Best biometric gun safe [The Ultimate Guide] 

Last updated on August 4th, 2022 at 01:06 pm

A gun can take your life instead of saving it when not protected well. The sentry biometric gun safe will guard your weapons from any mishaps and external damages. It’s only yourself who is responsible for your gun not to be accessed by children playing at home. Save your arsenal with a biometric gun safe to prevent any approach without your consent. 

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Sentry Safe QAP1BE

☞ Biometric lock
☞ Automatic door

Things to be aware of before buying

  • Reliable Biometric technology

The first and the most important factor that everyone should pay attention to is the safest and reliable biometric technology. Not all the brands are making up to the mark fingerprint gun safe and not all of them have the accurate technology. A good biometric pistol safe is one who can act even if your finger gets dirty. 

  • Strong Metal Body

A tough metal body will protect your gun in hard situations. It should be strong enough to bear the power of a hammer. If it gets broke, that means your gun is not protected from the invaders.

  • Fireproof body

Another prime feature of a quality biometric handgun safe is a fireproof body. We use them to protect our most expensive weapons with biometric gun safes which means they should be powerful enough to not to catch fire in case of a short circuit. A fireproof metallic body will be the best choice to protect your guns and legal documents from any accident.

  • Budget

The budget for a reliable bio gun safe will be costly as you’re going to protect your thousand dollars’ weapon in it. A strong case of a portable biometric gun safe can be bought for $30 and it goes high as per your demands. Don’t hesitate to protect your guns from unwanted hands just because of money. 

  • One-touch access

When strange things happen, then a second is as valuable as life itself. The sentry safe gun doesn’t need your efforts to lift the lid instead it’ll be done automatically with a finger touch.

Top 8 best biometric gun safe


1. Sentry Safe QAP1BE

Sentry Safe QAP1BE

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The sentry safe biometric quick access pistol safe model QAP1BE comes with a high standard fingerprint technology. It’s super quick and takes no time to open the lid for you to have your favorite gun in your hands. 

One thing that attracts most of the customers is that it provides access to two persons at the same time. It’s constructed with pry-resistant material which increases its strength. A solid steel body can face any external force that is harmful for your gun. It can store a one standard size pistol and some key documents. 

Key Features

  • Biometric lock
  • Automatic door
  • Soft interior lining to protect your gun from interior damages
  • Steel constructed heavy body
  • Ideal for standard size pistol

Customer Reviews
I bought this wonderful model due to my friend’s recommendation. It can be adjusted anywhere in the house. You can put this into your bed’s drawl or simply hang it with a wall. I love its paint’s quality as it did not get rust and also stand strong against scratches. The finger touch will open the lid every time without fail. 
Sentry safe QAP1BE

2. Awesafe Fingerprint Gun Safe

Awesafe Fingerprint Gun Safe

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How much would you spend to recover the things that might have lost due to your negligence? This basic question will influence you to buy the biometric gun safes to protect your handgun and other keynotes. 

It comes with a dual password function which allows you to set the password manually or by using its finger touch features. Don’t worry if you lost the password or want to reset the old one; you need to press and hold the button which is fully covered by the batteries inside the box. 

Its gun safe fingerprint lock is super easy to set or reset anytime you want. Just hold the refresh button until its light blinks three times. Now you can use your finger to save the password. It may take 5-10 attempts in setting your fingerprint password. 

Key Features

  • Quite and safe opening of the door
  • Led lights
  • Compact design
  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • Featured with pre-drilled holes

Customer Reviews
It comes with two keys to open the box for the first time, then you can set the fingerprint and 4-digit password by reading the manual. This box has pre-drilled holes and two solid bolts to mount it. I love this box because whenever I open it, a blue light illuminates the box for 30 seconds. Although there is not enough space for two pistols, it can store my gun, two loaded magazines perfectly. 
Awe-safe Fingerprint Gun Safe

3. Amazon Basics Steel Handgun safe

Amazon Basics Steel Handgun safe

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The next box comes from the AmazonBasics handgun safe featuring digits and key lock. Everybody knows about Amazon which was founded by Jeff Bezos who is now the richest man on the planet. 

This Amazon pistol safe is constructed with a steel body and carpeted floor which will not harm your sensitive instruments. This model is highly equipped with a digital lock that provides a quick and easy set-up. 
Its stylish and unique outlook will help this box to fit in your interior without extra efforts. It can be easily bolted to the floor, wall, or shelf with hard and strong bolts. All-in-all, a certified product with a world number e-commerce giants support. 

Key Features

  • 8k+ ratings on Amazon
  • Digital and key locks
  • Economical price
  • Carpeted interior
  • Two-layer box for gun and documents

Customer Reviews
A solid and safe handgun safe for a medium household. You can install this at home without hiring a professional. You just need a drill machine and electricity to go with. It comes with all the necessary tools you need for its installment. Although it’s not waterproof and fireproof but still an ideal choice for a person who wants to save a set of guns with other certificates.  
Amazon-basics steel Handgun safe

4. RPNB Portable Vault

RPNB Portable Vault

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This portable handgun safe vault looks like a notebook and gives you the feeling of a small briefcase. The upper body of the RPNB gun safe is fabricated with 16-gauge carbon steel which ensures complete safety from brokerage. The powder coat finish also prevents rust and erosion for years. 

It only weighs around 5 pounds which means you can carry this portable vault in your car and even with your bike. One can take this portable gun safe on hiking, camping, and other adventures to tackle any unforeseen situations. 

Key Features

  • Secure storage for handgun, credit cards, and passports
  • Built-in RFID technology
  • It can be used as a jewelry box
  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • 16-gauge carbon steel body

Customer Reviews
I was surprised to see its multiple functions. It can be adjusted anywhere and doesn’t take up much space. It’s super easy to program and large enough to store your full-size gun with loaded magazines. I bought two cases, one for my guns and the other for my wife’s jewelry. 
RPNB Portable Vault

5. Vaultek gun safe Biometric

Vaultek gun safe Biometric

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I know searching for the right safe gun is as difficult as finding a generous better half. We always want a product that comes with more features and advancement tools, no matter how many of us know how to use them. This gun safe comes with a fingerprint lock, electronic button, and Bluetooth opening. 

It’s really hard to find a biometric gun safe with stylish design and safety measures. In the case of Vaultek, one can be attracted to it as it looks like a secret box, holding an antidote for James Bond. It can easily store a full-size gun and two fully loaded magazines. 

Key Features

  • Nice and soft Carpet
  • Elegant outlook
  • Classy shape 
  • Controllable from an app
  • One can see login history

Customer Reviews
I bought this remarkable piece of safe gun a couple of months ago and found it secure and safe for my handgun. I love its advanced features and especially the app control facility by which I can see its battery status, change password, and see login history in my hands. Its finger touch system is pretty weak as it stops working after a while. 
Vaultek gun safe Biometric

6. Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

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The wait is over for rifle lovers as we bring this Barska biometric rifle safe for you to sleep tension-free. This long rifle safe comes with all the compulsory tools such as mounting hardware, 4-AA batteries, one external battery pack, and two back-up keys in case of emergency.

One can set your fingerprint password in just two steps. First, you need to place your finger on the sensor until it takes your prints. Make sure to point horizontally to the right side. You need to repeat the process 2 to 3 times firmly.

Key Features

  • Manufactured with 100% steel
  • Built-in silent mode
  • Rust and waterproof
  • Powerful batteries
  • Perfect solution for your rifle safe

Customer Reviews
It should be called a cabinet instead of safe. It’s an ideal solution for my rifle to get access in the middle of the night without fumbling for keys. One finger touch access gives me full control of my rifle whenever I need it. Although I can only store 3 rifles at a time, it’s pretty cool to place any corner of my house.
Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

7. AmazonBasic 18EI-43

AmazonBasic 18EI-43

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This model from AmazonBasics is famous for its moderate size that can hold most of your possessions and isn’t too heavy to deal with. It’s the number one seller at Amazon due to its quality stuff and handy features.

It’s one of the best gun safes as it can be used for storing your diaries, laptops with sensitive data, passports, checkbooks, and other possessions you may seem fit for it. Whether going for vocations or leaving for office, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing your expensive and imported possessions are secure.

Key Features

  • #1 seller on Amazon
  • Good gun safe combination
  • Solid and secure item
  • Gives complete peace of mind
  • USB rechargeable

Customer Reviews
I bought this by keeping in mind that it comes from Amazon. It satisfies me in every field of security. I’ll recommend this to the small households to protect your guns and other keynotes by using this. People also have concerns that this model can be trapped by using a pen. 
 AmazonBasic 18EI-43

8. Barska fingerprint safe

Barska fingerprint safe

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Another popular product from Barska is a gun safe with a fingerprint scanner. There is no other source that can open this magical box except your fingertip. The password can be stolen by random visitors that’s why there is no keypad lock in this gun safe fingerprint lock. 

This is one of the best biometric safe on Amazon to go with. It has 2.5 seconds of reliable scans which allows you to lock out unwanted users. It’s a pretty large safe where you can secure key documents, valuable assets, prescriptions, and firearms at the same time. It’ll act within seconds in case of any emergency. 

Key Features

  • Soft floor mat
  • Comes with all necessary tools
  • Approved by the department of justice
  • Updated Biometric technology
  • Strong metal protection

Customer Reviews
It met my expectations and did a great job of protecting my assets. I’d lost my jewelry as there were thieves in our house when we were out for vacations. But thanks to this fingerprint technology they were unable to open it. Some of the reviews show that it can be opened by any finger in case it gets old and rough by continuous usage. 
Barska fingerprint safe

The final lines

There is nothing above from the security of your family and your valuables. The sentry biometric gun safe will provide you the best gun safe fingerprint lock to preserve your handguns adequately. 

The fingerprint gun safes come with multi-functional attributes such as key lock, fingerprint lock, and 4-digit locks. Whether you need a thumbprint gun safe only for guns or also want to save your wife’s jewelry, every model has something unique to offer. 


What is a biometric safe gun?
A biometric safe gun is a box that will protect your gun with a fingerprint unlock system. There is no one except you who can open this thumbprint gun safe. 

How to set the lock of a sentry biometric gun safe?
It’s super easy to set the lock of the Sentry gun safe with two easy steps. Press the button until the light blinks three times, then place your desired finger on the scanner to scan your fingerprints. It’ll take 5-10 attempts to set the fingerprint lock. The green light will blink three times; this indicates that you’ve set the fingerprint lock.

Which is the best biometric safe gun?
We have enlisted the top 8 best biometric guns after researching from different e-commerce sites. Every product has its advantages and disadvantages but the Sentry safe guns are proved to be the best biometric gun for its proper functionalities. 

Are the biometric gun safes fireproof?
Well “you only get what you pay for”, most of the biometric gun safes are not fireproof which means one might lose his valuables in case of fire. However, if you spent a little bit more than the average, you can get a fireproof box that comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Can somebody break a biometric gun safe?
In most of the cases, No. They are made of a solid steel frame and protect every technical aspect of hacking the gun safe. However, they can only bear a specified amount of weight pressure.

 Are the biometric gun safes moveable?
Yes, the biometric gun safes are moveable. Although they can only handle a single handgun and two magazines in them but still pretty cool to have them in your arsenal. 

What are the features of a biometric gun safe?
A biometric gun safe should be manufactured with a solid steel body and can be adjustable in any corner of the house. It can be mounted as well. It should have a fingerprint scanner that can open the lid with a single touch of a finger. 



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