy to carry and easy to store as it can be folded into a smaller size
  • Comes with the warranty of 1 year

Timber ridge is the best folding camp chair with large seating space and high back. its stable back support provide you a relaxing back support. It prevents any kind of back pain you usually feel while sitting on any other camping chair.

This durable camping chair has hard arm rests with maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. this chair is ideal for sports events, camping, barbeques and even sitting in backyards.
This timber ridge lawn chairs can be folded into a smaller size. It did not require much room to be stored. Plus it comes with a storage bag for easy carrying.

Customer reviews:
I love this chair. I bought it to use indoors so that I could sit and work while waiting for a child taking sports lessons. It’s great! It is much more comfortable than I had anticipated, and it feels very sturdy, which I also didn’t expect.

6. GCI portable rockers folding chair

GCI portable rockers folding chair

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key features

  • Portable rocking chair that is easy to store and transport
  • Matte black powder coated steel frame
  • Includes built in beverage holder and padded arm rest
  • The patented easy fold technology
  • 19.7 inches high seat plus a carrying handle
  • 24 x 25 x 34.8 inches open size
  • 25 x 4.9 x 34.8 inches folded size
  • 12.1 pounds weight and limited warranty of life time

GCI outdoor freestyle portable camping chair is designed with a spring action technology that delivers the real meaning of comfort to your outdoor life. It wouldn’t mind if you are sitting on it for hours. No matter, you are playing guitar, roasting marshmallows or just chilling.

Construction of this camping chair is of light and strong powder coated steel frame. It has a capacity of bearing weight up to 250 lbs. GCI outdoor freestyle portable camping chair comes with a life time base warranty against manufacturing defects.

Customer reviews:
Love this chair. I have bought 5 of them. They are little expensive but so much comfortable. It is lightweight to carry and worth the investment.

7. Timber ridge spruce quad folding camp seat

Timber ridge spruce quad folding camp seat

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key features:

  • Sturdy steel frame design and durable polyester seat
  • 250 lbs. loading capacity
  • Large seat area allows to sit together and chat easily
  • Fully padded and oversized for better comfort
  • Effortless folding frame
  • In both armrests mesh cup holders are available
  • Phone pocket behind the seat and many beneficial features

This model of timber ridge spruce quad folding love seat for couple or two people is amazing. The comfort built foldable frame and smooth polyester seats are perfect for a romantic night in a crowd of friends. Built-in cup holders provides an ease of having your sodas with you all the time.

A convenient carrying bag that comes along is helpful to transport the chair from one place to another. The phone pocket behind your seat will allow you to keep your mobile phone in your reach.

Customer reviews:
I wanted my boyfriend to get us a chair we can cuddle in and this is perfect. It’s comfy and we both love it. Some people said it was too low, but he is tall enough and it doesn’t bother him, he actually likes that factor. Would recommend to any couple.


When you finally get a break from your busy schedules, your body asks a relaxing outdoor session. Camping is the best option in this time to fascinate yourself with nature. It is one of the hardest decision to choose a best portable camp chair for your outdoor activities like camping, sports and beaches. We have pickes top 7 comfortable timber ridge lightweight backpacking chair to make your decision easy. All of these are best portable camping chairs with some super cool features like cup holders and carry bags. They have everything you need for an ideal comfortable outdoor session.


How much weight can a chair hold?
Average Folding camping chairs that are available in market can have a typical weight capacity of around 300 – 400 lbs. some big and tall camping chairs or average heavy duty chair can have weight capacity of 300 – 800 pounds.

What is the best heavy duty camping chair?
ALPS mountaineering king Kong camping chair is the best heavy duty camping chair. It is the most comfortable chair with padded seats and arm rests. Its high quality fabric and stable steel frame makes it ideal for long camping sessions.

How much does a timber ridge camping chair cost?
Approximately heavy duty camp chairs cost from $30 – $90. Prices vary with different features and qualities. You can have cheaper camping chairs than this estimated price but also you need to have less expectations from them.

What are camping chairs made of?
The Frame of camping chairs are made of aluminum or steel for its strength to weight capacity ratio. Polyester or nylon fabrics are used on seats for good durability, water resistance and comfort.




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